Revamp Your Mobile Home Mornings With This 15-Minute Cleaning Routine

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Mornings are busy, especially during the school year. Breakfast must be made, the children rounded up and sent off to school. You have to brew yourself a big cup of coffee and get ready for work. And experts say morning is the most important part of the day! Sometimes, you just don’t feel it.

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That’s where simple routines come in to save the day (literally). Have you been wanting to revamp your mornings? We’ve created a 15-minute mobile home cleaning routine so you can do just that. 

Do I need a morning cleaning routine?

Regardless of whether you work from home or leave the house all day, teach your kids at home or send your kids to school, quick morning cleanings are a must. Put aside perfectionism and embrace the fact that you only have a few minutes in the morning to do the work. You’ll find it very freeing. 

Don’t fret because the lampshades haven’t been dusted in a month. Maybe there’s an army of toys underneath the couch. But a 15-minute pick-up is just that – 15 minutes. No more and no less. It’ll keep you from going overboard and encourage you instead to spend the time that you have wisely.

The #1 way to stay on track

Set a timer on your phone. This is important. There is freedom in constraining yourself to a time limit. You won’t feel guilty if you don’t do as much as you wanted. When the time is up, you’ve met the goal you set for yourself, and that’s really all that matters! And don’t forget that you can modify this plan to suit your particular needs. Maybe you’ll want to use these guidelines but adapt them for a 30-minute evening cleaning routine.

The goal of this routine is to make your house look presentable. It won’t be perfect, but it will be enough to enable you to get other work done or even invite a guest over. Plus, you’ll be surprised. If you focus, you can get a lot of work done in 15 minutes. Let us prove it to you.

Clean your house in 15 minutes

We’ll get you started with four tips for tackling your home’s clutter and dirt.

1 – Bed and bath

First, make your bed and clean up any cosmetic and hair supplies left out in the bathroom. Wipe down the bathroom sink. You may also want to take this opportunity to change out used towels. Remember, this routine should fit your needs. Anything that you can do without, just ignore it! These are only suggestions.

Tidy bed and bathroom

2 – Kitchen

Next, unload the dishwasher and take a moment to put the dirty breakfast dishes in. Here’s a tip: loading the dishwasher after every meal saves a ton of time in the evenings! Tidy your counters and get rid of any other breakfast mess. Wipe the counters and the sink. 

3 – Dining room

Put away anything that is cluttering up the dining room table and wipe that, too. Find a good all-purpose cleaner for these small surface jobs. It will save time during your morning routine if you can use one spray bottle for every surface in the house. Also, it’s easy to tote around.

4 – Living spaces

In the living room, fluff pillows, fold blankets, and take care of anything you were using or working on the night before. Vacuum and sweep if you absolutely need to. Focus on cleaning up visible messes (for instance, that cracker your toddler crushed on the floor) instead of getting all the dirt particles that no can see.

Bonus tips

Essential oils and diffuser

Essential oils are a great way to freshen the air, and we highly recommend adding this step to your morning routine. Even if you work outside the home, most diffusers have a timer setting that will switch them on and off throughout the day. Essential oils kill germs and keep the house smelling fantastic.

Okay, one more bonus tip! Create a cleaning basket with a few necessities: gloves, all-purpose cleaner, and microfiber cloths. You won’t regret investing a little time in this. It will revolutionize the way you clean.

Creating your own cleaning routine

Sit down right now and write a list, based on our routine, of the areas in your home that you want to prioritize. Don’t worry, you can always tweak it later to fit your needs. Your expectations will be a bit grand at first, so you eventually will pare it down to the bare minimum. And who knows? You might even find a few shortcuts to implement. 

Clean house, happy life

We hope this has inspired you to create and adopt a 15-minute morning cleaning routine. Revamping your mornings will not only help you keep a tidier house, but you’ll also be doing yourself and your family a huge favor. We have other tips for helping you live a happier life in your mobile home, too: check out our 7 ways to get better rest at night.

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Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

October 2, 2020