How To Use These 2020 Color Trends To Make Your Mobile Home Shine

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There’s a reason we see trends in style and color. People gravitate to what catches their eye and that’s why trends take the world by storm.

It’s high time we take a moment to explore what’s trending with color for 2020. By leveraging the rich and subtle colors that are hopping, you’ll make your mobile home shine like no other. 

Bringing fresh color into your mobile home can give the place a wonderful facelift. And there’s something special about making a mobile home your own with a unique flair of paint.

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There’s nothing wrong with white walls. But don’t be afraid to make your personality shine with colors that bring a little extra zing!

How to use these 2020 color trends to make your mobile home shine

These hues by Behr paints will engage “the senses and infuse your next project with hues that provide an experience and evoke emotion in any environment.”

If you’re not sure about bringing in new changes in color to your mobile home, worry not. There’s no commitment to change just by reading up on your options. So see what’s available to make your mobile home shine like no other. 

Putting new paint on those walls will give your home a fresh look with little effort. Are you ready to look at the possibilities? We are!

Test the colors on your home, without investing

On the Behr web site, you may click on each color to leverage the ColorSmart app. The ColorSmart app allows you to upload pictures of your own home’s interior. The app then “paints” the walls for you, with the 2020 color of your choice.

This allows you to see what your home will look like with the new paint before you take the plunge with a commitment to paint and work. See? There’s no need to commit without a clearer picture of the future. 

Think about your style

Before you start experimenting with the color app, you can whittle down the colors that fit your taste best. 


Modern living room with light paint

Consider your style. Do you gravitate toward dark, rich colors? Colors such as Secret Meadow, Red Pepper, and Charcoal may be what you’re looking for in paint.

But if you’re into neutrals, try something like Painter’s White. 

Alternatively, warm pastel-like colors like Light Drizzle or Dusty Lilac could serve you well.

Take a look at the 15 colors available to you. Whether you’re going for modern or vintage, there’s a color for anyone and everyone. As you consider which color to work with, you should also think about what room you’re using the color in and the purpose of the color. 

For example, if you’re painting a small bathroom, you’ll want to consider a light color to give the room an illusion of having more space

If you’re aiming for a cozy, warm space, think about embracing rich dark colors. This is good for a study room, den or living room area. 

Budget constraints?

In the event that you’re in a situation where budget constraints are an issue for you, never fear. You don’t have to change everything up overnight. Take in stride. Take it room by room. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor will your mobile home shine overnight. 

If you’re anxious to see big results, start with the common areas. Paint the living room or kitchen first. You’ll see a big change with a big impact as these are the areas where you keep company and social activities at the center.

After you tackle one area, you can save up money over time for the next. Eventually, you can work your way to bathrooms and then bedrooms. Little by little, your entire mobile home will take a new life of its own, reflecting your and your family’s vibe. 

Think outside the box

As you consider the 2020 color trends, keep in mind there’s room for creativity. Think outside the box. In reality, paint isn’t just for the walls of your mobile home. You can use these paint options to spruce up old, battered furniture pieces to compliment your home’s aesthetic. There’s nothing quite like taking something that’s old and giving it a fresh look. You can do that with these quality paint hues.

Triangle shapes painted on the wall

You can also apply paint in different designs or on different sections of your walls.

Color can make a splash

In the event that you’re not sure about giving your home a fresh coat of paint, understand that compared to remodeling, paint can give your home a low-cost change for the better. And it’s one of those changes that don’t require much perspiration to make a reality. 

After you’ve given your mobile home some fresh paint, think about bringing in some mobile home lighting solutions to the table. 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

July 24, 2019