7 Details To Watch Out For In Upcoming 2020 Design Trends

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As you look for unique ways to spruce up your mobile home’s interior, consider design trends. Today we’re going to look at up and coming design trends for the year 2020. It’s good to be a step ahead of the rest wherever you can. In design trends, you’ll be glad to see what’s coming so you can start planning your interior design changes now. 

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Before you begin stripping down your current decor, it’s important to pause and see what’s available to you. That’s why we’ve pulled together these seven details to look for in 2020 design trends.

Even if you find they’re not your vibe, at least you have an idea of what’s out there. Mix or match up and see if that makes a difference for you. Maybe a slight variation of these details will resonate with your style preferences.

7 details to look for in 2020 design trends

So let’s look at seven different details to look for in 2020 design trends. You’ll have some things to mull over as you prep to get your house ready with a new look for the upcoming holiday season or new year. 

1 – Integrated living spaces

In 2020, integrated living spaces will make a big comeback. This means having the kitchen and living room area within sight of each other. Gone are the days of wall barriers or corners to turn as you make your way from the living room to the kitchen.

This keeps the home feeling open and airy, while cultivating socialization opportunities between the two areas. Socializing with guests while cooking is becoming more and more popular. 

2 – Bold and optimistic colors

According to interiorsandsources.com, the predicted color palette includes: Inventive Orange SW 6633, Seawashed Glass SW 9034 and Bora Bora Shore SW 9045.  

“Inspired by the global community, these colors are bold, uninhibited, optimistic and carefree. The colors are ageless, have a good dose of humor and playfulness and are not overly complicated … pairing great with the lighter blond wood tones and matte black. Look for these colors in statement walls, fabrics, furniture and interior accessories,” said Emily Kantz, interior designer at Sherwin-Williams.

Bold and pastel colors

3 – Hybrid spaces

With the growing popularity of flexible work lifestyles, more and more people are looking to create living spaces that also cater to their remote and flexible work lives. That being said, having access to computer space and digital-friendly outlets in your home is a must.

4 – Vegetable fibers

Now we think it’s great that wood continues to make a big splash on the interior design scene. In addition to wood, we’ll be seeing more vegetable fibers in the mix. Wicker, jute, and rattan are hitting the scene in 2020. The more texture, the better. These organic materials bring a cozy and welcoming vibe to any home.

5  – More metal

In all its shiny or oxidized glory — depending on your style — metal is hitting 2020 with style. Oxidized, steel, gold or silver, take your pick. You can integrate metal into lamps, mirror frames, furniture trimmings, etc. Bling can be elegant or minimalist with just the right touch. 

6 – Wallpaper with a bent on nature

And who says wallpaper is a thing of the past? 

Wallpaper is making a comeback with nature motifs for the wall. It brings a wonderful flair into any mobile home, giving the wall an impression of canvas with beautiful art.

Nature wallpaper

7 – Kitchens in black

That’s right. It’s predicted that 2020 design trends will involve bringing the color black into the kitchen. This is a nice modern touch. But if that’s not you, no worries. Further up, we mentioned other colors that are taking 2020 by storm. Additionally, nature is a theme that you’ll see popping up again and again in various ways. 

Embrace the trends you love

Don’t embrace a trend for the sake of being “trendy” and current. If it’s not your vibe, it’s not your vibe. Keep a sharp eye out for trends that speak to you and catch your eye. You don’t have to settle for something you dislike. 

As a matter of fact, take a moment to sketch out your interior design plans and be sure that you’re clicking with the changes — whether that be furniture, paint, or wall hangings.

There’s much you can do to spruce up your home. But whatever you do, make sure it reflects your preferred style and that it’s something you’ll love looking at. After all, you’ll have to pass by it everyday. It wouldn’t be fun to be stuck with something you dislike. 

As you plan out the changes for your mobile home, don’t forget to look at revamping your lighting style.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 27, 2019