2019 Styles That Are “Falling” Out + Their 2020 Replacements

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Interior design is a fun pursuit, whether it’s your job or your hobby. After all, everyone has to live somewhere, so why not put time into creating a place that’s a joy to live in? Fixer-uppers are a popular option as TV shows and Instagram feeds will attest. Yet, there are so many styles to choose from—where does one even begin making decisions? And some styles and items that are at the height of fashion today will be tossed by the wayside in the future. 

Feature image for "2019 Styles We're Happy To See "Falling" Out & What Will Replace Them In 2020"

Just what are some trends that might be going out (or should be going out)? And what are some trends that might be here already and are going to stay? We thought we’d dig into some of these concepts today. 

Everybody has an opinion

Before we dive into the winds and waves of design and decor trends, though, there’s one thing that bears noting. And that’s that there is so much relativity at play here. In other words, what one designer thinks is about to hit the trash heap of decorating trends another designer could use relentlessly (and beautifully). 

In fact, you may even find somewhat contradictory information about just what’s trending and what’s not. But, that brings us to one of the most glorious truths about interior design—variety is the spice of life. We’d live in a boring world if everyone’s home looked like everyone else’s.

We’re tremendously grateful for the wide range of options available and for the wide range of tastes among designers and homeowners. If you like an item and you think it fits with your decor, grab it and go to town! After all, if you’re the one living in the home, then it makes sense to appeal to your own taste (and the tastes of family members) instead of feeling locked into the lists you’ve seen in design magazines or blogs.

All that to say, this here isn’t a science. And you aren’t bound by it. Still, it can be fun to glean insights from others. And who knows, it might even give you some ideas for what to take down, put up, pull out, or put into your very own mobile home. So let’s take a look at some styles or items that some think might be ready to hang up their hats.


According to Elle Decor, Amy Sklar warns of “the terrazzo trend” and suggests “tread[ing] lightly.” She says, “It is a lot of look, and if you tire of it, it’s not an easy fix (especially floors!).” 

House Beautiful called it “one of 2018’s biggest design trends.” You’ll find that terrazzo isn’t limited to floor tiles, either. You can even find the appearance of terrazzo in wallpaper, decor items, or kitchen items. 

What could you do instead of terrazo?

Garrison Collection’s Hottest Flooring Trends for 2020 highlighted one intriguing option among several—“Melding Various Types of Flooring.” Maybe your boring floors don’t need to be completely replaced. Instead, maybe you could just add some other flooring options to the mix. 

Mix it up

Houzz has some fun mixed flooring visuals, so here are a few to peruse. The Mill House flooring lends a traditional feel with the gentle wood color and the gleaming white. This kitchen in Portland, however, blends black with wood instead of white with wood. 

And does it get much better than the dazzling array of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines found in this Arizona kitchen’s flooring? It’s not just the lines, either. It’s also the blending of stone with wood that leads to such a showstopping place to plant your feet. Paired with dark cabinets and white countertops and backsplash, it’s surely a creative twist on a sleek, modern kitchen.

This Houston home combines buffalo checks with light wood for a fresh, upbeat appearance. And here’s a Toronto home with a more rustic flair. How can you not fall in love with the diagonal line where the slate floor meets the wood?

Use waterproof laminate

Flooring Inc mentions waterproof laminate as a flooring option when talking about “the hottest 2019 flooring trends.” Assuming that holds true into this upcoming year, what about weighing waterproof laminate as a possibility for your mobile home?

Check out their intro to waterproof laminate. Not sold on the idea of laminate generally? Let’s take a look at a few houses where laminate has been put to gorgeous use. (Note, however, that these aren’t necessarily waterproof laminate floors). 

Take a look at the striking lines created by the laminate flooring in this Miami home. And see how the beautiful laminate floor anchors this bright and airy space in Raleigh. For those of you who want a light wood look, laminate has you covered. Plus, it can even take you where you need to go when you want to go dark with your floors. Even if you need something rather outside-the-box, laminate doesn’t disappoint 

Try waterproof carpet

Plus, Flooring Inc also mentions waterproof carpet. Waterproof carpet—who knew such a thing even existed? We’re guessing moms of toddlers would be delighted to decrease the time they spend sponging up liquid that’s seeped or splashed out of renegade sippy cups.  

Learn a little more about waterproof carpeting. And check out a few visuals of carpeting generally (again, not necessarily waterproof) to convince you that it can be done with style and class. (Regardless of any atrocious carpeting jobs you’ve seen in the past). 

Carpet is not the boring old flooring option you may have thought. Look at what carpeting does for this New York bedroom. It’s simple and elegant at the same time. And it’s certainly not your grungy old basement carpet. Then, there’s also the option of carpet tiles—a route that could be especially great for a cheery, colorful bedroom for kids.  

Large designs in the carpet aren’t off the table either. See how well this bedroom in San Francisco pulls off the overstated carpet. Paired with plenty of neutrals and a few orange and turquoise items, it may just have managed to be calm and busy all at once. 

“Low-profile furniture”

Here’s another one that Elle Decor predicts is on its way out—“low-profile furniture.”  While it does have a pleasant, low-key look, there’s room to agree with Lucia Tonelli’s assessment. 

While the photo she uses as an example is dated in its own right (it looks like something from an earlier era than 2019), she might be right. Low profile furniture can definitely exude a modern appearance. And whenever something looks trendy and modern, you have to ask, how long will that last? What’s modern today is going to look dated at some point, so there’s sense in moving away from this style. 

What are some other great furniture options if you don’t want low?

Want to eschew low furniture, but don’t know where to start? We love this button back sofa made by Acme Furniture. It’s elegant and then some. 

For those of you whose decor requires furniture that’s at once glamorous and old-fashioned, try the Marseille French Provincial Beige Sofa. That dark wood could add the perfect touch of elegance and sophistication. If you need a breath of calmer vintage, try the Bjorn Chesterfield Settee—another delightful button back.  

Still, vintage-inspired furniture could easily seem un-2020. So, if you’re looking for something with a touch of modernity or traditionalism, how about these? Understated and simple, the Celestia Rolled Arm Sofa could offer the normalcy you need (or try it’s smaller baby sister the Celestia Loveseat). 

What about the fun-loving buffalo check craze? Yes indeed, you can welcome that straight into your very own living room with this snappy black and white chair

 And if it’s a bed you need to combat the low-to-the-ground furniture options, how about leaning into the moderate hight of IKEA’s Gjöra bed as per Arati Menon’s suggestion? For another high bed option, there’s nothing like the iconic four poster bed for catching some zzz’s in a most traditional setting. Try making your own with this Modern Four-Poster Bed Frame Tutorial.

Say no to some neutrals?

A designer that The Spruce heard from took aim at “grays and whites.” While she didn’t forecast the end of all neutrals, she expects “you’ll start to see the mixture of metallics, design styles, color and the use of warmer tones in spaces.”

Replacing neutrals with … more neutrals

Keep that swipe at white and gray in mind here. (With a caveat, of course, because the designer didn’t say neutrals were at an end). Here’s a great argument for not throwing the design baby out with the bathwater. Because, really, even if some neutrals are on their way out, others could still be holding their own. We turn to the design savvy of Yvonne Pratt of Stone Gable

She wrote, “The first trend I see still very strong for 2020 is neutrals!” She added, “Gray is still a decor player but as I’m reading I keep hearing that the shift is moving from gray to bone. In other words from cool neutrals to warmer ones.”

Side note: the venerable velvet

The other thing we love that Yvonne highlights is the possible future increase in velvet. We’re not strangers to this concept. Remember how we noted the velvet pumpkins some homeowners were using in their fall makeovers?

So if you thought that velvet was a dated fabric, think again. Yes, it may be what comes to mind when we think of the robes of kings and queens in the olden days. And yes, it may also ring a bell for its role as the fabric on the collars and wristbands of iconic plaid winter dresses. But it sounds like it might just have something to offer to your 2020 design scheme. 

Getting ready to make changes in your mobile home

Do this…don’t do this…do that…don’t dare to do that… Ever feel like you’re just not sure how to win with your mobile home design strategy? Maybe looking at a list of style don’ts takes every last gust of wind out of your interior design sails. After all, how can you be sure you’re not breaking some rule any time you put up new shades or roll a fresh coat of paint on the walls?

Well, the truth is, it’s your house, so you can make the design decisions. Don’t let the internet do it for you. And don’t let the pressure you feel while looking at your friends’ social media posts force you into design choices you actually don’t like. 

Woman holding a cup of tea

Instead, take some time to think about what you do and don’t want to do. And observe other areas for inspiration, noting what ideas you’d like to copy and which ones you’ll pass over. Give yourself time to plan your changes, too. Why rush into things?

Here are two questions you can ask yourself as you plan to freshen up your mobile home’s design. 

Will I still consider this “beautiful” next year? 

If the answer is no and it’s a big-ticket item, why not think about a workaround? Maybe you can still have something in the same style that looks quite similar but doesn’t come at the same price tag. For instance, a chevron couch might seem delightful today, but the beauty and stylishness could wear off. You could opt for chevron pillows instead. They’ll be cheaper and easier to replace when you want to change your style. 

How long is this item’s useful life?

Some things in your home are probably meant to last longer than others. If you put in high-end floors, chances are you’ll want them to stay there for a long time. On the other hand, if you buy drapes, you may already have decided against leaving them hanging for 20-30 years. When you’re making purchases, keep this concept in mind. 

If you’re heading into a long-term purchase, it makes sense to choose something that’s more immune to passing fads. That way it can live out its natural life without making you wince at its datedness or feel drawn to replace it long before it’s worn out. On the other hand, you may feel you have more freedom with items that simply aren’t meant to last for a long time. Lamps and lampshades for instance.  

Roll out a new mobile home look

Now, go ahead and make plans for your own mobile home’s design and decor. Still not sure which way to go from here as you make style choices? Take a look at How To Use These 2020 Color Trends To Make Your Mobile Home Shine. Or check out 7 Details To Watch Out For In Upcoming 2020 Design Trends.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

September 20, 2019