7 Things You Need For The Best Mobile Home 4th Of July Party

Women holding sparklers

Now with 4th of July just around the corner, it’s time to start talking about party success. We think it’s great that you’re thinking about sharing your mobile home with friends and family for the celebratory occasion.

But what are the ingredients for a successful party? We have seven ingredients for your consideration. Feel free to adapt and make them your own. 

Women holding sparklers

Your friends and family will love the time spent together. And you can make it extra special with these seven things we’ve suggested for your party.

So are you ready to party? Let’s get to it.

7 things you need for the best mobile home 4th of July party

From fireworks to outdoor comforts, you’ll appreciate these ideas. For most of these ideas, you can collaborate with your guests to make it the best party up to date. It’s good to share your blessings with others in celebrating a national holiday.

1 – Fireworks

So what’s a 4th of July party without fireworks? That’s right, it’s time to think about fireworks and how you can incorporate them into your party. First of all, see about your locality’s rules for fireworks. Once you’ve found that it’s OK to bring in some quality fireworks, you may proceed to plan for the firework fun. 

As it can be rather expensive to invest in nice fireworks, ask each family to bring one to contribute to the evening. Sparklers are also fun to have on hand for the kids to enjoy without the noise.

2 – Food

Now it’s time to talk about food. Food is an integral part of any party. You can be as organized about this as you wish. If you want to go all out and provide the food to your guests, that’s fine. 

But if feeding a crowd would tax your bank account, there’s no shame in going about it a different way. Americans are no strangers to potlucks. Invite everyone to bring a main dish and a dessert or a main dish and a side dish. 

If you can pull together some 4th of July inspired dessert, that’s always a win. 

3 – Guests

To be sure, you need guests at your party. If you’re wanting to find enrichment, we would encourage you to send out a mix of invitations to family, friends acquaintances, and neighbors. It’s always rewarding when you think outside of your own immediate bubble of comfort.

A girl holding an American flag

And make an effort, amid the hubbub of hosting, to introduce your guests to one another. That will help break the ice. 

4 – A safety conscious mentality

Don’t forget to think about safety first. Having buckets around with water for folks to dip their sparklers and other firework remnants can help mitigate the development of a fire. 

Have fire extinguishers on hand and a first aid kit ready to spring into action. Bad things can happen even in the best of circumstances. It’s always nice to be a step ahead where you are able. 

5 – Water fun

For the kids, you can’t go wrong with this. Keep them outside having the time of their lives. That way, indoor cleanup and chaos may be a bit easier on you. (But even if it’s not, take in stride! Enjoy the journey and place some ground rules without being overbearing.)

Add a sprinkler to your yard so kids can run around and cool off. Maybe acquire some water balloons and water guns to add to the fun in the sun. A kiddie pool for littlest guests could also be a big win. 

And while you’re at it, think of some other fun ways for the kiddos to cool off. Set up an outdoor fan and have some red, white, and blue popsicles on hand. 

6 – Games

Have you thought about having some fun games for guests? Games are always a great way to break the ice among guests. Here are a few ideas for your consideration.

A boy playing with water outdoors

7 – Outdoor comforts

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a trend in many of the ideas on this list. July 4th is great for being outdoors. Give your party guests the comforts they need to be outside. For example, chairs are a must. Maybe put up a tent for shade and some big umbrellas. Your guests will appreciate the shady areas to stand or sit around and chat.

Additionally, have some bug repelling candles or torches out. Bug spray is another must. And don’t forget the sun lotion.

If you think it might be a bit too much for your budget to have enough bug spray and lotion on hand, there’s no shame in providing your guests with a list of essentials they should bring for themselves and their crew. 

Invite your guests to pitch in

You don’t have to bear the weight of the party on your own. Feel free to invite your guests to pitch in with chairs, food, and fun. 

And whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the party for what it is — a good time to celebrate the freedoms you have today with friends and family.

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Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

July 3, 2019