6 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Mobile Home This Year

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A fresh new year is here, and it’s time to outline some goals. While your 2021 goals could include anything from eating healthy to reading more, today we’re going zero in on the goal of tackling home improvement projects. Have you been wanting to get your hands on that outdated mobile home skirting? Or have you been watching and waiting for a chance to refresh your look with a new coat of paint? Then you’re in the right place. To get you started, today we have six great updates you can tackle for your mobile home.

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Whether you’re moving this year or simply want to make your mobile home more functional and beautiful, these ideas are for you.

#1 Create an open floor plan

Not only are open floor plans all the rage, but they also raise the functionality factor of your home by a large amount. Tear down the wall separating your living room and kitchen. Or open up an unused bedroom to give yourself a dining space or a play area. Opening up the space can make your mobile home seem double the size. Plus, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids while you’re cooking. 

But before you turn on your inner Chip Gaines, check to see if the wall is load-bearing. Tearing down a load-bearing wall is a mistake you don’t want to make! Typically, in a single-wide mobile home, only the exterior walls are load-bearing, which gives you free rein (though you should still check to ensure you only tear down walls that are safe to remove). But before you tear down walls in your double-wide, identify the “marriage line” or the wall down the middle of your home where the two sides meet. Verify which walls are designed to bear the weight of the roof, then plan accordingly.

#2 Install molding

Looking to make your decor appear high end? Or maybe you’re tired of the boring, generic look of a mobile home. Add character by installing crown molding. Crown molding looks elegant and expensive. It can give your home that “oomph” it needs to look unique. And remember, you don’t have to stop with crown molding. You can get molding to place around windows too. And you can remove any pre-existing molding you don’t like and replace it with something more substantial and decorative.

#3 Paint your cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets

A lot of designers will tell you that during a remodel, most of your money will be spent in the kitchen. And there’s a reason for that. Upgrading a kitchen instantly gives a mobile home value. 

You may not have the money to add an island or install a vent hood, but there are cheaper options. Painting cabinets is something you can do yourself if you have a little commitment. Give your kitchen a whole new look by painting over outdated wood grain. Or, paint your boldly-colored cabinets white and enjoy a more neutral look.

#4 Light it up!

One of the most rewarding upgrades on this list is something that seems like a small change at first. But updating your light fixtures and adding more lighting comes with so many benefits. We all know that just turning on a lamp can instantly improve our mood, especially during the darker months of the year. 

Take a walk through your home and see if there are any areas that are lacking light.  Once you’ve identified the needs, you could end up adding just a small table lamp. Or, you might decide to install recessed lighting throughout the house. Consider replacing chandeliers with combo units that contain both ceiling fans and lights. That way, you get the benefits of air flow and light during the summer.

#5 Build a deck

If you’re planning to spend many more happy years in your mobile home, this is an excellent idea for you. Mobile homes aren’t always the most spacious places. Putting a deck on your mobile home could add some much-needed space. This is a major upgrade, but it’s worth it. 

#6 Refinish your floors

Carpeted floor in living room

For you tight budget-ers out there, the idea of replacing flooring might give you nightmares. But if new flooring is something you really want and you have the necessary funds, then go for it!

However, if all-new flooring is a little out of reach and you want to keep costs down, consider simply refinishing. Sand down your hardwoods and re-stain them. Paint your outdated tile. Put carpet over everything. Don’t break the bank if you can possibly salvage what you already have!

Give your mobile home some TLC

Are you selling your mobile home and hoping to add value? Or are you updating your home so you can enjoy it for years to come? Whichever goal you’re working towards, we hope you’ve been inspired to get at it. Make this year just a little more productive and give your mobile home some TLC. 

Wondering why we didn’t talk about upgrading your mobile home bathroom today? That’s because we’ve already taken you on a tour of our top seven features that will add value to your mobile home bathroom. Be sure to check out that post to see how you can revamp your mobile home’s bathroom area.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

February 19, 2021