8 Ways To Pull Off The Art Deco Look In Your Mobile Home

Art deco cup and saucer with gold detailing

Art deco is making its come-back once again. A bold styling choice with plenty of drama and character, it’s no wonder people are so drawn to it. And now, thanks to the internet, the world is at our fingertips. Decor of all types is available to everyone.

Strong geometric shapes and daring color choices are just two of the defining characteristics of the art deco style. At first glance, a standard mobile home doesn’t seem like a likely candidate for reproducing the flair of this late 1920’s art movement. However, with a little creativity (and a big dose of the boldness characteristic of the era), we think your mobile home could easily be adapted to reflect the essence of period.

Art deco cup and saucer with gold detailing

With that goal in mind, we are going to discuss eight ways to pull off the art deco look in your mobile home.

1. Layer up your geometric designs

The interiors of the time were saturated with sleek, angular shapes. Start with your walls as your canvas to build off of. Geometric wallpaper is a great way to begin creating an art deco feel in any room. If you are willing to put in the time to save some money, there are also stencils you could use to create a wallpaper effect.

 If solid walls are more appealing to you, try adding ornate trim moulding in the same color. This will help give the room that luxurious vibe you are going for. Additionally, you could use paint to imitate some of the tall, beautiful lines common to the era.

 Looking to cover up your existing floors but don’t have the budget to replace them? Consider putting down a geometric rug instead.

 Many pieces of furniture had a geometric element to the designs. Don’t shy away from using similar pieces! Shapes on shapes on shapes was definitely common to the era. It’s a lot to look at, but don’t worry! Adding long lines will bring some relief from the crazy, busyness. Which brings us to our second tip.

2. Use long vertical and horizontal lines

 Don’t be afraid to take some cues from the architecture of the time. The Chrysler building. The Empire State building. These two iconic structures of the art deco period are great examples of the era’s use of lines.

 In interior decor, we love the way these long lines give the eye a place to rest. They also provide a sort of backbone for the rest of the design. Opt for long, straight curtains with a strong geometric print. Or choose some made of luxurious fabric, such as velvet. Hang those curtains extra high above the window. This will draw the eye up and give the appearance of taller ceilings.

 This effect could also be achieved by choosing tall pieces to go on your walls, such as mirrors and paintings.

3. Include ornate and elaborate details

Many art deco designs included lots of intricate details. We love the idea of using interesting lighting to carry through the shapes and lines of the time. Try some geometric wall sconces to give a sense of ambiance to your art deco bedroom. Or maybe an elaborate chandelier to elevate your living room.

Ornate chandelier with beads in a bedroom

While many of the interior doors of the time were simple and understated, the knobs and hardware certainly weren’t. Picking unique door knobs would be a great way to carry on that 1920’s feel throughout your mobile home.

4. Compliment all the angles with graceful curves

All the harsh, angular shapes were frequently coupled with sweeping curves. This stands out in stark contrast and lends some relief to the sharpness of the other shapes.

A low, curved sofa or loveseat is a beautiful way to add a bit of grace to your living room. If you have the space, try adding a soft, curved settee at the foot of your bed.

5. Imitate the extravagant and sometimes exotic material choices of the time

Velvets and chrome and lots of glass. These are just a few of the common materials used during this era of decadence and luxury. These and even more exotic materials may have been difficult to come by at the time. However, it has certainly been made much easier now. Thanks to the internet, we can find just about anything. Using a variety of exotic or luxurious materials is a great way to help accomplish the art deco vibe.

6. Choose strong colors

When considering the overall color palette of your rooms, keep in mind that the colors of the time were usually vibrant, and even high contrast. Dark, rich shades, such as emerald green and sapphire blue, were common. If your room is large with lots of window light, try using these colors on the walls.

 Many mobile homes have small, poorly lit bedrooms. If this is the case, use a lighter tone on the walls to make the room seems larger. Then, accent with jewel-toned pieces throughout.

7. Look for standout pieces

It seems like every piece of furniture from the art deco period had something unique about it. Carry this concept through to your design by using pieces that stand out in some way.

 As a budget-friendly option, we love the idea of stenciling your own art deco design onto furniture. Don’t forget to make it bold! Try choosing gold or silver paint to help give that feeling of luxury.

 Velvet furniture is becoming more and more available and affordable. This makes it a great option for bringing that lavish feel to your space. We love the idea of a velvet futon to maximize the limited space common to mobile homes.

8. Use lots of symmetry in your decorating

 This could look like matching pictures on either side of a doorway. It could also include matching end tables with identical lamps on either end of your sofa. Remember what we said about long lines and ornate details? Try a long, low sofa with tall, elaborate lamps on either side. This will draw the eye across and up.

Living room with symmetrical decor

 Try to get matching sets of pictures, mirrors, night stands, accent chairs, pillows, lamps, etc. Then arrange your rooms in a sleek and symmetrical layout.

Go bold or go home

Nothing subtle to see here, folks. Art deco was all about bold lines, shapes, colors, material choices, etc. If you want your home to feel like a piece of 1920’s history, do it with gusto. Keep in mind, though, that art deco was also about sleek designs. This was very different from the gaudiness of the art nouveau period that preceded it. This era was all about decadence and luxury, held in check by strong, symmetrical lines and angles.

 As we have already stated, the heart of the art deco period was boldness. Don’t worry about going overboard. Chances are, if you are drawn to this era in interior design, then you probably enjoy drama. So go all out. Layer it up. Use what you love and don’t be afraid of mixing patterns.

Other mobile home challenges

Mobile homes may have some unique features that can be tough to decorate, but don’t get overwhelmed! Our tips for the tough spots will help you get your space looking perfect in no time.

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Dan Paton has been working full-time in this field for over a decade. Both him and his partner, Dan Leighton, formed EZ Homes back in 2006 and have seen explosive growth ever since. Dan works heavily in the administrative role within the organization. He is a jack of all trades type of guy. Dan and his wife have 4 children.

Written by Dan Paton

Dan Paton has been working full-time in this field for over a decade. Both him and his partner, Dan Leighton, formed EZ Homes back in 2006 and have seen explosive growth ever since. Dan works heavily in the administrative role within the organization. He is a jack of all trades type of guy. Dan and his wife have 4 children.

April 20, 2019