15 Back-To-School Sale Items You’ll Want To Stock Up On

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Summer has come to an end and school is swinging into full gear. In an effort to save with all the expenses that come with providing for your family, it makes sense that you would want to capitalize on the savings that come with back-to-school sales. 

Just about every store participates in the annual back-to-school sales, offering school supplies at discounted prices. It’s something we believe is worth capitalizing on. 

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An opportunity to save on pennies is just as good as a penny earned if it’s something you know you’ll want to buy again later on in the year. 

15 Back-to-school sale items you’ll want to stock up on

We get it. There are all sorts of items on sale this time of year — laptops, calculators, and more. But that’s not what this list is about. We’re going to look at items you’ll want to stock up on — the items that get used up again and again. 

This list may look different from student to student, but it’ll prove as a helpful guide in helping you determine what sale opportunities to make the most of.

1 – Pencils and pens

These items always seem to disappear. Pencils and pens are used on a day to day basis and lost without a clue in sight. We think you would do well to stock up on your child’s favorite pencils and pens. Keep them stowed away in the closet for later. 

2 – Glue

Additionally, depending on the grade your child is in, glue could prove to be another handy item to stock up on. Perfect for crafts and hands-on homework assignments, get some extra glue to get you through the year.

3 – Ruled paper

Now, how about ruled paper? Make sure to buy the appropriate rule! Read the school supply list provided by the teacher for specifics.

4 – Printer paper

If your child does a bit of schoolwork on the computer, printer paper is a must. And if you’re a parent who also relies on printing documents for work and such, you’ll do well to capitalize on the sales prices. 

White printing paper

5 – Sandwich bags

Sandwich bags are another back-to-school sales item. As a parent, you’ll appreciate having what you need on hand in good supply to pack those lunches with care.

6 – Staples

And let’s see if we need staples! They’re on sale too this time of year. If you don’t already own one, don’t forget to acquire a stapler too! It’s helpful in keeping multiple pages together.

7 – Tape

Another item to be found on sale is tape — and it’s helpful in all manner of school projects and activities. 

8 – Disinfecting wipes

And let’s not forget the disinfecting wipes! They’re on sale too and worth stocking up on. Think about the benefits of having an extra supply on hand — they’re good for germ busting at home and at school. Your teacher will appreciate the extra care you give in helping your child fight off germs.

9 – Highlighters

They’re helpful for highlighting big ideas and important points. Your child can leverage highlighters in their study time. Grab a few extra packages in various colors.

10 – Sticky notes

One can never have enough sticky notes. They’re great for note-taking, reminders, list-making and more.

Sticky note paper

11 – Pencil cap erasers

What about those pencils that still have plenty of life in them but the eraser is no more? That’s where pencil cap erasers come in to save the day.

12 – Spiral notebooks

Now here’s something a student can never have enough of — spiral notebooks. Great for notetaking, it’s helpful to have a notebook for each class and then some extras. 

13 – Binders

If your child is at a stage where they’re blowing through binders for the various classes and activities that come their way, you should consider buying a few extra binders. The investment will help your child stay organized.

14 – Index cards

Whether they’re making flashcards for study or bibliography for their essay, index cards are a must. 

Stack of index cards

15 – Facial tissues

With the start of school, comes the spread of germs. At least that’s what it can feel like. For blowing noses at home or school, facial tissues are a must. 

Stock up on the good deals

No one wants to miss out on a good deal. By buying extra of the things you need now, you’ll save yourself some money when your child is in need of paper or pencils halfway into the year.

If you can get in on some good savings to last you the duration of the school year, why not buy extra? It’s a winning move. And if you’re able, consider buying extra to donate to your school. The teachers will appreciate the thoughtfulness and help.

Amid all the school excitement, don’t forget to make time for fall fun!

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

September 4, 2019