5 Spooktacularly Chic Decor Ideas For This Year’s Halloween Party

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That’s right, we’re thinking in terms of the spooktacular today. If you’re into chic decor, you’ll love these Halloween Party decoration ideas. They’re fun with a sense of class and quaintness in their own spooky way.

Bring classiness into your Halloween party and watch the guests make your decor the centerpiece of conversation. Decorations can go a long way in setting the overall vibe for your party.

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From pumpkins to skeletal beings, we’ve got it all. So kick back and enjoy the spooktacular array of decorative ideas. It’s going to be fun, maybe a little creepy but worth the effort.

5 Spooktacularly chic decor ideas for this year’s Halloween Party

So let’s take a tour together and see some of the fabulously spooky chic decor ideas available to you. You can make your mobile home’s Halloween Party a blast with the right decorative pieces for that chic look. Let’s start with pumpkins!

#1 Glitter blast spray paint pumpkins

Now, these fancy pumpkins are all dressed up for an occasion. Sure, they may say “boo” but they’re rather sassy instead of scary. We like the attitude. 

Here’s what you’ll need: three metallic pumpkins from your local craft store, three wooden letters (b, o, and o of course), black and orange glitter spray paint, black ribbon, black felt paper, a small wooden dowel and black jewelry making wire.

Follow the blogger’s instructions and you’ll have some glammed-up, glitzy pumpkins adorning your mobile home! Place them on your porch or over your fireplace mantel. When Halloween is over, you can store them away for next year’s fun party!

#2 Fancy Cat O’Lanterns

Say hello to these fancy felines! They’re purrrrfect for that Halloween Party! Stacked pumpkins and mini-pumpkins come together to make these classy kitties purr. This blogger decided to make a trio of black kitties for the porch. You’ll need long or pear-shaped pumpkins for the body and small, round pumpkins for the face. 

You’ll need cucumbers for the tails, floral sticks to hold pumpkins together, black paint, black felt for the ears, and a tool to carve the eyes. Don’t forget the candle that will go inside the cat.

Blackcat Halloween decor

Black Cat Pumpkins by Thomas J. Story via Sunset

Check out the blogger’s post to read up on how to choose the right pumpkins and turn them into a cat.

#3 Classy skelly

This fellow is no longer in stock, but you can take matters into your hands by ordering a regular skelly and glamming him up with gold spray paint. He’s a perfect addition to your spooktacularly chic Halloween decor. Make him one of the party guests by placing him on the couch with a book. Add a top hat and whatever other accessories you’d like to give him some personality.

#4 Candlestick pumpkins

Boo! Get yourself some spooky-looking dark candlesticks and some white pumpkins. You can make your own set of Pumpkin Boo Finials.

With some black acrylic paint, you can paint the appropriate letters onto each pumpkin. It doesn’t get much better than that. This project is easy and sure to add to the Halloween vibe.

#5 Pumpkin vase

Here’s another chic decor idea for this year’s Halloween Party. This pumpkin vase is an eye-pleaser. (No, no grotesque eyeballs in this decorative piece).

First, select the flowers you’d like — think about your party’s color scheme and choose accordingly. 

Choose a round vase for the arrangement and use the vase to trace out a circle at the top of your pumpkin. You will cut out a hole and scoop out the insides of the pumpkin. This vase will set inside the pumpkin so you can put the arrangement into the vase. Add a square of foam and some water — poke your flowers into the foam so you can build your arrangement.

Happy decorating!

There’s more than the macabre when it comes to Halloween Party decorations. You can go for chic and classy with just the right ideas under your belt. So roll up your sleeves and get to it. Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to party. You still have time to send out invitations and plan the festivities. 

Don’t be afraid to delegate to friends and family. Many hands make light work!

For more ideas on Halloween decorations, check out these cute ideas to spruce up the mobile home for your upcoming Halloween party. From the yard to the living room, you’ll love how these ideas can get your home into the holiday look. And best of all, you can make family projects out of these decor ideas.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

October 14, 2019