Your Christmas Tree How-To Guide: From Set-Up To Flocking & Lights

Christmas tree

It’s that time of year. Christmas calls for the ever-iconic Christmas tree. It’s a worldwide tradition and the American mobile home is not exempt. Families of various cultural backgrounds engage in the historic holiday tradition of putting up an evergreen tree in their mobile home.

To light the way toward a smoother holiday season, we are walking you through the entire process of Christmas tree management. From selection and set-up to flocking and lights, you can count on us for a thorough enough how-to guide.

Christmas tree

So let’s get the jolly music going. It’s time to get that tree up and decorated.

Your Christmas tree how-to guide: From set-up to flocking and lights

As you set up your Christmas tree, don’t forget to make it a family affair. It’s a fun way to get the kids out of their screens and into the moment. Make a big to-do of the little things — whether it’s selecting the tree or taking down the ornaments. You can add some pizzazz to the tree-related activities by making a nice batch of hot cocoa with marshmallows. 

Get your favorite holiday music station blasting through the stereo system. And keep the holiday treats within reach. Your diligent helpers will need to break for a snack.

Choosing the right tree

Before you can get started, you need a tree. But which tree? 

There are two options available to tree shoppers.

You can purchase an artificial tree to be reused year after year. The downside? It’s not real. It doesn’t carry that freshly cut evergreen feel or smell. 

But if you’re a bit paranoid about safety or want to spare yourself the yearly expense of a tree, then buy an artificial tree from your local department store. They come in all shapes and sizes — and varieties.

Shop around and see which one will fit your family’s style year after year. 

A real tree will give you an opportunity to make a yearly family pilgrimage to a local Christmas tree farm. You can load up the family in October or November to tag a tree for harvesting in December. It’s fun to watch the kids run around and help identify ideal trees. It brings more excitement to the air in anticipation of the holiday season.

Flocking the Christmas tree

If you want your tree to look like it received a light dusting of snow, you can artificially give it that look through a process known as flocking.

Up close flocked Christmas tree

Flocking a Christmas tree is something that you can do yourself. Over at Southern Living, three flocking options are mentioned: buying a tree that is already flocked, ordering a tree flocking kit, or selecting a tree flocking spray and self-adhesive powders.

Ella Claire offers a detailed a detailed tutorial on how to tackle flocking yourself. It can be done, giving your tree a winter wonderland vibe.

Selecting a theme for your Christmas tree

After you’ve selected a tree and flocked it (if that’s what you wanted,) you need to select a theme. You can go for an Americana style or an elegant style. There’s minimalist and funky. Take your pick. Find a style you like or go all out eclectic. It’s up to you. If you want a unified look, it’s smart to be clear on what you want. As you shop, you’ll bear your tree’s style vision in mind.

Adding lights to your Christmas tree

When it comes to adding twinkling lights to your Christmas tree, there’s a method to the madness. Elle Decor goes over some key points to bear in mind as you add lights to your Christmas tree. 

For example, did you know there’s an ideal number of lights per foot?

There’s also a weaving pattern you should follow in placing the lights for a full look.

Selecting a Christmas tree skirt

Christmas tree skirt

And how about picking out a Christmas tree skirt? Don’t forget to look for a tree skirt that works with your artificial or real tree.

Taking down the Christmas tree

It doesn’t have to be a chore. When it comes time to take down that Christmas tree, it helps to have a plan. suggests laying down a ratty sheet or drop cloth at the base of the tree. This will make cleanup a breeze as pieces of tree inevitable fall off.

Remove the ornaments at the bottom and work your way up. Wrap them carefully for storage. Take your string lights and wrap them around paper towels for an easy organization tip.

Additional tips are found on the Bob Villa page.

O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!

Much pleasure thou can’st give me… 

So go the lyrics of the traditional Christmas carol about the evergreen holiday tree. And it’s no wonder songwriters have been inspired by this holiday spectacle. All decked out in lights and hanging ornaments, the tree is breathtaking. Beautiful, awe-inducing, splendor — those are the adjectives that a proper Christmas tree evokes. 

While you’re in the Christmas spirit, don’t forget to prep that kitchen for the onslaught of holiday cooking and visitors. And what about those mobile home windows? We have nine merry and bright window decor ideas for Christmas.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 18, 2019