Big Family? Small Mobile Home? 7 Ways To Make Things More Comfortable

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How big is your family? Big enough that your mobile home is feeling very small?

If your lifestyle is feeling a bit cramped (literally cramped, that is) you’ll appreciate our list of tips and tricks to make your home more comfortable for a growing tribe. Big families can be plenty of fun, but space can be a bit of a challenge. We’re glad to share that there are ways to make do with what you have, even if you’re in a mobile home that didn’t grow with your family. 

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With a little creativity and outside-the-box thinking, you can make your living situation a bit more accomodating for your family’s size. 

Big family? Small mobile home? No worries.

According to, today’s American family has an average of 1.93 children. But that doesn’t mean large families are a relic of the past. Some folks are suggesting that the large family size, breaking the two kids per household barrier, is gaining more appeal.

7 Ways to make things more comfortable

So let’s look at seven different ways to make things more comfortable in a small mobile home. Who says you need to embrace the sardine life as a large family? We’ll share some workarounds for your home. 

1 – Bunk beds

Here’s an idea — bunk beds can save floor space. They can accommodate multiple kids in a bedroom while saving up floor space for other furniture pieces such as toy chests, rocking chairs, computer desks, etc. It’s a clever way to set up any bedroom that is shared by multiple children. 

2 – Storage under the bed

And while we’re on the topic of beds, consider purchasing bed frames geared for storage. There are bed frames that have drawers underneath the bed. And these spaces are great for storing clothes, toys, or other belongings. These drawers maximize the space underneath your child’s bed while giving the room a stylish look. 

Best of all, the dust bunnies won’t be hiding under your bed – not with drawers in the way!

3 – Hanging shelves

Time to get those books off the floor and onto the walls. Set up some hanging wall shelves for your belongings. Hanging shelves don’t take up floor space. Instead, they give you an opportunity to store your items and showcase them while making great use of wall space. 

We’re all about utilitarian methods of saving space that look pleasant to the eyes! You can store your aesthetically-pleasing books and other items on your wall shelf. And items that don’t look so visually-appealing can be stored in a closet (or wherever they won’t be on display). 

Hanging shelves with plants

4 – Ottoman

Another must-have in your mobile home is an ottoman. An ottoman will give you a place to prop your feet or an extra area to sit on. But an ottoman is dual-purpose because it also serves as a storage container. 

If you have small children, toys can be stowed away here. So can books. Or your DVD collection. Be creative!

As you hunt for the perfect ottoman, remember to find something that fits with your decor style. An ottoman can be a beautiful, utilitarian addition to your mobile home. 

5 – Declutter

Now how about decluttering? It’s in your best interest to “Marie Kondo” your mobile home periodically. Keep the clutter at bay and keep your family comfortable. Clutter can cramp your space, especially in the closet. It may be time to commit to getting rid of some clothes anytime you’re going to be bringing in new pieces. 

Additionally, don’t forget to sift through your medicine cabinet and kitchen space.

6 – Be unconventional 

Consider being unconventional. Do you have a kitchen dining area and a dining room? It may be in your best interest to turn that dining room into a library/entertainment room so you have more space to kick back and chill beyond relying on the living room alone. This can help your family members find quiet and cozy nooks in a house that’s bustling with excitement.

7 – Add hooks to the bathroom

Silver hooks

This idea may seem obvious, but let’s face it — it’s often the little things in life that we overlook. Add extra hooks to the bathroom wall or door for hanging up towels. Ensuring there’s one hook for each family member will help immensely.

Be flexible. Embrace the adventure.

There’s a sense of adventure that can come with being a big family in a small mobile home. It compels you to think outside the box in accomodating your family. Plus, it allows you to encourage each household member to think innovatively and creatively.

Embrace the wonders of large-family living while finding ways to dwell more comfortably and harmoniously.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

April 27, 2020