7 Tips To Store Your Cosmetics And Makeup To Get More Organized

Store Cosmetics - Brushes

When items accumulate around our homes in no particular order, sometimes we get charged up to do something about it. And in fits of decluttering and organization, we might just want to throw out everything. But you can’t throw everything away—you still have to live life, after all. Instead, after you’ve ditched what you don’t need, turn to organizing what you do need.

Store Cosmetics - Brushes

Makeup Mayhem

Envision this with us—you just hopped out of bed on a sunny morning and you’re getting ready for the day. You’re in a bit of a rush. But you’re applying your normal makeup anyway.

Then your mascara tube topples off the shelf into a sink still full of soap suds. And your eyelash curler hurtles after it. You snatch the eyelash curler before it hits the sink, accidentally bumping the vanity cabinet as you do. That’s when the nail polish falls (and how was the cover not screwed on?)

So you spend the next few moments taking a deep breath and trying to calmly wipe nail polish off the sink. And wondering if there’s a better way.

Corral your cosmetics

Even if these items are a bit in the way sometimes, they are part of your daily routine. That means we’re not going to tell you how to swipe the contents of your cabinet or drawer into the trash bin in sheer frustration. Actually, we’re going to talk about how to organize and optimize them. Without keeping you waiting, here are our seven tips for storing your cosmetics and makeup.

1 – Stack

When you’re short on space, but you do have vertical height, it’s time to stack things! Stacking can go a couple of different ways depending on your preferences. For instance, if you need to leave your stacked boxes on the countertop, you might consider ones that look decorative in some way. Otherwise, clear acrylic boxes could do the trick since you’ll be able to see what’s in them.

2 – Stand

Some of your makeup and cosmetic items seem just made to stand up straight. For instance, why shouldn’t makeup brushes stand up in a container? Whether it’s a glass jar or even the back compartment of a desktop organizer you’ve requisitioned for your makeup, let them stand up.

In fact, they’ll probably look almost decorative that way—just like a jar of paintbrushes looks artistic. And if you do have that desktop organizer, be sure to think through which items will work best at the front and which at the back. Likely, you’ll want shorter items in front and taller ones in the back.

Make-up brush stand

3 – Conceal

One way to keep the area visually appealing is to put some things out of sight. If jars, spray bottles, and brushes are cluttering the countertop, stow them away. You can do this by placing them in existing drawers (though you might have to do some rearranging). Or, you can grab a new countertop storage solution or even a wall cabinet that will close neatly. Thus, you block your items from view.

4 – Capitalize on cute containers

If some of your makeup containers are cute, then, by all means, make those the ones that are visible. Even if you’re the only one that will ever see your makeup, try to make it a pleasant display. Because if every day you’re confronting a catastrophic lineup, won’t that drag you down?

5 – Shop cheap (because why pay more?)

When you need storage solutions, don’t think you have to break the bank. Even before you mastermind your changes, head to your local dollar store to see what’s available. You might find some containers that will do the job just right. But you might not have thought of them unless you’d seen them. 

6 – Group with use in mind

Cosmetics arranged neatly

Also, consider grouping your makeup & cosmetics considering the order in which you use them. In that case, things like makeup remover, cleanser, and toner can be grouped together. And products designed for use around the eye could also be placed together. This might help you progress more seamlessly through your morning routine.  

7 – Store for portability

Another way to think about your makeup and cosmetics organization is to plan to make things portable. Enter small zippered bags (and perhaps some large ones, too). One bag could take on brushes and other long items (like mascara tubes). Obviously, you want a long bag for this.

Another bag—perhaps on the deeper side (and a bonus would be if it can stand up instead of flopping over) gets to hold foundation and other bottled items. Conveniently, this should help make packing for travel a snap. If you travel a lot, you’ll be in good shape because you’ll be able to grab the bags you need. Then, simply place them in one larger bag.

Moving on from makeup

Taking on your makeup and cosmetics is an investment. It should pay off every time you open your cabinet or drawer (or wherever you store your things). When you see things neatly stacked and tidily placed, you might just find you enjoy using them more. And you might even be energized to take on more organizing jobs. Try our bathroom storage ideas or Get Organized With These Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Mobile Home.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

June 18, 2019