The Cutest Trick-Or-Treat Decor Ideas For Your Mobile Home – 2019

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October is here. The leaves are falling. And Halloween preparations are in full swing. But today’s article is all about the cute factor. We’re bringing you a collection of some of the cutest trick-or-treat decor ideas for your mobile home. 

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If you’re not sure what to do if you’re looking for some new ideas, you’ll love what we have to share. 

The cutest Trick-Or-Treat decor ideas for your mobile home — 2019

Now you have to remember, cute is what we’re after here. If you’re looking for creepy spine-tingling decorations, this is not the article for you.

Little ghosts

In essence, these decorations are little dolls draped with ghost costumes. How cute is that? There’s nothing to fear about these cute little ghosts. With a little creativity, you’ll have some cute decorations welcoming your trick-or-treaters.

Yard monster

Here’s a cute and easy idea — turn your trees and bushes into yard monsters. Add some googly eyes and voila! Cute monsters for the win! It’ll be a fun eye-catcher in your neighborhood. (Pun intended.) Googly eyes can be made out of foam material. The blogger we linked to said she wouldn’t judge you if you kept the eyes up well after Halloween. 

We share that sentiment. No judgment here. 

Fun decorated door displays

Have you considered decorating your door with a silly Halloween face? With paper and paint, you can bring your door to life with smiley skeletal faces, spider webs, and monster faces.

If you’re an outside-the-box thinker, rally the kids around to help you create your own special silly Halloween face design for the front door. It’s a fun project for family night. Give it a try and let us know what you come up with. 

Whimsy pumpkins

For a whimsical vibe, these cloud pumpkins will deliver. They’re light and airy. Gone is the harsh orangey hue of the pumpkin.

These pumpkins certainly qualify as cute. With some pumpkins — real or faux — color them up with white spray paint. You’ll also need light blue spray paint, modge podge, light pink paint, gold glitter, fake eyelashes, paintbrushes, and sharpie markers. 

Funny ghosts 

Take some wood boards, cut them at various lengths and paint them white. Take some black paint and add the faces then stake them to the ground. You can give them a weatherized look by sanding them a little here and there. And there you have it — a collection of funny wooden ghosts for the yard.

Mummy jam jars

Now, how about these mummy jam jars? They’re an easy project the whole family can pitch in with. It’s a great Halloween decoration. White electrical tape was used as the “bandages” wrapped around the jam jars. But washi tape or masking tape — among other things — would work well too. You’ll need googly eyes, LED candles, scissors, and glue to complete the project.

Dinosaur in pumpkin

For the dinosaur fan, this is a fun project. Carve out a pumpkin and place a plastic dinosaur in it to make it seem like it ate its way out of the pumpkin or hatched out of it. Don’t forget to add a piece of pumpkin in the dinosaur’s mouth. 

The wicked witch of the West legs

Over at Grillo Designs, you can find the plans for crafting the legs of the Wicked Witch of the West. That’s right. Trick-or-Treaters may not think they’re in Kansas anymore. Stick them in a bush so it seems like the witch fell headfirst into the bushes. 

For this project, you’ll need chicken wire, scrap cardboard, mod podge glue, newspaper, spray paint, and an old pair of shoes, scrap wood and a pair of long black and white socks. Watch the witch come to life in your own yard. But there’s no need to run.

After all, it’s just a decoration. Right?

Have fun and be creative

Many of these ideas can be created on your own. You may prefer to shop around for others. Whatever you do, remember to have fun and enjoy the journey. Get the kids involved and make the holiday decor creation and selection a family activity. 

If you’re more partial to a general fall decor vibe rather than being specific to Halloween, that’s OK. We have something for you too. Check out what we have to say about giving your home a fall makeover. You’ll see six different examples to draw inspiration from. Don’t miss out on giving your home a fresh look with the seasons changing, even if you’re not holiday-specific in your decor.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

October 9, 2019