5 DIY Christmas Wreaths You Can Put Together In Less Than An Hour

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Falala and happy holidays! Christmas is around the corner and it’s that time of year where we deck the halls and get our homes feeling fun and festive. This busy season can feel crazy with the Christmas shopping, the holiday party planning, the elf on the shelf moving and the general hustle and bustle that goes hand in hand with the holiday cheer.

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Some people are way ahead of the game. Their tree is up before Thanksgiving, their pumpkins are gone before the day is over, and Black Friday finds them checking the last of their holiday shopping off the list. The only thing left to do is kick back and take in the joys of the season.

And then there are the rest of us. Let’s be honest, we promised ourselves we would be more organized, more proactive. Yet here we are, weeks into December, and we’re scrambling with a million things to get done. 

This list is for both types. Whether you’re just looking for a festive way to spend an afternoon, or you’re rushing to get something up before your in-laws arrive, we’ve got you covered. These five DIY Christmas wreaths will get your home looking merry and bright in no time at all.

1 – Gold Poinsettia Wreath

This wreath was made entirely from dollar store finds, making it inexpensive as well as easy. Always a plus! While this one has a definitive gold theme, there is no reason why you couldn’t use other colors to personalize it a bit more. Imagine a mixture of gold and red for a more classic christmas color story. Or try all white or silver for something a bit lighter.

With most of these wreaths, you could begin with either a fresh or a faux wreath as your base. Just keep in mind the benefits of each. While a wreath made from fresh greenery definitely has more appeal to most people, a faux wreath can easily be packed away and enjoyed year after year.

2- Pinecone Wreath

This beautiful pinecone wreath is a little different from a traditional wreath, but still keeps that classic Christmas vibe. Instead of greenery with some pinecones, it’s pinecones with some greenery. And while that may not seem like a big deal, it manages to be quite impactful. Elegant, simple, and versatile, it would work well in any space, from your front door to the children’s bedroom.

This one requires a little more work, as you are beginning with a wire frame and wrapping it with twine to give the pinecones a stable base. But we think you’ll agree that the end result is well worth the extra time and effort.

3 – Simple Berry Wreath

Now this wreath isn’t actually a Christmas wreath at all. It was originally intended for the fall season. But all it would take is a simple swapping of the berries for red ones and voila! A simple, beautiful Christmas wreath. Try playing around with some different ribbons, a bird, an initial for your family name, Christmas bells, etc. A wreath like this can be a great blank canvas for you to get creative with.

4 – Christmas Banner Wreath

This is a great wreath if you’re looking for something super fast. The instructions have you create your own banner. However the whole process could also be simplified by using a prelit wreath and printing a banner you already love.

5 – Flocked Wreath

In this tutorial, a cheap wreath looks instantly more elevated with a bit of flocking added. Such a great option if you are sticking to a tight budget! However, a real wreath would work as well, and of course would only look that much nicer. 

Whichever you choose, this is a really great wreath if you want to go with something a little more whimsical. It has a touch of The Nutcracker feel to it, making it ideal for a nursery or children’s bedroom. However, don’t let the colors throw you if they’re not your style! Just like most of the others, this concept is very easy to customize and a flocked wreath would look great with all different colors, picks, ornaments, etc. Just choose elements that embody your flavor of Christmas and it will be just right.

Make it a family tradition

Maybe you were scrambling to find something to decorate your home with, or perhaps you were just looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon. Regardless, we hope these five wreaths gave you plenty of fuel for your creative fire. 

There is something special about making your own holiday decor. If you are able to, try to get your family involved in making something with you. And of course, you could always make it a family tradition! And while you’re at it, take a look at our helpful list of other Christmas traditions to start with your family. You can be sure that in the process many beautiful memories will be made, which will be treasured for years to come.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 17, 2019