8 DIY Mobile Home Updates Perfect For #SocialDistancing

8 DIY Mobile Home Updates Perfect For #SocialDistancing

Once social distancing ends and we get permission to be around other people, there’s a good chance many overdue visits will begin to take place. When things get back to normal – or at least, a new normal – you’ll want to invite people over. To help you prepare for your surge of post-quarantine guests, we’ve found ten DIY projects for you. These home updates are perfect to tackle in your spare time, all the while dreaming up that big dinner party or family reunion you plan to have when you get the go-ahead.

8 DIY Mobile Home Updates Perfect For #SocialDistancing

1 – Paint a room

This is one of the simplest projects to tackle, so it’s the first on our list. Simply switching out a paint color is one of the most popular home improvement projects, and rightfully so. Painting brings a whole new look to a room with minimal work effort. Just think – a can of paint, a day of your time, and ta-da! A room that’s worthy to host your guests. For a step-by-step look at how to paint a room, check out this article by The Turquoise Home.

2 – Rearrange furniture

This is even easier than painting a room! There’s nothing like tweaking the furniture to make the space more functional for hosting. Maybe since the whole family is home all the time now, you’ve noticed that your setup isn’t as functional as you thought. Take a step back. Try different arrangements. It’s the easiest thing in the world to move things back if you don’t like the new setup.

3 – Remodel the entryway

This is our personal favorite. Think about it. No one is coming and going so no one is going to walk into your remodeling mess on a spur-of-the-moment visit. And you certainly aren’t going to have any upscale dinner parties where everything must be spotless. It’s an absolutely perfect time to remodel the entryway. Or at least to do some clever updates, like this beautiful board and batten wall.

4 – Install a kitchen island

A new kitchen island. You have to be brave to do it yourself, but it’s by no means impossible. There are so many options when you DIY it! You could go traditional, buying cabinets and slapping a slab of granite on ‘em (okay, it’s not that simple, by you get the idea). Or you could build yourself a custom island, with a more rustic feel. On the other hand, you could recycle a vintage dresser. The creative possibilities are almost endless.

Kitchen island with wooden bar stools

5 – Clean the outdoor furniture

Of course, this is the perfect time of year to tidy up the yard. And what better time than quarantine to really give your outdoor entertaining space the rigorous clean it’s been needing! Plus, while you’re waiting for the chance to invite friends over once again, be sure you utilize this outdoor space with your own family. It will be a pleasant change form being stuck indoors.

6 – Stencil your tile

Painting and/or stenciling tile is gaining popularity, and now may be just the time to try it out for yourself. Pro tip: try it on a small area first, like an entryway or bathroom before you do it on the kitchen floor. Oh, and another thing, do your research. Watch YouTube videos. Read success stories. This is not a project where you can “wing it” and get away with it! If you’re scared of painting tile, try floor stickers. (Yes, they are a thing).

7 – Hang wall decor everywhere

You know those stacks of frames that have been waiting to be hung? Now is the time to find some prints for them and get them up! Be aggressive. Hang plenty of wall art and fill those blank spaces. This may be the most therapeutic quarantine project yet. What’s more satisfying than crowding your walls with pretty pictures of calming landscape art, motivational quotes, and snapshots of friends and family? Even as you find yourself isolated, missing certain people, pictures like these will remind you to think of them throughout the day. And next time they come over, they’ll feel loved because you chose to feature them on your wall.

8 – Update your office

We all know how important home offices are right now! Let’s face it, there’s probably a lot you could do in your office to make it more functional. One fast update is installing better lighting. Or painting the walls white instead of that ugly, outdated brown that you hate. Need more shelving or a better desk? Those are two other projects you can tackle yourself without a problem. 

Organize office desk


Quarantine can’t defeat you when you’re using it to your advantage. It’s easy to fritter away the time and let the media paralyze all your motivation. Instead, let this be a healthy experience, not a negative one. And a DIY project is only one of the things you can do to combat boredom! Check out our ultimate list of things to do during quarantine for more ideas.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 6, 2020