FAQ: Do Mobile Homes Last? + Other Mobile Home Questions

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Anyone considering the purchase of a mobile home may have a few questions they’d like answered. Is a mobile home a good investment? Do mobile homes last?

Soon-to-be buyers may also be wondering: Are mobile homes good for families? How about retirees? Today, we’ll be answering these questions and more. 

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It doesn’t surprise us that you find the option of manufactured housing appealing. You’re not the first to go on this quest for knowledge, nor the last. In the subsequent paragraphs, we trust you’ll find answers to your questions. 

Are you ready to learn the answers to some frequently asked questions? 

FAQ: Do mobile homes last?

“Do mobile homes last?”

Here’s our first frequently asked question.

In short, a mobile home can last 35 to 55 years. It all boils down to maintenance — will you be good with providing the care and upkeep a mobile home needs?

Are mobile homes a good investment?

Now that we’ve addressed the question, “Do mobile homes last?” let’s take a look at investment potential of this housing option. Plus, we’ll address whether mobile homes are good for families and retirees.

In our opinion, mobile homes are a good investment. If you’re here reading as an investor, understand the cost of flipping a mobile home will be less than that of a stick-built home. And then you have the recurring income that could come with renting out your mobile home. 

If you’re a buyer, consider the cost of renting or buying a mobile home plus the cost of maintenance, utilities, and lot rent — where applicable, of course. 

Compare those costs to the cost of renting an apartment or stick-built home. Oftentimes, you’ll find that the pros of renting a mobile home outweigh the pros of renting an apartment. For example, with a mobile home rental, you’ll get a yard. With an apartment, it’s hard to say if you’ll get a yard, and oftentimes if there is a yard, it’s small!

Are mobile homes good for families?

Yes, mobile homes are good for families. Why? Because they’re an affordable housing option. The construction quality is there, along with customization options for floor plans. You can order a customized mobile home and have it within weeks.

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Additionally, you can find family-friendly mobile home parks that will cater to your family’s needs. 

Are mobile homes good for retirees?

As for retirees — yes, we believe mobile homes are an excellent option. As affordable housing is a must-have for many retirees, mobile homes are appealing. Compared to a large home, a mobile home is easier to keep up with in terms of cleaning and maintenance. And if you’re a retiree dealing with health issues that require home modifications, a mobile home can deliver. Most manufacturers will work with you to customize a floor plan. 

And don’t forget — as noted above for families, there are parks out there geared specifically toward retirees. These parks can come with amenities such as swimming pools, a community center, security, and more. Park rules keep the neighborhood quiet for retirees who are looking to enjoy a peaceful stay in their mobile home park.

Do mobile homes hold up in hurricane season?

So let’s talk about hurricane season. How does a mobile home hold up in hurricane season? While a mobile home isn’t going to hold up as well as a traditionally-built home, there are measures that can be taken to help. Most mobile homes come with a means to be anchored to the ground — this can add strength to your structure. 

However, it should be noted that the 2020 Hurricane Guide states the following: “Hurricane force winds of 74 mph or more can destroy buildings, mobile homes, trees and power poles.” 

When a hurricane is at work, evacuation is safer than hoping your structure stands.

Are mobile homes energy efficient?

Mobile homes are energy efficient. In a mobile home, you can find energy efficient roofs, quality air sealing, and energy efficient appliances. And let’s not forget about energy efficient windows to keep the external elements out and keep the internal elements (like heated or cooled air) in.

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Affordable housing in mobile homes

It comes as no surprise that mobile home housing is respected by low-income and high-income families alike. The affordability and quality of mobile homes has skyrocketed since the 1970s — and with those improvements, has come an increase in mobile home appeal.

From families to celebrities, mobile homes are embraced by people from all walks of life. 

Knowledge is power

Do mobile homes last? We hope our answer to that question, plus this list of other mobile home questions, has brought some light to your mobile home journey. Having the right knowledge can help you come to a smart decision. 

For a more detailed look at a mobile home’s longevity, see our article “How Long Does a Mobile Home Last? And Can You Extend Its Life?” 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

March 23, 2021