Give Your Mobile Home A Fall Makeover Inspired By These 6 Examples

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Cool breezes, golden colors, spiced cider, leaves to rake—there’s so much to love about fall. And sometimes, you want an outlet for the excitement you feel at the change of seasons. Your home itself can be the perfect backdrop for your fall fervor. So, today we want to help you tap into its seasonal decorating potential by bringing you six examples to inspire your own fall makeover. 

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What could be better than seeing what others have done to their homes to get you fired up about what you might want to do to yours? Let’s explore a few other homeowners’ talented decorating work. Plus, you’ll be able to glimpse the already beautifully outfitted homes that serve as backdrops for their fall style. 

1 – Fall redo without the stereotypes

First stop—Sarah of Life on Virginia Street. From what she calls “non-traditional” colors on the front porch to blue pumpkins in the office, Life on Virginia Street’s take on fall is anything but run-of-the-mill. She’s managed to offer some hints of the season while maintaining the uniquely white, bright, and cool overall feel of her design style. Plus, with links to similar items, you’ll be able to find ways to recreate the look in your own place. 

Take action for your own home

Naturally, if her look has inspired you to introduce plants, pumpkins, or gourds to your own front entrance, you’ll need to know how and where to get them. Also, you won’t want to break the bank, so check out Cincy Shopper’s 7 Tips for Saving Money on Pumpkins. Of course, her mums are also lovely so you may need to snag some for yourself. Take a look at 10 Tips for Purchasing and Caring for Fall Mums if you’re new to these classic autumn blooms.  

On the other hand, if you have a green thumb yourself, why not plan ahead and plant your own pumpkins? You could grow white pumpkins or even grab a pack of gourd seeds to increase the fun! Now, using Sarah’s scenic front porch as your springboard, get the flowers and pumpkins you need to create a similarly pretty look at your home’s door.  

2 – Majestic maison

Next up is the calm and sophisticated living and dining areas that belong to Sheila of Maison de Cinq. While fall decor often makes us think of cute scarecrows and whimsical pumpkins, it can actually be sophisticated. On the dining room sideboard, see how her golden candlesticks paired with that vase of autumn leaves and a pumpkin are simultaneously warm and stately?

Also, her use of white pumpkins on the dining room table keeps her neutral colors going while still adding a hint of seasonal celebration. Slightly warmer than the tabletop’s white pumpkins is the display on the mantel. It’s a masterful blend of light neutral shades with slightly warmer ones—bountiful without being overblown.  

Her slight yet noticeable changes are a good reminder that you can remain true to your room or home’s overall design and decor while still making alterations to celebrate the new season. Take inspiration from her use of plants and metallics to add warmth and color among her neutrals.  

Take action for your own home

One thing we love about Sheila’s home is her beautiful vessels (and those candlesticks). What you put your flowers, leaves, or pumpkins in can be just as important as the flowers, leaves, or pumpkins themselves. Investing in vessels that complement your existing decor means you’ll have them available when you need them. (Like when you discover a treasure trove of autumn leaves as you’re taking a stroll in your neighborhood). 

We also love the ease of the faux leaves in her dining room vase. Things don’t have to be 100% natural to be 100% beautiful. If you know you’ll be better off with faux plants as opposed to real ones, take a look at Where to Get Artificial Flowers That Actually Look Real. 

3 – Creative with colors and textures

Check out the beautiful ways Ann Drake of On Sutton Place took on fall in her foyer. Are you noticing a recurring idea here, with pumpkins of a different color than usual? No, it’s not design heresy—pumpkins, however iconic they may be, do not have to be orange to add fall fervor. 

Here, Ann’s blue pumpkins offer a fresh take on the fall decor staple—and their velvet texture provides another layer of interest. Adding fuzzy lambs ear to her white pumpkin display carries on the unique-texture-goodness with the dresser as the lucky recipient.  

Take action for your own home

Did you catch Ann’s thoughtful use of a tray on the foyer dresser? We love that that creates a bountiful centerpiece item whose multiple parts are contained. All those pieces are corralled neatly by the tray.   

You can use this idea for other areas of your mobile home too. And you might find it especially useful if you have little kids. With everything in one location, you can move it off the tabletop if necessary. Plus, it may cut down on worries of having your items get pushed and shoved out of order.  

If you’ve never used a decorative tray before, you’ll love being introduced to the variety that’s available to you. While you might search for one that looks just like Ann’s, there are plenty of other options. Try The Best Decorative Trays For Elevating Any Space Or Occasion to see what we mean.  

4 – Create with color

We’ve already seen that blue pumpkins can offer fall punch. But they’re not the only outside-the-box approach to the favorite fall standby. It turns out that purple and bejeweled pumpkins are also an option – at least in the breakfast nook that belongs to Cindy of Edith and Eveleyn. Even a green velvet pumpkin finds it’s way to her kitchen island, proof that you can style for fall in unexpected colors.  

Take action for your own home

Tap into the potential of velvet pumpkins for your mobile home kitchen table or even a side table in your entryway. You can buy them online. Or give them a shot yourself with this fabric pumpkin tutorial from Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. 

Also, if you loved that Cindy used color, but you’re not a fan of the exact hues she chose, feel free to try your own. What colors most appeal to you for fall? See if you can find ways to craft your home for fall with your own favorite colors (or the main colors in your current design theme). 20 Fall Color Schemes That Usher in the New Season will help you see fall potential in colors you might otherwise pass over.  

5 – Log cabin love

If your dream is to outfit your mobile home log cabin style, then Dara of Hood Creek Log Cabin has some fall inspiration for you. She combined pumpkins, real leaves, and even a slab of oak tree to her already charming country table. With burlap for a base and antique lamps for height, it creates a fresh fall tablescape.

Take action for your own home

Burlap—yes, why not? It’s a great rustic option and it’s not hard to come by. Head to your craft store and pick some up. Or you can purchase it online.  

Obviously, burlap is just one part of Dara’s country tablescape. But if you love burlap, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate the fascinating textile into your mobile home this season. 22 Ways to Use Burlap to Decorate Your Home This Fall can get you started with some burlap-centric ideas.   

Also, Dara’s lanterns add vintage flair without weighing down the table’s light and bright look. Choose vintage items of your own that will augment the overall impression you want your table to make. Or, you could work backwards instead—choosing your antiques first, then adding other decor or plant life that suits the vintage items. If you don’t currently have any old-fashioned pieces, learn How To Incorporate Antiques Into Your Mobile Home Interior Design

6 – Fall—in black and white

There’s so much beauty in a home filled with white and neutrals. And we’ve seen some great ways to introduce fall in that type of environment. But what about the homes with a different take on design to begin with? 

Look at the beautiful scene that Jess of Honey n Hydrangea created in her black and white living room and dining room. Check out the effect of pairing fruit with branches and metal candlesticks on her dining room table—it’s striking against the black table runner. And in her dining room, we love the pop of fall that her plaid scarf brings as it drapes casually over a chair. 

Take action for your own home

Here’s one fascinating, low-cost (or no-cost idea) inspired by Jess’ home—use a non-decor item as decor. Fall scarves are wonderful for wearing, but it turns out they’re also wonderful for decorating. And that means…you guessed it…go raid the closets! 

Nothing in the closets? Head to a local thrift store to scout out some deals. And, when the fall season ends, you can even scour the discount racks at your favorite clothing stores for fall scarves that are marked down. Then, save them for next time the season rolls around. 

Think of other items that could serve dual purposes. Even a fall hat or an autumn-colored umbrella could be the perfect piece in your entryway. It could increase the autumn look and be on hand for when you need to use it.  

Jess’s fall decor is also a testament to the power of understatement. And that’s something you can co-opt for your mobile home as well. If you already have a sound design scheme in your home, then slight suggestions of the upcoming season might be just the medicine you need. Of course, if you prefer to go all out and spangle the house with fall fun from the roof to the smallest basement corner, that’s fine, too.    

Beauty and functionality 

With your home fully decked out for fall, don’t forget that there are some non-cosmetic things you can do to prepare, also. Fall is a great time to make sure your mobile home is safe and cozy before winter hits. Plus, autumn can require a bit more lawn care than some other seasons. Thanks to the leaves that are filling the air and then the ground, you and your rake can keep busy tidying the lawn. 

Your new to-do list

Folded blankets

Let’s take stock of some things you might want to do inside and outside to prepare your home for fall and the even cooler season following. 

  • Get an HVAC tune-up. (And while we’re on this topic, take a look at Mobile Home Ventilation: How To Freshen Things Up, too).
  • Reseed grass. Autumn can be a great time to plant new grass. So if your lawn is looking less-than, investing time in it now can have you in better shape when spring arrives again. 
  • Put those fall-loving plants in the ground. Some plants thrive when planted in autumn. This means that if you thought your green thumb was going to have to be bored for a few months once summer ended, you can think again!
  • Fix any danger zones before the snow flies. For those homes with broken steps or potholed driveways, fall might be just the time to tackle these issues. After all, when the snow flies, you won’t be able to see some of these hazards. So, get to them now so that you or others don’t get injured by them later. 
  • Fix the roof leaks. As you’ll gather from our Mobile Home Repair: Top 6 Fixes That Are Easy On Your Wallet, repairing your roof doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Take on your roof issues in fall. Then, when cold weather hits, you can stay inside where it’s warm and cozy. 

Ready for fall through the whole park

Scale up to the level of your mobile home park as a whole, and here are some tips for preparing for the upcoming season at that level. Start with Mobile Home Park Seasonal Checklist: Get Your Park Ready For Fall. Then, there’s also How To Winterize Mobile Home Plumbing Around Your Park for when fall is about to give way to winter.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

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