9 Porch Themes That Will Take You From Summer To Fall

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While summer has been fun and filled with good things, fall is coming around the corner and that’s something to be excited about. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors are already breaking out the autumn themed decor.

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As a matter of fact, we think it’s best that you’re thinking about some fun fall themes. ‘Tis the season for pumpkins and the cozy color palette of fall. 

9 Porch themes that will take you from summer to fall

Goodbye summer, hello fall.

It’s high time we look at porch themes that bring in the autumn vibes. If you’re not too sure about this whole porch decorating idea, we hope the following pictures will change your mind. It can be fun to spice things up a bit according to the seasons. And fall is no exception.

Are you ready? We are. Let’s roll out the carpet for some fun and elegant porch themes.  

1 – A fun family theme

Fall porch decor

Fall Porch Decor via Dandj Home

If you have a mobile home with a door that’s painted a fun color, this can be a fun approach to autumn. The homeowner used a wreath that incorporated the home’s color scheme and mixed it up with some autumn colors. With a little creativity, the wreath can be recreated. Make a run to your local craft store for supplies and cut up some fun leaves. Don’t forget to turn it into a family affair!

Pumpkins lining the steps add a wonderful touch to the scene. Notice the house number painted on a large pumpkin? We love that idea! Talk about fun.

2 – Farmhouse fall front porch

Farmhouse fall front porch

Farmhouse Fall Front Porch via Arrows & Twine

For a more rustic vibe, check out this porch. If you have the room, wooden boxes with ferns are lovely. Bring in some mums planted into rusty buckets or baskets. The twig wreath ties it all together well.

3 – Line your front steps

If your mobile home is on a rather steep incline, this could be an impressive arrangement along a flight of steps that lead up to the front. This home opted to arrange mums on every other step and orange pumpkins in between. White pumpkins were also integrated into the pattern.

4 – Cozy fall porch

Take a look at this minimalist autumn vibe. The plaid rug underneath the “There’s no place like home” mat brings in a different kind of autumn to the mix. White pumpkins and pinkish mums in tin buckets are perfect. Check out the weathered wood that simply states “harvest.”

5 – Another cozy fall porch

And look at this light and airy beauty! From the pumpkins to the mums, there’s a soft touch of autumn in the room. Should you shy away from harsh colors, this vibe will connect with your style.

6 – Decorative shovel in a planter

Now look at this fall infused arrangement. The weathered white picket fence and pumpkins with leaves and mums could look good on any porch.

7 – Rustic fall

If you’re all about keeping things simple, take a look at this porch. A plaid blanket and some pumpkins placed here and there bring fall to the home. A wreath made of green pine needles and leaves look great to balance out the bright colors of the yellow mums. 

8 – Kale and mums

Even the pooch couldn’t pass up a photo op with this arrangement. Kale, pumpkin and squash come together in baskets and tin containers. It’s a nice touch to any porch. And don’t forget those mums!

9 – Crows and such

Mums, mums galore! These crow cut outs perch well on the porch decor. A weathered picket fence and wheelbarrow that’s seen better days add a unique flair to this arrangement. 

Don’t forget the bright, bold pumpkin!

Pumpkins, mums, and leaves — oh my!

We hope you enjoyed this tour of porch theme options that bring on the fall vibes! If you’re not too sure what would work best, you can always keep it simple with mums and pumpkins. They’re a staple for many of the ideas shared above.

And who can’t help but smile at the sight of the quintessential fall colors carried through such pieces?

Speaking of mums … here’s how to make potted plants look spectacular on your mobile home porch.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 19, 2019