What Park Owners Know About Attracting Good Tenants

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The hardest part of being a successful mobile home park owner is finding the right tenants. Without renters who pay their rent on time and care about the agreements stated on their lease, you won’t get far. The question is, how do you attract good tenants? Who are these people? What do they want that you can provide to earn their loyalty?

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Today, let’s discuss what experienced park owners know (and what you can learn from them) about attracting ideal tenants.

Who is your ideal tenant?

The first step to finding a good tenant is familiarizing yourself with what they want and need. Is your ideal tenant an older, retired couple? Or are you interested in attracting a community of young families? These questions will shape the way you advertise later, so they’re vitally important. 

If you know what a person’s lifestyle involves, you’ll be able to add enticing features to your park that will draw them in.

How to make your park attractive

Create an ideal tenant in your mind. Why is age range important? Because it gives you a launchpad for finding their interests. A young family will be attracted by secure environments and big yards where their children can play safely. An older tenant might prefer a park with quiet neighbors and a good lot for gardening. 

Know what resonates with your ideal tenant, and you’re off to a great start. We’ll get to advertising in a minute, but first, let’s go deeper into location and aesthetics. These are two things that the modern renter is passionate about, so they’re worth a little more discussion.


Location is everything. If you’re looking for a mobile home park to purchase, consider your ideal tenant before selecting the park. Are you looking to attract young families? If so, you should consider a mobile home park that’s in a good school district. Are your prospective tenants empty-nesters? A mobile home park in a slightly more rural setting should do nicely!

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A tenant with good taste, like the ones you need, will not be pleased with a dumpy park. If you want a mobile home park full of good tenants, keep up appearances. Keep your empty lots mowed and looking spiffy.

As a park owner, you can create good tenants by example. If you live on the property or have a manager who does, make a good first impression. Paint and decorate the mobile home(s) you own with modern colors and decor. Create an environment that will attract people who value a clean and beautiful community.

Advertising tips to attract good tenants

Knowing your ideal tenant, as we mentioned before, will impact the way you advertise. If your target audience is on the younger side and uses computers and phones on a daily basis, online advertising is your best bet. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other online advertising sites are good bets in this instance.

But maybe your ideal tenant reads the newspaper or is more likely to respond to a flyer sent via the mail. Spend your advertising budget where it is most likely to bring in good tenants. Do your research! 

Is your website optimized?

Having a website seems like a given these days. Almost every business has one. But is your website attracting renters or pushing them away? The answer lies in the website itself. Is your site pleasing to the eye? Does it list the proper information, such as contact info, pricing, and location? Is it easy to navigate? Have you uploaded high-quality images of your park? If not, your website needs work.

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By creating a good website, you’re increasing your chances of success twofold. Remember that you’re running a business, and for that business to look legitimate, it must also look professional. Create a website that will attract your ideal tenants. Offer easy access to important information like best methods of contact or anything else a prospective renter may need to know. Don’t push your potential tenants away. Draw them in with good branding.

Attract good tenants by being a good owner

Ultimately, the way to attract good tenants is by being the ideal park owner. Be professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Set a good example – be the best. And if you do that, you’ll invariably attract the best! You’re creating a community with your mobile home park. Make that community the best it can be, starting with yourself. 

And lastly, don’t waste time and energy on a mobile home tenant who will drive you nuts. Go check out our seven signs that a potential renter will be nothing but headaches.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

January 29, 2021