How To Decorate Small Spaces For The Holidays

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Every home has its own unique challenges and upsides. For mobile homes, sometimes the challenge could arise in the size department. But at the same time, smaller quarters could be a good thing — you may like the coziness of your mobile home. Whether your mobile home’s small scale is a positive or a negative in your analysis, you still have to figure out how to decorate the space. So we thought we’d bring you some ideas for decorating small spaces for the holidays. 

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It’s a lot like decorating large spaces, really

Some of the things we shared recently about decorating large spaces could also hold true here. Just like you might plan ahead with a vast area that needs decorating, you can do the same with a small area. Think in advance about what you do and don’t want the outcome to look like. 

Another similarity is that even with a small space, you can take note of your home’s overall decor and try to make your holiday decorations mesh with it. That’s something you can do regardless of how much space you have. 

The upside to decorating small spaces

One possible blessing in disguise with small spaces is the fact that your decor could require less input from you—both in terms of money and effort. For instance, if you have to buy enough twinkly lights to cover an entire enormous wall, chances are you’d shell out more than the amount of money needed to string lights over a much smaller space. 

At the same time, decorating a huge space could require ladders, multiple people, and a large investment of time. And it’s possible that a smaller space simply won’t ask as much of you. 

Use lights

There’s nothing like the cozy warmth of a well-lit room against the backdrop of the dark, chilly outdoors. And especially with the adjustment from Daylight Savings Time, you’ll truly appreciate the glowing welcome of a home’s interior once the darkness falls in the early evening. (To see what we mean, just take note of how you feel sometime when pulling into your driveway on a cold, winter night and seeing your house with light beaming out the windows). 

Inside your house, naturally, you’ll want adequate illumination from stand lamps, tabletop lamps, or ceiling lighting. And that’s something that you may already desire for your year-round needs. But there’s no reason why you can’t up your lighting game especially around the holidays by introducing seasonal fixtures or simply swapping out parts of existing lighting (like your lampshades). 

Make your lighting seasonal

Plus, in the holiday season, you could decide to change your definition of adequate lighting—what seems perfect for summer could be a little too bright and harsh for winter nights. Consider making a switch from bright white bulbs to bulbs that let off a bit of a warmer yellow glow. Try turning off your overhead lights. Opting for lamps instead could center your light farther away from the ceiling. 

Then, of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the potential of string lights. Twined around railings, they make for a cozy and festive display. Strung across a mantel, they can create a glowing focal point in your living room. Bring them into the bedroom or office space to create coziness you can enjoy all through the day and night. 

Plants and lights on windowpane

Make the most of the space you do have

Sure, you might not have arched ceilings, a grand entryway, or a luxurious spiral staircase. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have space to work with. Set your mind to pan the area for space you may have overlooked. You might just have more area than you initially thought. 

For instance, you may not have enough room to add any more furniture at all. And even your surface space counting tables, counters, and shelves may be maxed out. But, have you thought about the floor? That’s right, holiday decorating canvases can come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. And your floor might just be the newest, best space. 

Here’s where you could place a festive rug whether it’s an area rug or just a small rug under an existing piece of furniture. Even floors in your bathrooms and bedrooms don’t have to miss out—how about a snowman rug to take its place outside the shower? Or why not throw out some cheery rugs so that your feet will hit festivity the moment you hop out of bed? 

Don’t forget that layering rugs is also a possibility. So if you already have a rug in your area, don’t despair. You might be able to add a temporary rug on top, just for the holidays. Head over to How To Layer Your Rugs Like a Pro to get some ideas. 

Other overlooked spaces

And there might be more spots you haven’t considered. For instance, there’s your manufactured home’s ceiling. Hanging snowflakes up there could be just the thing. Plus, there’s also potential on your windows—pasting stickers on them or even changing out the window curtains/shades to be more holiday-oriented. Light strings in the curtains could also be beautiful and cozy.

Don’t forget that some spaces that seem filled to capacity could become canvases after all. New holiday throw blankets for your couches can replace the old ones, if only temporarily. And even your usual wall display of photos or other art could be removed for the time being and overtaken by holiday-appropriate decor. 

Go light, go easy

If you’re working with a less-than-spacious area, one thing you might need to do is be reserved in your decorating. In other words, go easy on it. But, the great news is that that doesn’t mean your space won’t look festive. Sometimes, less is more. And if you have a small space, going with less could be a striking option. 

In a large space, you might be able to place plenty of items on a surface or wall. In a small space, you might enjoy the outcome if you stick with just one or just a few. So choose carefully. Remember that you may have to depend on a few key pieces to make the whole room sing with festivity—so select items with perfectly-attuned holiday punch!

Christmas wreath hanging on cupboard doors

A single decor item could be quite striking in your small space. For instance, don’t underestimate the power of one plaid blanket folded at the foot of your white bedspread. Or the festive statement that one framed wintery photo could make on your bathroom wall.  

Create collections

Now you might be thinking, That’s great, but what I really love is bunching a whole lot of holiday-themed items together. Well, for those who don’t want to embrace minimalist decorating, we have two approaches to suggest. 

First, there’s tasteful maximalism. That’s where we tell you to fill up the space with cheery decor, but be sure the overall display looks abundant and cozy as opposed to cluttered and haphazard. Perhaps you’ll find this easier to achieve by selecting several colors and sticking with them. Or maybe you’ll simply let your eye be your guide—adding and removing items until you get the “right” look. We’ll say tasteful maximalism embraces a “more is more” mentally but constrains it with thoughtful planning so that the impact is aesthetically pleasing instead of overblown. 

Secondly, there’s the carefully corralled decor method. (We may have just completely made that term up). If you don’t have the space to throw out all the decor you would like to, yet you really don’t want to place single items on your walls or surfaces, then give this method a shot.  

Put your love of multiplicity to good use by gathering items, then displaying them in a cohesive collection. A ceramic tray might be the perfect way to corral like items on a tabletop. And a basket might be perfect for the floor or the front porch. Even wooden crates could look festive with your collection inside. 

Maximize corners

So what if you don’t have an entire room to fill with holiday decor? Just roll with the small area you do have. Maybe you can’t create an expansive holiday tablescape because of a lack of room. But there’s nothing to stop you from squeezing a little cafe table with high stools into an open corner and creating a mini holiday tablescape. 

The same holds true with your living room area. Or perhaps with your lack of living room area. Not an option to have a whole couch with a plaid throw sitting atop a fluffy white rug? No problem. How about one small wingback chair with plaid pillows squeezed into a corner space that usually holds a shelf of knickknacks. 

Or, if you can’t even find an open corner, get even more creative. Remove the bar stools from the back side of your kitchen island and squeak in some tiny chairs with a small table between. Dress with pillows, throws, and decor items (for the table) as space will allow. Sure, you might not be able to use your kitchen island seating for a little while, but you’ll have new seating to help make up for it!

Put out candles—always & everywhere

Does tiny space equal no room for holiday decor? You better know it doesn’t! Does tiny space mean you can’t absolutely fill the area with warm, wonderful, winter scents? No again! Regardless of your house size, you need candles. 

They’re a wonderful addition to almost any room in the house (provided you don’t leave them unattended within reach of children). And they come in such glorious variety that there should be a little something for everyone. Of course, there are some scents that seem more appropriate to the holiday season—and they should be easy to find this time of year. But if you’re longing for a little whiff of something different, try selecting some outside-the-box scents. 

If the owner of the man cave isn’t too keen on any of the typical candle smells, try Ten Scented Man Candles For Your Manly Bachelor Pad. Are you far from home this time of year—wishing you could catch a whiff of the place you grew up? Try Homesick’s state scented candles

Rework your existing decor and furniture

Now you might be reading all these ideas and still feeling lost. Great for someone else, you think, but my house really doesn’t have any unused corners or open floor space. And I really can’t afford to bring in anything new—the space is too full already. 

Well, we hear you. But you can’t get rid of us that easy. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to give your tiny space a holiday-flavored remake. It might take still more creative thinking, but there’s likely something you can do. 

Here’s what we suggest. Survey the scene. Mentally take stock of each item in your room—whatever room it is. Let’s start with the living room, just for fun. Now, look at what you currently have. 

Christmas lights strung on books

We’ll say we see a couch, one small chair, an area rug, a gas fireplace, a stand lamp, one side table, and a teeny-tiny bookshelf with books packed on each shelf. 

Not much room for inspiration here, is there? Whoa now, not so fast. Actually, all is not lost. You can give your room a facelift without moving furniture in and out. You don’t have to ditch that couch or clear books off your bookshelf. 

Here’s what you can do. First, without moving any books, run a string of lights up and down your bookshelf shelves—either on each shelf or simply on the top and draping down the sides. If there’s nothing on the bookshelf’s top, think about spreading a festive dresser scarf (or a holiday-toned scarf from your own wardrobe if you’re really cheap) underneath the lights.  

Second, grab your computer and scour the internet for a couch or chair slipcover that would pack a powerful holiday punch. Then, order it. Next search for a lampshade that coordinates with your new slipcover and is also holiday-themed. Finally, grab a coordinating rug for the small space in front of our gas fireplace—of course, it should also complement your slipcover and lampshade. Naturally, a few festive pillows wouldn’t be out of place in this setup either.  And voila! You’ve just given your small space a holiday facelift.

Holiday planning beyond the decor

Of course, there are plenty of other things you’ll need to do to get ready for the holidays. Plan your meals, clean your house, even create a holiday budget and pick out the presents you plan to purchase. Check out Your Guide To Christmas Budgeting With Tips On Buying Gifts & Decor for help with money matters. And turn to The Ultimate Gift Buying Guide For Everyone On Your List if you need some assistance selecting presents. 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

November 15, 2019