How To Set Up A Mobile Home Pool And Stay Cool All Summer Long

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Thinking about buying a pool for your mobile home backyard? Pools are fun for the entire family, and staying cool in the summer is a tempting prospect. But there are a few hurdles to get over first. After you’ve chosen a pool, you still need to set it up. 

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The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard. Today we’re going to discuss the things you must do to set up your pool successfully. Of course, there will be variables, depending on the specific brand or type of pool you buy. We promise, when those hot summer days roll in, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

The all-important first step

If you own the lot of land that your mobile home sits on, congratulations! You just passed the first hurdle. There are no rules saying you can’t have a pool on your own property. However, if you live in a mobile home park, getting a pool might have just gotten harder. 

The sad truth is, most mobile home parks don’t allow pools (or trampolines, which is another disappointment). Check your lease or ask your park manager. It’s always best to err on the safe side when it comes to renting other people’s property.

Options, options…

When it comes to pools, you might already sure which kind you like best. The differences between above-ground and in-ground pools are vast. But maybe you’re on a tight budget. Or perhaps you aren’t sure where life may take you and can’t decide if you should pay for an inground pool that is really expensive but not portable. 

Although it depends largely on the size, standard above-ground pools cost over $1000, with another couple thousand on top of that for installation. DIY-ing it could cut costs, but we’ll get to that later. 

Inground pools cost an average of $35,000 to install. But there are other options. You could create that “in-ground pool” effect by surrounding your above-ground pool with a deck. Be sure to consider all your choices carefully and decide on the one that’s right for you.

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Above-ground pools

We’ll be focusing on above-ground pools today since in-ground pools require professional help. Although you could hire a professional to install an above-ground pool, we’re going to take you through the process of installing without professional help.

Preparing your yard for an above-ground pool

Contrary to popular belief, pools don’t have to take up all your yard space. Since you live in a mobile home, you probably have a smaller area to work with. To make sure you place your pool in the right spot, first check building codes in your area. Pools need to be a certain distance from other structures and utility lines. 

Find fairly a level spot in your yard that fits those guidelines. If your pool is round, mark a circle. You can do this by dividing the total width of your pool in half. Mark the spot where you want the edge of the pool to sit and use the half-measurement to find the middle of the circle. Put a stake there. Then simply measure a radius around the stake. Mark the circle with spray paint.

Next, remove all the sod, rocks, and roots from the circle and level the ground if needed. Rent a sod remover, or just use a good old-fashioned shovel. If your pool is small and you want to do the job extra well, consider having a concrete slab put in. This will ensure a level surface and protect against erosion. 

Setting up your pool

Following the instructions for your pool, construct the base. Take your time with this step. It can be tricky and it’s arguably the most important part of the project. Don’t rush it. Installing the pool base and wall, filling the base with sand, and attaching the liner should be covered in the instructions you received with your pool. 

Choose a liner that will be reliable. That may mean spending a little extra money! PVC liner is the most popular. Research liners and decide for yourself based on your budget.

After you’ve completed the pool, fill it slowly with water and follow the provided instructions carefully to know exactly how to smooth out the liner and install the filter and pump. 

You’re done!

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Pools are a lot of work: first you have to set them up, then you have to maintain them. Not to mention you have to do a lot of work before each summer pool season. But the fun and the memories you’ll have will make it worth every bit of effort.

Enjoying your pool for years to come

Have fun and stay cool! We hope you enjoy your pool for years to come. With the correct setup and a little can-do spirit, a pool can be a great investment. And what a great way to bring family and friends together. For more summer inspiration, check out our mobile home porch decor ideas.


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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

September 29, 2020