A Few Inspirational Mobile Home Parks You Should Visit This Fall

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You can find inspiration just about anywhere. Most of the time, we can trace our brilliant ideas back to the influence of something already in existence. And there is no shame in looking to the success and hard work of others to inspire your own ideas.

As a member of your mobile home community, you have the chance to make suggestions. These suggestions should be for changes that will benefit your life and the lives of others living in the same community.

Feature image for "A List Of The Best Mobile Home Parks To Visit In The Fall"

Autumn is a wonderful time to travel. Nature is putting its best foot forward, and the weather couldn’t be more accommodating. So while you pack up your family to take them to see the sites, why not hit a few inspiring mobile home parks along the way? Who knows? You just might find a few ideas to take home with you.

Make a stop at Winter Haven MHC

Located in Florida, this mobile home community boasts many beautiful and luxurious amenities. These include elegant pools, beautiful landscaping with a variety of plants to enjoy, and shuffleboard courts. Their clubhouse even has an events center, a library, and billiards. 

Here, the list of community activities is quite extensive. Included on it are ice cream socials, pool parties, community holiday dinners, Christmas decorating contests and more. Talk about an inspiring community to pull ideas from!

This mobile home community is strictly for the 55 and older crowd. However, there is no reason these programs and amenities shouldn’t be enjoyed by people of all ages. They even have their very own golf and shuffleboard leagues! 

This may not be a vacation destination for you and your family, but it is under an hour from Disney, the beach, Sea World, and Busch Gardens. So if you are planning a trip to the area this fall, be sure to stop by and gather a little inspiration for your own mobile home community.

Chat with the residents of Park Plaza in Fridley, Minnesota

This community is an inspiring example of the power of mobile home park residents banding together with one voice for a common goal. When the men and women of Park Plaza found out that the park was being sold, they realized they could lose everything. Without the money to relocate their homes, they would be uprooted with nowhere to go. As a result, families, couples and individuals would be left desperately scrambling for a place to call home.

But this community did the unthinkable. With the aid of a foundation whose purpose is to help struggling mobile home parks, they banded together to form a co-op. They borrowed the money they needed to buy out their park. And the result is a democracy that has drastically improved the lives of everyone who lives there.

Near Fridley are several gorgeous local and regional parks with camping, fishing, canoeing, hiking, etc. This is a beautiful area for that crisp, cozy, fireside camping kind of vacation. If your family is headed that way this fall, take a moment to stop by Park Plaza. Then chat with the residents and find out how their leap of faith and bonding under pressure shaped and beautified their community. We’re confident you will walk away inspired.

Take a gander at Chateau La Salle

If you are interested in checking out some mobile home eye candy, get yourself to Chateau La Salle. Inspired by the French countryside, it will forever change your perspective on the potential for beauty and luxury that mobile home parks have. Gorgeous details at every turn make you realize just how important the details are. In addition, breathtaking landscaping gives a reminder of the importance of beautifying the park. The amenities available to residents of Chateau La Salle serve as great ideas for ways to improve what your community has to offer. 

Located in San Jose, California, the nearby attractions are practically endless. Topping the list is the Winchester Mystery House, a quirky mansion with crazy architecture, and a haunting spirit to boot. The house was owned by the heiress of the Winchester fortune, and was supposedly under a curse. Definitely a must-see if you are in the area.

Be inspired to change your community

Whether it’s the programs, amenities, or aesthetics that inspire you, we hope you get the chance to peek at these mobile home parks. In the end, we want you to be encouraged to bring the changes you desire to your community. Your family deserves the quality of life you are hoping for.

Building community can always start with you. Check out our helpful article on building community in your mobile home park through kindness and caring for one another. And work toward creating a loving home for your family and others.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

September 24, 2019