Get Organized With These Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Mobile Home

Organized kitchen

On the surface, organizing any room can seem like a dull undertaking. However, there are actually some incredibly fun and brilliant ideas available nowadays for saving space and keeping your things in order.

Picking through all of these options can be very time-consuming. But once you have implemented the right ones into your space, we really believe you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Plus, reflecting on your own cleverness definitely comes with its share of good feelings.

Organized kitchen

In this series on organization, we’ll be taking you room by room and showing you some of the best hacks for storing and bringing order to the chaos in your mobile home. Today we are starting with the center of productivity, and (hopefully) the main source of good smells in the home: the kitchen.

Lay out a plan

For many of us, by the time we actually get around to organizing a space, it’s pretty much already a big old mess. We are then faced with the overwhelming task of culling, followed by bringing order to what’s left.

Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed, start by getting your thoughts out on paper. This will help you feel like you’re in control of the mess and you have some solid direction. It will also help you get much of the problem solving done ahead of time. Then your brain can take a rest, knowing it has done its job already.

As you begin getting your plan out on paper, you can start by taking into account everything you’re trying to store. Make categories, such as pots, lids, vegetables, spices, water glasses, small appliances, etc. Try to group together things that make sense to store in the same space, such as plates and bowls, water glasses and wine glass, coffee fixings and mugs, and so on.

Once you have an idea of what you’re trying to store you can start putting your plan into practice.

Begin with the storage you already have

While there are lots of fun storage ideas you will definitely want to implement, it’s best if you start with what you have. Take a look at the list you made and figure out what will fit in your current kitchen situation.

Start with the things you care the most about. Maybe it is really important to you to have the tumblers right by the sink. So start by putting those there. Do you feel strongly that your forks and knives be in a certain drawer? Get those organized where you want them. Once you have done this with all of the things you have definite places for, you can organize the rest of your things around those.

Once you have gotten an idea of how to use your current kitchen storage you can begin to look into additional storage options to meet your needs.

Quick tip: Take note of how small your cabinets are. You may be surprised to find that your largest pots, bowls, or some of your small appliances don’t even fit through your cabinet openings!

Limited space storage solutions

If you are dealing with a small kitchen with limited storage space, you know how hard it can be to find a place for everything. Here are some great storage solutions ideas that will help you make the most of your limited space.

Roll out pantry

This storage option is a great choice for people who have that little useless space between their refrigerator and the wall or the next cabinet.

Hanging pot rack

Not only do these racks get all your pots, pans, and lids out of your cabinets, they also put them up where you can see them easily. There are also about a million different options out there, so it’s a great way to infuse your kitchen with a little of your own personal style.

Stackable dry goods containers

If you really want to look like you have it all together, get yourself some matching storage containers for all of your dry goods. They save space by using every spare inch of your cabinet. Make sure you label all of them so you don’t mix them up! Simple labelers are easy to come by, but there are some fancy ones available too. Beware! Some people find that once they start labeling they can’t seem to stop!

Magnetic knife storage

Knife blocks take up precious counter space. But did you know that you can buy magnetic strips that will hold your knives in place and free your counters for food prep? We’ve seen these looking pretty chic on kitchen walls. But they would be great on the inside of a cabinet door, or even stuck to the bottom of a cabinet shelf! 

Hanging fruit basket

This is an easy one. That fruit bowl is taking up way too much of your limited food prep space. Time to go back to the classics and get yourself a hanging fruit basket! 

Cup hooks

Do you have attractive mugs that you don’t want to hide away? These hooks can pull double duty, saving you space while also giving you a way to display them to the world. We think they would look great hanging underneath a cabinet near your coffee pot.

Out of sight solutions

Especially in a crowded kitchen, less is more. Paper towel holders, fruit bowls, soap dispensers, etc. can all make your kitchen look and feel cluttered. This is the last thing you want in a cramped space. Here are some simple ideas that will help you hide away the unsightly necessities littering your counters and give your kitchen that tidy, minimal feel we’re all craving right now.

A paper towel holder on the inside door of a cabinet door is a simple way to get them off your counters and tucked away.

Consider storing your root veggies in a drawer where they can’t be seen.

Try to keep your counters clear of small appliances. We recommend only keeping out the two or three that you use daily, and put the rest into a cabinet. This is a great way to help you get a feel for how often your small appliances you actually use. Don’t hang onto things you don’t need!

Let’s talk about mail. If we’re being honest, they should be included in this list. Because who doesn’t end up with stacks of bills cluttering their kitchen? If your mail really must end up in your kitchen, get yourself a nice box with a lid. This will keep it looking neat until you have the time to sort through it.

If DIY is more your thing

If you have the patience and know-how to work a little handmade magic, you might want to go the extra mile with these DIY kitchen organization ideas.

This silverware caddy for the wall is made from pallets. Definitely a good way to free up some drawer space!

These under-cabinet fruit bins are a great way to get the fruit up off the counters! You could also put them on your cabinet ends. Stack them three high on a lower cabinet end, and fill one with fruit and the other two with your preferred snacks to make a little snack station for the kids.

Making those useless false-front drawers usable is a pretty simple process with this tutorial.

Toe-kick drawers are basically the most brilliant idea ever! Great way to use otherwise dead space, and it looks pretty easy, too!

Did you know hidden cookbook shelves are a thing? Ok, these may require a little extra effort, but we love anything that makes us feel like international spies. Secret compartments? Yes, please! Also, we’re sure you can think of a million other things to hide in these.  

Make every bit of space count

If you are working with limited space, or you have a lot that needs to be stored, then you have to make every bit of space count. Consider areas that you haven’t used yet.

The sides of your fridge, the inside of your cabinet doors, cabinet ends, the undersides of your upper cabinets. These are all great places to add hooks for things like towels, oven mitts, measuring spoons, etc. You could also use command strips to attach kitchen organizers to these areas.

We love how these scrapbook paper holders were turned into kitchen organizers. With some magnets and a little gold spray, these could become cute holders on the side of the fridge for aluminum foil, plastic baggies, etc.

The tops of your cabinets near the ceiling would be a great place to store some of your special dishes, especially if you don’t use them often.

Find the balance

These are just some of the many interesting and creative ways to organize your kitchen. We hope it helps you kickstart the process and make a space that feels freeing instead of overwhelming.

And as you begin to bring order to your kitchen, try to strike a balance between chaos and overly organized. We all need a spot where we can stuff things we don’t have a designated place for. Just close the door/drawer and shhhhh! Nobody needs to know!

Don’t stop at organizing

While you are already in full project-mode, why not check out these other project ideas? They’re sure to fan the flame and give you the motivation you need to keep on getting stuff done.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 28, 2019