No Regrets | 6 Sentimental Things To Do Before You Move Out Of Your Mobile Home

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Moving out of your mobile home is emotional. There’s no denying it. Even if there are exciting changes in store, and you’re looking forward to moving, it’s still a struggle to leave family and friends behind. It’s even harder when you’re moving during a difficult time or because of unexpected circumstances that you can’t control. 

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Since moving out of your mobile home can be so fraught with emotion – sometimes both positive and negative emotions at once – it’s important to make the most of these last few days. It’s time to step back, review old memories, and make some new ones. So without further ado, here are 6 ideas for sentimental things to do before you move out of your mobile home!

#1 Snap a photo…or several

A photo is worth a thousand words. Years from now, you’ll never be able to fully describe to your teenager what his childhood home was like. However, if you have a picture, all you have to do is grab the photo album (or your phone) and show him. Pictures are important pieces of our lives, so start snapping away! Take hundreds, delete most of them later, and keep the gems.

Before you start packing, take pictures of your favorite spots. And don’t forget your favorite views! If you have a favorite reading spot early in the morning with the sun coming up behind the mountains outside your window, get a photo of that. Snap pictures of the family around the dining room table or curled up on the couch watching a late-night movie. 

And then head outside to get pictures of the exterior of your mobile home! Grab a few members of the family and pose out front. The picture will be worth so much more with their smiling faces in the foreground. 

#2 Host get-togethers

Make some last-minute memories with friends and family by hosting parties. Nothing is quite as sentimental as laughing around a table with good food and people you love. 

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And if you don’t have time to host “real” get-togethers, invite people over for a moving party instead. Moving days can actually be fun when you have people around to encourage you and to help out. The more the merrier. Later, you’re sure to have some good laughs about everyone’s hilarious moving day memories, too.

#3 Explore the archives

Resist the urge to dump everything into boxes and move out as quickly as possible. We know that sometimes speed is critical, but if you can, take time to organize. As you systematically work through your home, decluttering, you’re sure to come across some items that have sentimental value. 

Think about all the great memories attached to your belongings. Show special items to your family members and ask “Remember this?” Then take a walk down memory lane together. If you take time to organize your house before you move, you’ll not only make moving easier, but you’ll have more quiet time to put old memories to rest and get excited to make new ones.

#4 Have a yard sale

Not only is having a yard sale the perfect way to get rid of clutter before a move, it can be really sentimental. It’s like giving your old stuff a second chance. You’re moving on, and you have to let go of some things. Having a yard sale can make that process easier. Not only will you have fun, but interacting with neighbors will give you a chance to renew old friendships, make new friendships, and say goodbye.

#5 Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Is there a place near your home that you’ve always wanted to go to but just never made time for? It’s time to cross it off your bucket list. If you have to splurge a little, it might be worth it. Be deliberate in carving time out of your busy moving schedule to do that thing, whatever it might be. Don’t worry, you won’t regret doing it! 

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#6 Write a letter

Our final suggestion may be a rather surprising one. Write a letter to the next homeowner. You could even leave a little housewarming gift, as well. Tell them what this mobile home has meant to you and how grateful you are that they’re going to continue to love it and care for it. 

Taking it in stride

Soon you’ll leave this mobile home forever. Slow down, notice the small things, and be intentional about how you use your time. Will you rush through the process or take in these last special days? We hope you choose wisely and leave with no regrets. 

Moving out of your mobile home is hard, but if you cultivate the right mindset, you’ll get through it. If you want more tips on how to move out of your mobile home stress-free, check out Overwhelmed? How to Empty Your Mobile Home and Prepare for a Sale.


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Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 28, 2021