Low-Platform Beds In 5 Different Bedroom Styles

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Low-platform beds are great for a modern and restful retreat. Today we’re looking at a variety of different bedroom styles — but with the low-platform bed in mind. 

If you haven’t thought about utilizing a low-platform bed — or if you’re intrigued but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your style, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to showcase a plethora of design options for the bedroom. And every one of them will shine the light on low-platform beds. 

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Design savviness isn’t just for site-built homes. Mobile homes merit a sense of style that meets the homeowner’s preferences and uses. 

Low-platform bed in 5 different bedroom styles

Say hello to the low-platform bed. They’re contemporary and modern. And you know what makes them minimalist? Bedskirts can be bypassed. Sleek, updated, minimalist. Who doesn’t like a look that’s low-key and easy?

Because of slats that provide mattress support, box springs don’t have a place in this style of bed gear. There’s better support with a platform bed due to the firmness afforded by placing the mattress directly on the slats. While you can place a box spring underneath, it does defeat the idea of a low-platform bed as the mattress itself will be higher — much like a regular bed.

Oh — and some low-platform beds come with storage drawers underneath. This is a great way to maximize space. And who doesn’t love extra hidden storage space? Good news for the kids’ room or even your own for that matter.

But enough of that. Let’s look at five different bedroom styles that showcase the low-platform bed.

1 – Minimalist and natural

Here’s a relaxing and soothing bedroom style. The low-platform bed in this bedroom is made out of wood. 

It pairs well with the wood tones in the floor and window trim. Contrast the wood texture with natural fibers and grey or neutral colors and you’ve brought the best of the outdoors into your room. Soothing, right? A pop of green from a plant and framed photo ties it all together.

The natural light that comes in also contributes to the natural look.

Nature inspired low-platform bed

A Touch Of Nature by R. Brad Knipstein Photography via Elle Decor

2 – Something bold, something oriental

For a bold, bright oriental look, this bedroom delivers. It’s Asian and zen.

The paneling and mix of wall colors bring it to life. 

On one wall you have wood tones alternating with white trim pieces. 

On the left wall, you have a neutral color and on the right wall, you have a vibrant yet warm orange-red. The bed itself matches the hue of the right-hand wall. It sets on a low-platform that matches the neutral colors around the room. This allows the bedsheet and pillows to pop due to the contrast. 

Nightstands on both sides bring a level of convenience with drawers and lamps. The wall behind the bed isn’t bare thanks to a three-panel art piece depicting Asian birds and plants.

3 – Modern teen girls’ room

This low-platform bed looks sleek and modern with an all-white surface. The room is bright and welcoming. A plant, photo frames and curtain rod add a bit of an accent to the simple bright look. While it’s a little quirky, it’s definitely a teen’s room. The makeup and beauty desk with fur ottoman contributes to the overall look. And look at the quilt — it brings a bit of a bohemian vibe into the mix.

For a modern teen boys’ room, change up the colors and accents. Instead of a makeup mirror, add a desk or chess table. 

4 – Contemporary bedroom style

This contemporary bedroom brings in ancient or old-world style in with the new. Unlike our other low-platform beds, this one is given a grander look with corner adornments dangling from the ceiling. The adornments almost give off the feeling that the platform comes with corner posts. 

Fur, velvet, wood, metal, stone are some of the textures at play in this design.

5 – Postmodern low-platform bed

It’s a little eccentric, but if that’s your style, you may like this bed. A bit of an illusion, the frame itself is wavy, but the bed lies flat. Faux black and white leather pairs with this modern minimalist vibe. The rest of the room plays off of greys, blacks, and whites. 

Low-platform beds are in style

That’s right. Low-platform beds are in style. And if you weren’t sure what to do, we trust this article provided some insight on how to go about this new look. 

Style can serve both an aesthetic and utilitarian purpose.

  • The low-platform bed is perfect for persons on the shorter end of the height spectrum.
  • Low-platform beds are great for a modern and restful retreat.
  • The low-to-the-ground nature of the bed is great for extra stability. 

These are all worthy points to consider as you weigh your bed options.

Other restful updates

As you continue to enhance your mobile home’s aesthetic, have you thought about updating the bathroom? What about the family room? Bedrooms, bathrooms, and family rooms should be considered in making your home a safe place of rest and respite from the daily grind.

Improve your mobile home’s style one project or bit of furniture at a time. In a year, you’ll see how you’ve reaped the rewards of attentiveness and diligence.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 16, 2019