23 Mobile Home Projects That Will Make Mom Smile

Mother and child in kitchen

It’s hard to estimate the investment mothers make in their children’s lives. From caretaking and nurturing in early childhood to managing and guiding in young adulthood to advising and listening in adulthood, a mother’s work is never done.

Mother and child in kitchen

The incredible importance of motherhood is worth celebrating year-round. Still, having one day a year set aside for the express purpose of honoring and thanking mothers is a great thing. And in honor of Mother’s Day on May 12th, we’re presenting some ideas for tangible projects you can do to make your mom happy!

Know your mom

Before we start dishing out project ideas, we do want to point this out—every mom is different. Granted, you probably already know it. But what delights and inspires one mother, might not be the best idea for another.

Moms may be masters of feigning delight at ambiguous or unexpected gifts. Still, we suggest that you try as hard as possible to find a project that she will actually be delighted at. Find something that won’t leave your mother secretly thinking I wonder why they did that?

That said, you know your mom better than we do. Which means that your plan of attack should not be to simply pick an item off this list and assume she’ll like it. You need a better method than that. Instead, use this list to stimulate your own brainstorming powers.

Relate our ideas to your own situation. Ask yourself: Would this make my own mom smile? Then, using our ideas for inspiration, tailor your project to your mom’s own desires and needs. Come up with something fitted perfectly to your own scenario, calculated to make your mom smile.

Take a paintbrush to it

What can create a new look better than a fresh coat of paint? Here are a few paint-centric ideas to get you started.

1 – Repaint kitchen counters

If your mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then having a pleasant workspace can be a meaningful thing. Obviously, paint chipping off your painted countertops could certainly chip away at the overall appearance of your kitchen. Or maybe you have currently-unpainted laminate counters that would look better covered up. Either way, when it’s time for a new coat, check out HGTV’s Painting Kitchen Countertops.

2- Take a brush to the wood trim

Never given much thought to the trim in your mobile home? Well, just take a minute to look around you and you might discover there’s plenty of it that you’ve never paid much attention to. What’s more, if your house has had a lot of “living” done in it, trim and baseboards could be a bit scuffed, stained, and peeled. Thus, it’s the perfect time to spread a new coat of paint on your trim.

3 – Give the walls a fresh coat

And if you’re looking for a paint job with major impact, how about repainting a whole room (or all of them). Here’s a weekend project that may call for bringing in the whole team. Be sure you know what color of paint Mom would like—no way do you want to spring something shocking on her.

Renovate, remodel, remake

What do you do when you love the idea of painting, but you also want to take the project further than just a new color? Why, you renovate, remodel, and remake. Exactly what you do is up to you—whether you modernize visually or re-craft structurally, let your knowledge of your mom’s needs and wants be your guide.

4 – Jump into a kitchen makeover

What cook wouldn’t love a kitchen makeover, perhaps to include new cupboards, countertops, windows, and wall colors? You could create a bright, inviting kitchen or an upscale, black & white one.

5 – Take on just a few elements of the kitchen

But if you need something to revamp the kitchen on a smaller scale, consider new curtains. Or, consider replacing all the hardware. Repainting the cabinets instead of replacing is another possibility.

6 – Present a bedroom re-do

Walking into a refreshed bedroom complete with new drapes, blinds, and comforter could be a special treat (especially if you rope Mom in on the decision-making process). Key furniture items like the headboard and dressers could be replaced or repainted if Mom is willing. Let her choose her ideal colors.

7 – Offer a laundry room makeover

Another area that could merit being refreshed is the laundry room. Introduce aesthetically-pleasing and functional organization solutions. This could include cubbies, drawers, shelves, etc. Again, like the kitchen and bedroom changes, if you think your mom would like to participate in decision-making for these remakes, definitely ask her!

8 – Add an area tailored to her interest or hobby

For moms who are quilters, scrapbookers, or other crafters, consider creating a special place for her to do her favorite activity. You can celebrate her special interest in the decor you choose. And you can provide the correct furniture (like a broad table) to give her plenty of workspace. This could be the perfect use for that extra bedroom or even unused basement space.

Head outside the mobile home

Don’t limit your creative projects to the inside of your mobile home. Find ways to delight mom by working outside the house, too.

9 – Powerwash any and everything

Okay, maybe not everything. But you could still use a power washer for areas around your mobile home that need to be spruced up. For instance, maybe the driveway or sidewalk needs some help. Plus, you can even powerwash your mobile home itself.

10 – Put up shutters

Is mom ready for her mobile home’s facade to get a new look? Then, maybe it’s time to add some shutters to the mix.

11 – Bring that paint outside

Of course, we’ve already mentioned painting inside the mobile home. But why not get some paint cans for the outside, too? Check out our DIY: How To Paint Aluminum Siding On A Mobile Home.

12 – Paint the front door

When you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of painting the whole mobile home, that’s okay. Scale the idea back and simply give the front door a new look. But, please, don’t get tacky here.

Even if your mom’s favorite color is a flaming orange or an eye-catching lime green, that doesn’t mean that the preference will translate well to your mobile home’s facade.

13 – Replace the front steps

Mom might be pleased to find that you replaced your current, less-than mobile home steps with a fresh new version. Purchase some or even build them yourself.

Take aim at landscaping and gardening

Keep in mind that attending to the outside of your mobile home extends beyond the four walls that hold your house up. There are other spots that you can work on, too.

14 – Hang flower baskets

Don’t want to dig up the soil in the ground? No worries, simply get plants that are contained in pots or baskets. One option is to hang flowering baskets, and the front porch could be prime real estate for executing this idea. If that won’t work in your case, try a shepherd’s hook.

15 – Provide a patio

If Mom has always mentioned that she’d like to do more outdoor entertaining, this could be the way to go. Finally make her dream a reality with a delightful patio space complete with a grill and comfortable furniture. And don’t forget to fill in with flowers and other plants.

16 – Switch to square foot garden beds

Spade in a box of soil

For a green-thumbed Mom who’s been wanting to make the change to raised garden beds, now’s the time. Build some raised beds yourself and fill them with the proper dirt. Let your mom’s love of growing things fill in the rest.

17 – Put in a window box

When you find yourself short on gardening space, don’t give up. Use window boxes to provide a place for you to pop flowers for Mom to enjoy. Plus, she can replant inside them next year.

18 – Invest in a perennial

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving. Buy a perennial that will look lovely on Mom’s dining room table. Once she’s enjoyed it in the house for a little while, she can choose a home for it outside. Then, she’ll be able to enjoy it going forward.

19 – Find her favorite plant

Sometimes, we’re partial to certain flowers or trees we had around when growing up. If your mom has any special preferences, go ahead and honor that. Maybe she misses the plants she used to have before she moved. Find and buy one (or several) so she can introduce it to her new home’s yard. Of course, you will want to research whether that favorite sugar maple or much loved perennial flower can actually thrive in the climate she now lives in.

Clean it up

Now we’re back inside the house for what might seem like an obvious idea. Clean the house for her! And this is more than just wiping the kitchen counters or tidying up the living room.

20 – Organize that area that’s been getting on her nerves

Whether it’s a catch-all closet that’s been driving your mom nuts or a disorganized cupboard, tackle it. Bring in the necessary boxes and bins to keep it tidy and easy to access.

21 – Shampoo the carpets

Here’s a job that doesn’t always make it into the normal rotation of housekeeping chores. And that’s all the more reason you should do it. If the carpets haven’t been cleaned in a long time, they may even be overdue. So why not head out and rent a carpet cleaner?

22 – Find spots that need some deep cleaning

Even frequently-cleaned areas can benefit from a little extra work now and again. For instance, scrubbing out a stainless steel sink with bleach and a metal scrubber can have a powerful effect. And the constantly-used refrigerator may be begging for a good wash on the inside. Or, you could deep-clean the floors, including getting into the corners

Do a decor surprise

Here’s one idea that’s less mundane than cleaning. And it certainly gets extra points for being heartwarming.

23 – Frame the family pictures

A collection of family photos

Whether you choose matching frames or create an eclectic collection, get all those special family pictures ready to be displayed. A line-up on the wall or a collage can present your family through the years. Get out the tissues!

What has she always wanted?

When deciding what project you should take on for your Mom, try to think about what would really make her happy. Here’s where taking note of off-hand comments throughout the year can come in handy. Has she mentioned that the rug in the living room is driving her nuts because of the color, staining, etc.? Then, you already have an idea to start with.  

Staging a surprise

As we mentioned earlier, some of your projects may call for getting Mom in on the action. For instance, she may prefer to choose the color of paint for the walls. On the other hand, you may find some projects that you want to pull off as a surprise.

Consequently, you might need to come up with a way to get her out of the house. Traveling often provides time to work on fun surprises behind the traveler’s back. Plus, the joy of returning home is then augmented by the delight of seeing the changes. And that’s also a way you could double up on gift ideas—give her a trip as a gift, then get to work on the surprise while she’s gone.

Having a special day where she can go out for a treat could be another way to find time for your surprise project. Or maybe one family member could join her for a day trip, giving other members time to get the work done.

Moms & kids

Another way to go with your mobile home project is to create it with mom and the kids in mind.

Moms often spend a lot of time with their kids—including trying to keep them safe and keep them busy. Thus, a space designed with the kids in mind could actually bring a lot of joy to Mom as well. Perhaps we should call this a trickle-down effect.

This is why you should check out our 5 Kid-Friendly Spaces You’ll Want To Have In Your Mobile Home. Or, if it’s a mom-to-be we’re talking about, try this one: Design Your Mobile Home Nursery To Look Like A Celebrity’s.

Ideas galore

Lastly, be sure to tap into our other mobile home resources to help you accomplish something special for Mom. Maybe you want to dig deeper into mobile home landscaping or mobile home hardscaping. When it comes to upping your mobile home curb appeal or even cleaning overlooked spots in your house, we’ve got you covered there, too. Plus, you may find you want to make some exciting design and decor changes for mom—like adding glamorous mobile home furniture or creating built-ins.  

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 10, 2019