Trending Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day 2020 (Mobile Home Edition)

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If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Memorial Day in the year 2020, you’ll notice life is a little different. With the constraints of virus fears, big gatherings may not be feasible or even wise for many of us. 

So yes, 2020 is a little different — or immensely different from what we had expected it to be. But that doesn’t mean we’re impeded from honoring and celebrating the day that is Memorial Day.

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Here’s to Memorial Day of 2020. We trust you’ll find these ideas helpful as you observe Memorial Day at your mobile home. It’s a day worth remembering — and we’ll talk about why.

Ways to celebrate Memorial Day 2020

Before we go off and celebrate Memorial Day — an American holiday — it’s important to get some background on the day. 

This year, Memorial Day is taking place on Monday, May 25th. It has its roots in the years after the Civil War. In 1971, Memorial Day became a federal holiday.

It;s a day that honors the men and women who perished while serving in the military. How does it differ from Veteran’s Day? Memorial Day is about those who died while Veteran’s Day celebrates the living — at least that’s a simplified way to express it. And that brings us to our first trending way to celebrate Memorial Day 2020 from your mobile home.

1 – Educate your family

For one way to celebrate Memorial Day, take some time to educate your family. How can you celebrate if you don’t understand what you’re celebrating? 

Walk your family through some helpful resources and stories. There are numerous documentaries, historical dramas, books, and articles about military personnel who lost their lives in service. Such material can give your family a greater appreciation for Memorial Day and for the freedoms we enjoy today, thanks to the sacrifices made by the men and women who have served.

2 – Tour the White House (virtually)

Another way to celebrate Memorial is to go on a virtual tour of the White House. The White House is an iconic representation of America and America’s principles — principles many have fought and died for. 

Thanks to technology, you can tour the White House from the comfort of your home. Do you need to social distance? Is traveling not an option for you? No worries, gather the kids around your laptop screen.

Sure, virtual tours are not the ideal situation — it would be nice to see the place in person. But it will provide some good fodder for discussion around the backyard picnic table. 

Exterior of White House

3 – Make a patriotic dessert

If you want to celebrate Memorial Day, it’s great to be able to share the commemorative day with friends and family. And what better way to do that than with dessert? Use it as a teaching point for your kids — make it patriotic-themed and include the kids in a hands-on activity.

4 – Craft a poppy

Now how about crafting a poppy? Wearing a red poppy is symbolic, and it’s a part of Memorial Day. After reading a poem that included the mention of poppies and fallen soldiers, an American woman vowed to wear a red poppy in remembrance of the fallen.

In 1918, the seeds of the poppy emblem as a remembrance of fallen soldiers were sown in Moina Michael’s heart. She spent decades working to make the poppy a national and international symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers.

Since poppies are such a big part of Memorial Day, consider crafting a red poppy with your kids. 

5 – Have a cookout with family

In the spirit of bringing people together, having a cookout is a good way to rally your family around to talk about Memorial Day and its significance to America and the world. 

6 – Visit cemeteries 

American flag in cemetery

Another way to celebrate Memorial Day is by visiting the graves of the fallen. Bring flowers to leave behind in their honor. It’s a great way to help your children realize that these were real people who truly did pay the ultimate price.

7 – Serve the living in memory of the fallen

In memorializing the fallen, you can do something kind for the living. Do it in honor of those who gave their lives. Have the kids bake cookies for or write a letter to a veteran. Perhaps put together a care package for a deployed soldier. Never forget what others before them have sacrificed. 

Don’t lose sight of the reason 

As you flip burgers and chat around the dinner table, don’t lose sight of why Memorial Day carries significance. Remember how much others have sacrificed on our behalf.

If you want to take that documentary or film outdoors, see how you can set up an outdoor entertainment system. If the weather’s just right, an outdoor movie about veterans could be just what you need to impart some history. 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 25, 2020