Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas That Aren’t Boring

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Minimalism has had quite a draw on people this year, and with good reason. It eschews consumerism and encourages a return to simple living. In a time where influencers are everywhere, compelling folks to buy the next hot thing at every turn, minimalism stands in stark contrast. It tells people they don’t need more, they simply need to fully enjoy what they already have.

This concept translates frequently into decorating styles and trends. Especially during this season when spending is on the mind, choosing to decorate your home for the holidays in a minimalist fashion can be quite the statement of living with less and loving more.

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Decorating minimally for Christmas doesn’t have to be “blah”. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that have the biggest impact. Today we’re sharing some great Christmas decor ideas that aren’t boring.

Only choose a couple of spots to decorate in each room

To be consistent with a truly minimalist style, you want to remember not to over decorate. Keep each space clear of clutter, and limit the number of spots you adorn. Remember the overall look you’re going for in the room you’re working on.

For example, if you are already decorating the mantle and you have a tree in the same room, you probably don’t want to decorate the coffee table as well. That is, unless your living room is large and everything is very spaced out. A larger room could support a bit more without losing its minimalist feel.

Decorate your trees minimally

When it comes to picking your tree, or even trimming it out, there are lots of ways to be minimal and still keep it interesting. Have you ever seen a Christmas tree that wasn’t an evergreen? A bare stick tree can be quite the statement. And just like an evergreen, there are many ways to decorate it.

Some people use white lights for a very clean, crisp, bright look. Using colored lights would add a touch of fun and make it a little more unique. These trees also look great with some simple, mellow ornaments scattered very sparingly over their branches. 

Choosing a small, tabletop tree instead of a big one doesn’t just look minimalist. It also saves money and space, which is really the essence of the minimalist philosophy. Big or small, though, stick to decorating your tree in one or two colors, or keep it basic with lights and a natural, woven basket as the base.

Make your own nature-based decor

Since minimalism is all about consuming less, it’s the perfect opportunity to head outside and gather your own decor. It’s free, it’s biodegradable, and it’s beautiful. Best of all worlds. Gather sticks to arrange on your mantle with some lights and simple candles or pinecones. Cut some short pine branches to hang in bunches at the end of your staircase. Collect pinecones to make your own ornaments.

Pinecones in a bowl with lights

Instead of buying or cutting a tree, you could create the illusion of one using branches you gather from outside. In this tutorial, you fix them flat against the wall in a triangular shape for a 2D Christmas tree. Or cut the end of an evergreen branch and put it in a clear glass vase for simple nod to the traditional tree.

If you’re feeling like a little color, dry some orange slices and make a garland to drape on your tree, your mantle, your stair rail, or simply hang it on the wall. You can also make garlands from cranberries or popcorn.

Stick to one type of ornament, or one color, and use sparingly

Sticking to a single color for your ornaments brings continuity and simplicity while still giving plenty of room to be creative. If all of your ornaments are white, you could still choose whatever you love in that color. Whether it’s sparkly snowflakes, felt reindeer, frosty glass balls, or flocked pine cones, if they’re all the same color you can still maintain that minimalist look you’re going for.

Remember not to load down your branches with ornaments. Space them out generously. Give lots of room for emptiness or lights. Placing the ornaments close together will start to move your tree away from the minimalist style and into a more traditional, albeit monochromatic, style. 

Be creative with simple things you already have, or use free printables

In addition to the ideas we’ve already talked about, try to get creative on your own with things you already have. Make a garland on your wall with a string of mini lights. Use clothespins to clip Christmas greetings, sayings, pictures or something else to it. Keep it to one or two things. You could print your own Christmas greetings, and clip a sprig of holly or a small evergreen cutting to one end. 

Small poinsettias

Maybe you would rather use photographs of you and your family on past holidays.This can bring an added statement about choosing memories over materialism, and it’s sure to start some meaningful conversations as family and friends gather to share this special season with you.

Remember that simplicity is key

When decorating as a minimalist, it’s always ok to remove something. Less is more, remember? As you complete each little area, take a step back and decide if something can go. If it truly adds just the touch you want, keep it. But if it seems like it might be unnecessary, get rid of it.

We want to reiterate that minimalism is so much more than just a decorating style. It’s a whole attitude of thankfulness for the things we already have, and a movement away from greed and the need to always have more. Maybe these ideas have been on your mind and heart and you’re looking for more ways to practice gratitude? We have put together some great ideas for shifting your mindset and building habits that will help you and your family have attitudes of thankfulness all year round.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 3, 2019