Transform Your Mobile Home With Art Deco Interior Design

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Do you find yourself favoring geometric lines and bold colors in your interior design style? You may be one of the many people today who are bringing back art deco. Although art deco went out of style after the Jazz Era, it’s made a huge comeback in recent years. The reason? Its classic and glamorous retro appeal. So today we’re tackling this fun trend and discussing ways you can transform your mobile home with art deco design. 

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We know what you’re thinking. How could you possibly pull off this look in a small home? And, an even better question, how could you do it on a reasonable budget? But you don’t have to live in Beverly Hills to embrace art deco design! All you need is some imagination.

What is art deco and where did it come from?

Art deco took over almost every aspect of life during the Roaring ‘20s. That’s right: clothing, interiors, architecture, even car designs. It lasted throughout the Jazz Era but lost popularity after the 1940s. Unlike Hollywood Glam, which was popular with actors in that time period, art deco reached beyond the upper-class life. Yes, the rich deliberately made their art deco homes luxurious. But the average middle-class person could also access this trend since it was so popular.

Art deco was very modern compared to the Victorian and Edwardian designs that came before it. Clean, geometric lines were key. Bold, minimalist colors and shapes, complemented by gold and chrome, replaced florals and flounces. Let’s identify some of the key elements of art deco that you can easily incorporate into your mobile home design.

#1 Statement design

Art deco makes a statement. Accentuated curves and sharp geometric lines are hallmarks of the style. Start by considering what you can do to add character to your home. Wallpaper with geometric shapes and a metallic accent color? Architectural details like crown molding or an arched doorway? We love the idea of adding art deco features to a fireplace for a dynamic new look that will affect the entire room.

Chandeliers and mirrors should be utilized as much as possible. Sunburst mirrors, coffee tables, and light fixtures were popular pieces in the art deco era, and they’ve never lost their appeal. In fact, they’re so popular right now that you can find sunburst pieces at any of your favorite department stores. 

Furniture should make a statement too. Fortunately, much of today’s modern furniture will look great in an art deco mobile home. For instance, go for a couple of oversized tables and couches paired with minimalist accent chairs and tables.

#2 Bold color

Just do a quick Google search to come up with thousands of color palette options for your art deco home. Colors such as navy, emerald green, coral, and yellow will look great in your 1920s-inspired space. Put an emphasis on solid colors and bold, colorblock effects. 

That’s not to say that patterns don’t have their place – they do, as we’ll see in a minute. However, let the pattern complement and accentuate the solid, clean colors, and not overpower them. 

#3 Manufactured materials

In many ways, art deco reflects the mindset of the ’20s and ’30s. Industry was booming and humans were glorying in their successes, even during the Great Depression. Man-made materials took the stage in interior design.

Textures should be highly polished, shiny, and even reflective. Raw materials have no place here! Create a controlled, formal space with materials like steel, polished wood, and luxe fabrics. But even more than texture, focus on pattern. This is your chance to mix and match your favorite patterns with abandon. 

Different textures of cushions

Choosing art and accents

Art deco is known for its eclectic look. No two pieces in your home should match. If you follow through with this rule, your home will begin to take on an artsy look all on its own. However, art deco interiors always incorporate something unique in the way of art. What styles of art do you like to display? Wall art or sculptures? Big murals or galleries of smaller frames?

Whatever accents you choose to design with, be sure each one is unique. Mix flat wall art with interesting pieces that the average person wouldn’t think to put on their wall. Instead of knickknacks, play with larger statement pieces that draw the eye.

Transforming your home with art deco

With a few well-chosen paint colors, an emphasis on bold lines and colors, and an extra touch of glam, you can create an art deco mobile home on a budget. For more retro-inspired design inspiration, check out our article on how to get a Hollywood Glam look in your mobile home.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

September 4, 2020