Does Your Mobile Home Bathroom Stink? Find Out Why!

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You wake up and it’s a beautiful new day. The sun is shining. Exciting possibilities are on the horizon. You stretch your arms and hop out of bed. 

But wait! What’s that?

Something obtrusive assaults your nostrils. You wrinkle your nose in disgust. Maybe you noticed it permeating the air and coming from the direction of the bathroom. Or maybe you noticed it only when you walked into the bathroom.

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Regardless of the when and where you noticed the smell, one thing we can all agree on is this — that smell should not exist in your mobile home! So how do you make it go away? 

In an effort to get rid of the smell, you need to know the why behind it. Why does your mobile home bathroom stink?

Discover why your bathroom stinks

If your mobile home bathroom emits a foul odor, no worries. We’ve been there, and we have a few ideas about where the culprit may be located. 

We’ll help you examine the bathroom for leaks, bacteria, clogs, and more. The bottom line is there’s a stink in your bathroom and it needs to go. So say farewell to turning up your nose. It’s time to turn your nose straight to the problem and play detective. Let’s get snooping!

A broken wax seal

First, we’ll start by looking for signs of a broken wax seal. A wax ring is a seal placed underneath your toilet. If the wax ring is compromised, whether due to immediate breakage or simple wear and tear throughout the years, sewer smells and liquid could be permeating your mobile home.

If that’s the case, replacing the wax ring is in order. Wax rings are fantastic because they form a fit according to the shape and grooves of the toilet base and the toilet anchor flange.

As you’re tackling the wax ring, don’t forget to check your mobile home for water damage. Who knows when the leak began!

Unreached bacteria in the crevices

If you’re not on top of cleaning the grooves and crevices in your bathroom, pesky bacteria will set in unchecked. And bacteria, left unchecked, develops an “off” smell. Bacteria can make its home on porous surfaces, including grout. One of the best ways of destroying bacteria is through the use of bleach. 

Clorox bleach spray bottle

One of the biggest culprits behind smelly bacteria is urine. And if you have little ones who aren’t aiming straight, you may be surprised at where that bacteria may be sitting! From time to time, it’s wise to give the entire bathroom a good scrub down.


Another culprit behind the bathroom stink could be mold! Check for mold spots on the grout, tile, floor, wall, and ceiling. Don’t forget to examine the sink cabinet too. Wherever the mold may be, it needs to be gotten rid of.

Mold is not only offensive to your senses of sight and smell. Like bacteria, it also destroys your home and health. 

Destroy the mold before it destroys you. 

Clogged drains

Now, how about that gunk clogging the sink? There could be some nasty stuff hanging on to the sink plumbing, emitting a stink. Biofilm from products and tainted water can build up inside your plumbing drains in the sink, tub, or shower. 

The best way to tackle this stink is to run something down the drain that will blast the grime. Baking soda, white vinegar, and boiling water will do the job. 

Pop off the shower drain. Boil five to 10 quarts of water. Let the water cool a little then slowly pour it down the drain. After that, follow up with a cup of white vinegar. Immediately pour a half cup of baking soda down the drain. Wait about two hours and pour a gallon of hot water down. 

A failing p-trap

Is the stink still lingering?

In seeking out the smell, the p-trap could be another thing to check on. A p-trap serves the purpose of stopping stinks — thanks to its u-shaped design that holds water to trap the smells from your sewage lines. If your p-trap is dry, that means smells are escaping up into your mobile home.

The p-trap could also have a leak, preventing it from holding water and doing its job. 

P-trap drain under bathroom sink

When it comes to your p-trap, the fix could be as complicated as replacing it or as simple as running the water.

Something in the water

Finally, the stink could be due to your water supply. That’s right, it could be a result of bacteria in your water or something like hydrogen sulfide. You may need to get your water tested so you know what’s up and what to do about it.

Don’t put up with the stink. Chase it away.

There you have it — a myriad of potential sources for the stink in your mobile home bathroom. 

Use this article to help you play detective. A stinky mobile home is no delight, but with a little snooping around, you’ll soon have the smell chased away.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

November 3, 2020