Which Famous Celebrity Shares Your Mobile Home Interior Design Style?

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Inspiration can come from any number of sources for your mobile home’s design. But actually seeing examples of décor and design choices can definitely drive certain ideas home. Looking at what others have done can give you fresh ideas for what you want to do (or even what you don’t). So, today we bring you mobile home design inspiration from what might be an unexpected source—celebrities. 

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Kid Rock’s camo mobile home

We know this will appeal to the woodsmen among you. Singer-songwriter Kid Rock’s Tennessee mobile home has an outside-the-box exterior. Though we don’t know what the interior of Kid Rock’s mobile home looks like, if the outside is any indication, it might just have a rustic country vibe. The exterior is wrapped in camo, thanks to Mossy Oak

If country hunting cabin is your style

For those who want a rustic country cabin, hardwood floors are a great place to start. Check out How To: Make Distressed Wood Floors for one way to go. Think about incorporating wood other places, too. Think a chandelier is too frou-frou? Not at all. Not when it’s made of wood. Or when it’s a stunning collection of antlers. 

Wood cabinets are a great idea. And if you’re looking for that cozy cabin appearance, why not choose a dark wood? If you’ve waited all your life for custom wood cabinets this might be the perfect time. 

Countertops are another consideration. For those of you who are truly going to be hunting around this mobile home cabin, meat processing might be on the horizon. Of course, stainless steel countertops are one way to go for heavy-duty foodservice work. However, there are also concrete countertops as another heavy-duty option

Cabin, cabin everywhere

Keep the country cabin look going in the rest of the house, too. An open lounge or living room area can have cabin charm while still being functional. It goes without saying that hanging your big game trophies on the wall isn’t exactly functional. But it does serve a tremendous aesthetic purpose, and really, it’s about the best hunting cabin decor you could ask for. 

Furniture is a must-have. And when you select it, keep functionality at the top of your list of selection factors. After all, you want to be able to prop your feet up on the table, don’t you? 

And who wants to have to change their clothes so they’re clean enough to sit on the couch? A slipcover can help you protect your couch. When it gets dirty, simply throw it in the wash. Another option is a leather couch that will be easy to clean. 

Buy it old or build it yourself

Opting for end tables that can withstand a few hard knocks could help you feel more comfortable in your space. Buying sturdy antiques is one way to make this happen. If it already has some dents and dings, you won’t have to worry too much about adding more. In fact, it might even add to the character. 

Cabin bedrooms might call for appropriate rustic bedframes. And a patchwork quilt wouldn’t do any harm either. Or go completely for the hob-cob look and build yourself some rough bedroom furniture with scraps of wood you have around. 

The porch is a vital spot. And rocking chairs are recommended. But Adirondack chairs are appropriate, too if you have a wide enough porch. 

Actress Minnie Driver’s Malibu mobile home

If your decorating style embraces plenty of natural light and leans into white, wood, and light colors, then you might just find a match in Minnie Driver’s manufactured home. White couches play a starring role in the living room, alongside pillows that provide pops of red and blue. 

A rattan-looking rug pairs with a second smaller rug for a one of a kind twist on top of her wood (or is it laminate). No minimalism here, yet there’s still a sleek, calculated overall appearance—proof that you can fill your home without making it look unpleasantly cluttered. 

Mobile homes can be small, yet Driver’s home doesn’t look overcrowded. We love the use of wood and the easy-on-the-eyes color palette you see here. Her home is also a testament to choosing furnishings wisely—and she had help from the folks at One Kings Lane to bring the lovely space together.  

What you can do

For those of you who are irresistibly drawn to the look of Driver’s relaxing home, here are some tips to work with.

  • Cultivate collections. We love the beautiful items and books displayed on the shelves in her living room. But note how they’re thoughtful collections, not thoughtless assemblies of random keepsakes. Color can provide a unifying factor in your collections, such as collecting books and pottery in matching colors or at least colors that blend well.
  • Install wood (or wood-looking) floors. Even if you end up covering it up with a rug, wood is a natural and beautiful flooring option. And if real wood is too expensive, there are some lovely laminate options out there that will at least look like wood. 
  • Lean into wood in other areas, too. You can see how wood wasn’t limited to Driver’s living room. Actually, it topped the bar stools at her kitchen island. And it formed her tabletop, too. 
  • Know that neutrals can be gorgeous, maybe even striking. Think you have to choose radical colors to make a bold design statement? Actually, there’s something to be said for the gentle beauty of simple neutrals. We love the white couch slipcovers on the couches, for instance. And that neutral-colored kitchen countertop was the perfect addition to the blue cabinets below. 
  • Other design elements can be striking, too. While the dining table’s chairs aren’t made of wood, they certainly are noteworthy. Notice just how many lines are going on in that small dining area.

Choose a great rug

We absolutely love that main living room rug. And if you’re looking for a beach feel in your home, too, a rug like that could get you off to a good start. The second rug has a lot to offer, too. If you saw it on its own, you might think it was reminiscent of a Navajo-inspired design theme. Yet, it’s not out of place in this fresh living room. 

Actor Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream trailer

Yes, it’s actually an airstream trailer. But it’s mobile and it’s a home so it counts. From the outside, it looks pretty basic. And 100% Airstream. Matthew McConaughey’s trailer may not be a technical mobile home, but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring if you like to see the potential of a small space. 

The inside has a warm glow and a bit of a throwback-to-camping-days-of-yore feel. Check out the inside and see if it doesn’t remind you of a camper or a camping cottage from childhood. 

McConaughey’s leaned into the warm brown look of wood for his main table. And a brown sofa with red pillows gives the space a homey look. More red makes its appearance in the window shades, too. Plus, the American flag outside and the Husky storage container inside combine with the ranch poster to provide the space with a shot of rugged Americana. 

What you can do

Small is a great word for McConaughey’s trailer. But small doesn’t have to be crammed and messy as you can see in his case. And it can actually be cozy and warm-looking. Here are some ideas for creating a small and cozy trailer of your own. 

  • Maximize the little space you do have. McConaughey’s dining room “chairs” are a great example of this principle. He intentionally used stools that could slide under the table itself. Architectural Digest reported him saying, “An immobile seat takes up precious square footage.”
  • Think hard about how you can maximize the space you have. Perhaps you could use stools instead of solid-back chairs for your own dining room. Or maybe you could downsize your couch and chairs to free up a little more space in your living room. Bedrooms could make use of under-bed storage options—like this creative bed with built-in storage.
  • Use warm colors. Check out the red, yellow, gold, and green you see whether it’s in the window shades or the bedspread. Even his dining table is a medium-toned wood color. 

Take these ideas to heart with your own space by identifying the current structural elements in your home that might need warming up. Are most of your walls painted cotton white? Maybe it’s time to make a change. Check out Cozy Color Schemes For Every Room.

Then, move on to the non-structural elements—things that are a little easier to switch in and out. What are the warmer, more rustic colors that appeal to you? Once you decide what color palette you like, go ahead and get things like throw pillows, window shades, or bedspreads in those colors.  

More things to do

  • Have fun with patterns. Did you catch the pattern on McConaughey’s bedspread? The quilt almost looks like a mix of exotic with country patchwork, but it adds a certain kind of country retro charm. Find fun patterns of your own to work with—in the colors you’ve already identified. Whether it’s a punchy pillow or distinctive drapes, find ways to add a touch of the interesting to your small space. 
  • Don’t make too much of modern. One other noteworthy thing about McConaughey’s airstream is its age. Despite his enormous net worth, you’ll notice he didn’t purchase the newest Airstream. In fact, his is a 2004 model, according to Architectural Digest. 
  • Even the design inside isn’t necessarily modern. Take inspiration from McConaughey’s kitchen. It looks like a basic compact kitchen—maybe even a little retro. And why not? 

You can take on new or older items as you like them, and don’t tie yourself down to a sleek 21st-century interior. You don’t have to worry about looking modern or having the absolute newest model

A style for your mobile home

If you’re finding that your own decorating doesn’t seem to match with any of these, no problem. Simply nail down your own style, then execute. Discovering your own favorite style (or blend of styles) could actually be fun. 

Rustic kitchen decor by window sill

Start by drawing on the resources of your own brain. Ask yourself if there are any homes that you’ve seen or been in that you particularly loved. If some come to mind, see if you can identify what it is about them that you find enjoyable. You might identify favorite color schemes, types of furniture, or even certain types of curtains, flooring, or décor. 

Once you identify looks you like, then you can work on breaking them down into repeatable pieces. Let’s say a home you like has worked primarily in a black and white color scheme. Introducing these colors into your own mobile home could get you off to a good start in creating a new look. 

Learn something new and put it to use

In addition to working off what you already know about your own color scheme likes and dislikes, you can also research. Books on interior design, home design magazines, and websites can be great sources of design inspiration. 

When you already know something about what styles you like, you can dive deeper into materials tailored to that style. For instance, you can grab a magazine about French country style. Or you can pick up a book full of Victorian home ideas. 

On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch, that’s no problem either. Some of you may feel totally stuck because you don’t even know what the different design options are, let alone which ones you prefer. But that’s no problem. Simply get starting learning about the different options. 

You can start small with The Spruce’s 3 Basic Home Decorating Styles. Then, when you’re up for something a little bigger (okay, a lot bigger), try Rochelle Decorating’s 14 Most Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

More interior design styles to try

There’s so much variety in interior design, and your mobile home can reap the rewards of how many options there are. Blend multiple styles if that appeals to you. Or select one that you think will be perfect for you and your place. Check out our Turning Your Mobile Home Into A Country Cottage From The Inside Out. Or take a look at 8 Ways To Pull Off The Art Deco Look In Your Mobile Home.

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