Make Your Own Mobile Home Cornucopia To Celebrate Thanksgiving

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We’re all familiar with the cornucopia, an icon of abundance and a hearty table to gather around. It can be spotted around the harvest and Thanksgiving Day holiday time frame amid all sorts of seasonal graphics and decor. 

In the cornucopia’s history, you’ll see that it has its roots in Greek mythology. It’s associated with mythical beings who represent abundance and harvest. The being Fortuna is often depicted with the “Horn of Plenty” — a cornucopia.

Featured image for "Make Your Own Mobile Home Cornucopia To Celebrate Thanksgiving"

Eventually, the cornucopia lost its pagan and mythological associations. Instead of becoming attached to mythology, it became a symbol of a plenteous harvest. 

As you can see, the cornucopia has an ancient history but it became associated with Thanksgiving as the motif surrounds the harvest season. 

Make your own mobile home cornucopia to celebrate Thanksgiving

But enough of the history lesson. You’re here because you want to learn how to make your own mobile home cornucopia to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

It’s a great idea and will contribute to your Thanksgiving Day decor. So let’s look at what must take place to bring your cornucopia dreams to life. 

Find a cornucopia basket

First of all, you start by finding a wicker cornucopia basket. Hunt around second-hand shops or craft stores for the right basket. If you find one that’s at least five inches tall at the opening, you’ll be good to go with enough room to fill it.

Create the centerpiece platform

Now get yourself a serving tray or cookie sheet and line it with burlap. You’ll want small folds in the burlap so you have a slightly flat but uneven surface. The corners should be tucked underneath the tray.

After that’s done, sprinkle some colorful fall leaves on the burlap to give it a natural autumn flair. 

Stuff it like a turkey (well, something like that)

So your cornucopia’s base is set up. Next, you’ll want to set your cornucopia down on the burlap and leaf-ridden base. 

Alright, it’s time to stuff that cornucopia with straw — but note that you don’t want to go beyond an inch high with your straw bedding. 

This will be the perfect setting for your bountiful harvest display. Let’s move on to the next step.

Fill the cornucopia with a worth harvest

Here’s the fun part — filling the cornucopia with your bountiful harvest. First, begin with the bigger or heavier items like gourds and flower stems. Make sure the flowers or grains are facing the outside of the cornucopia. Along the rim, you can line small fruits and veggies. Then add other edibles like grapes to flow out of the cornucopia. 

Fill the empty spaces

Now it’s time to take a step back and survey your work. How’s it looking? Mind you, the word “abundance” should come to mind. Your cornucopia should be overflowing with the aesthetic of a bountiful harvest. 

Look for empty spaces. Do you see them? Add more nuts and grains or whatever seems like a fitting filler according to the arrangement. Fill those empty spaces. 

Dress it up with a bow

And for the final touch — a splash of color with a bow! This is where you can tie in your overall Thanksgiving decor color scheme in with your cornucopia. 

Various cloths for ribbons

Find the color and texture that jives well with your style and get yourself a ribbon that will add the finishing touch to your cornucopia project.

There are plenty of tips online for how to tie a festive bow. Take your pick and follow the instructions. You’ll have your cornucopia looking sharp for Thanksgiving Day!

Get everyone involved

Now that’s not too complicated, right? Go for a run to the store and gather up what you need to get the project started. But don’t go at it alone — brew some coffee or steep some tea. Invite a friend over or get the kids involved. It’s a great way for everyone to contribute to the Thanksgiving Day decor.

Enjoy your cornucopia centerpiece as it beautifies your mobile home for the holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

As the Thanksgiving Day holiday swings into full gear, it’s smart to get your decorating game on now. Soon the guests will be arriving and the kids will be restless with their time off from school. For some ideas that will pair well with the Thanksgiving Day vibe, check out our ideas for pumpkins and fall leaves. Let the fall season shine in and outside your mobile home!

Happy decorating and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 

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Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

November 20, 2019