Build Your Own Mobile Home Fireplace Mantel: A Beginner’s Guide

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Now that we’re standing on the precipice of some cooler weather which will morph into winter, some of us are eyeing that fireplace and wanting to instal a mantel. Did you know you could build your own?

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If you already have a mantel and it has seen better days, perhaps replacing it is the best route to go. Say goodbye to the old fireplace mantel and say hello to something new. And it won’t be just any old fireplace mantel. The mantel can be a unique creation with your own special flair and touch.

So who’s ready to embark on a beginner’s guide to building your own mobile home fireplace mantel? We’re ready to show you the way.

Build your own fireplace mantel

Now let’s give you a crash course on building your own mobile home fireplace mantel. It’s not as easy as one, two, three. However, there’s something to be said about the sense of accomplishment that comes with crafting a special part of your mobile home. 

Gather the supplies and tools you need

Taking LiveLoveDIY’s advice, get your hands on the following tools: four pieces of wood, a piece of decorative trim, a jigsaw, a mitre box, wood screws, bolts, a drill, a dremel, liquid nails, caulk, primer, and paint. All these items may be found at your local home improvement store. 

Cut equal length pieces of wood for the front, back, and bottom of the mantle. A larger piece of wood should be used for the top of the mantle so that it overhangs past the front and sides.

Predrill holes

Depending on the type of wood, you may wish to predrill your holes in the places where you’re intending to fasten screws.

Fasten the wooden pieces

Now let’s make these wooden pieces come together for that fireplace mantel look. Use screws to fasten the front and back pieces to the top and bottom pieces. It’s like a wooden box except for the fact that the top hangs beyond the sides and the front. After that’s done, add the side pieces and fasten them in place.

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Fancy up that mantel

And with your mantel’s main piece built, it’s time to dress up the mantel with some trim. Add the trim of your choice to the front and sides underneath the top piece’s ledge. The mitre box will help you get the right angles. Use liquid nails to fasten the trim to your mantel.

Caulk the gaps

For those gaps in between the wood pieces, use caulk to fill them in properly. Make sure the caulk is paintable. Don’t forget to fill in any gaps in the trim too. You can use wood filler for that. Sand the corners of your trim so that the pieces match where they meet. 

Paint the mantel

Now you can paint the mantel. But first prime it and then go over it with your preferred paint color. You can use a paintbrush for application. Follow up with a foam roller to smooth out the brushstrokes. 

Hang up your masterpiece!

After the paint is dry, it’s time to hang up your fireplace mantel. For that, we’ll refer you to this piece on how to install a floating mantel

It’s time to take a step back and admire all that hard work. What do you think? 

Survey your work and begin dreaming of ways to dress up that mantel with your favorite plants, family pictures, or other esteemed family pieces.

Wooden fireplace mantel

Alternative to building your own mantel

If you happen to want to steer clear of building a fireplace mantel, take heart. There are other ways to give your mobile home a special bit of DIY pizzazz. Keep an eye out for old fireplace mantels being sold at yard sales or on an internet marketplace.

An old fireplace mantel may carry a sense of charm that can only come from something used. Breathe new life into it by sanding it down, repairing it, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. 

Create a cozy sitting room

After installing your fireplace mantel, give your home a sense of comfort by dressing up the room with a rug and cozy armchairs. 

Whether your fireplace runs on propane or real wood, you’ll be glad to have it working and spruced up for the oncoming cold season. 

And if you need help furnishing a warm, welcoming sitting room, turn to our 7 Classic Furniture Pieces You Need For Your Mobile Home. Plus, discover 7 Rugs That Will Make Your Mobile Home Cozier This Fall.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

October 6, 2020