Getting Your Mobile Home Fireplace Ready For Winter

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When the temperature falls and the snow does too, you’ll want to see your fireplace working in tip-top shape. Why wait till you want to use it? That’s not the way to plan. And we all know there’s nothing like the comfort found in gathering the family around the fireplace for a nighttime story. The fireplace is a hub of winter weather activity. Even the dog enjoys sprawling out in front of the fireplace. 

You’re here because you’re a good steward of your home, including your fireplace. Winter is coming, so it makes sense to think ahead.

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Getting your mobile home fireplace ready for winter starts now.

Getting your mobile home fireplace ready for winter

To get that crackling fireplace ready for winter, there are a few things you’ll want to tackle. It’s not overly complicated but it needs to be done.

It might be time for an inspection

At least once a year, your fireplace should be inspected by a professional. Call up your local chimney cleaning professional for a thorough cleaning. 

It’s normal for buildup to develop in your fireplace chimney. When you use a fireplace, creosote builds up. That’s OK, but you need to deal with it as its highly flammable. It’s in your family’s best interest to have the creosote removed.

Don’t be horrified when you see how dirty your chimney is — it’s good that you’re using it year after year. Cleaning it up is just part of maintenance. 

So if you haven’t had your yearly inspection yet, the time to schedule it is now.

No cracks in the wall, please

As you prepare your fireplace for winter, it’s important that you look for cracks and damage on the chimney, both for the interior and exterior areas. 

How are the bricks faring located inside the fireplace? Are they cracked or loose?

After assessing the fireplace and chimney, you’ll do well to call up a professional to see about fixing those cracks and loose bricks.

Fireplace with bricks

As a side note, if you’re a DIYer, please know that using regular mortar won’t help your fireplace. Regular mortar can’t withstand the high heat temperatures. We recommend calling in the professionals for help.

Cut back the trees

If you have tree branches hanging over your chimney, it’s time to conduct a little pruning. Cut them back so you don’t have a safety issue on your hands. They’ll restrict the airflow from the chimney — not a good thing.

In addition to protecting your chimney and doing away with a fire hazard, pruning the tree branches will protect your roof. A branch snapping from the weight of ice and snow could fall on your roof if you’re not careful. It’s best to do away with the hazard.

How’s the chimney cap and damper?

It’s time to check the fireplace damper and chimney cap. Is the damper working? Look to see if any debris is in the way of the damper needing to be cleared. Now check the chimney cap — is it in good condition? Is protective screening in place?

You’ll want the protective screening to keep out birds, rodents, and other unwanted visitors out of your fireplace. 

Gather up the wood

Finally, what’s a fireplace without wood? If you haven’t already, it’s time to stock up on firewood. Keep it away from your mobile home so the pests don’t congregate around your home. 

Stack of firewood on the porch

Maintenance for your fireplace throughout the season

It’s important to note that your fireplace maintenance doesn’t end with getting it prepped for winter.

Throughout the months of fireplace use, you can exercise maintenance by doing everyday things like lighting it the right way. You’ll want to use the right wood to do this. Hardwoods are the best burning woods. You’ll want your firewood dry. Wood from ash, hickory, oak, or maple trees is considered hard. 

Please don’t burn trash in your fireplace and steer away from using lighter fluid to burn your wood.

Gather the family around, it’s time to cozy up for the holidays

If you own a fireplace in your mobile home, that’s great. It’s the perfect touch for setting the mood around the holidays. Who doesn’t love a crackling fire? 

And if you get snowed in with the family, the fireplace will prove a hero as its warmth permeates the room. Speaking of snowed-in days, we have some fun ideas for your family when the snow keeps you home. So bring on the snow. With a fireplace and some fun up your sleeve, it’s time to make memories.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 2, 2019