The Mobile Home Survival Guide For First-Time Holiday Hosts

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Are you a first-time host this holiday season? Maybe you’re a newlywed and this is your first time inviting your friends and family into your mobile home for a party. What do you do? Hit the panic button? Maybe you’ve seriously considered calling the whole thing off.

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But it’s not as hard as you think. And no, it’s doesn’t even have to be stressful! “How?” you ask. We’ve got some great tips in store, so read on.

Make a “must-haves” list

Even if you’re not a list person, there is a time and place where lists are invaluable. Grab a notebook or create a document on your computer and start writing. Getting your ideas down on paper makes things seem a lot less daunting. 

First, write down what you need to buy to get your home ready for guests. Things like handsoap, serving dishes, cleaning supplies, and decor. Make sure your table, in particular, is properly decked out with a table runner or garland. Fun extras, such as candles and place cards, are not necessary but will set the mood and make the party that much better.

Secondly, decide what to serve for dinner and write down ingredients to pick up on your next shopping trip. Have a clear idea of what you need to purchase and start tackling that list item by item.

Keep it simple

As a first-time holiday host, you likely have ideals and you hold yourself to them. But we want to get this out there right now: you’re probably being overly ambitious. If you have lofty expectations, you’re in for a letdown. Parties are never as big or perfect as we imagine they will be. Besides, the food and decor are not the end goal. What is the goal? Spending time with people you love! 

So keep it simple. Don’t make three extra side dishes. Two is enough. Keep the focus on the main element of the meal which, by the way, should be something everyone will love. Plus, it should be easy to make, such as lasagna, soup, or sandwiches. 

Christmas dinner table setting

Do you like the idea of playing party games and watching holiday movies? Choose one, not both. Also, keep your decor stylish, but minimal. 

Send invitations with instructions

A great way to keep things simple for yourself is to make your party a potluck, where everyone brings a dish to pass. When you send out your invitations, ask your guests to respond as soon as possible letting you know what dish they’ll be bringing. And don’t hesitate to recruit help. Ask parents, siblings, or close friends to come over early to help out.

Do you need your guests to park in a specific spot or bring their own folding chairs? Add those requests to your invitations too. Anything to make your job easier!

Prep ahead

Prepare ahead of time to save yourself from the last-minute stress that comes with hosting a holiday party. If you can, make that lasagna two days before, stick it in the freezer, and warm it up the day of. No one will be the wiser. Make freezable cookies too. Food can last for weeks in the freezer, so take advantage of that.

And don’t save the decorating for the day-of, either! If you can, prepare everything the night before. Clear off tables and other surfaces so guests have places to set their plates and drinks. Rearrange your furniture as necessary to create space.

Relax and enjoy yourself

Finally, the best advice we can give is this: relax. It’s just a party! The most important thing is being with your loved ones. Everything else is secondary. Have a good attitude even if things don’t quite go as planned. Be a cheerful host and you can’t go wrong. 

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Clean your mobile home in preparation for guests, but don’t stress out if it’s not perfect. It doesn’t have to be. Guests will feel more comfortable if you’re cheerful and realistic. Did you know that imperfection actually puts guests at ease? Embrace imperfection and just have fun.

The holidays are a time for relaxing and enjoying yourself. Don’t let the stress of your first party ruin the Christmas season.

Have a merry holiday party

Being a first-time host is hard enough, so being a first-time host during the holidays is even worse! Just remember why you decided to take on this job to begin with. Everyone wants to get together with friends and family during Christmas time, and holiday parties are a great way to do that. Enjoy your first time hosting a party during the holidays! 

For more tips, check out our how-to guide for hosting unforgettable parties in your mobile home.


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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

December 22, 2020