Mobile Home Images That Will Help You Design And Buy Your Own

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If you’ve recently caught on to the amazing benefits that mobile or manufactured homes have to offer their owners, good for you! Whether you are still looking for a home or are a new owner, you are well within your rights to want a home that suits you and your preferences. However, not everyone knows what to expect when buying a mobile home or having to redesign their first one. In this article, we will help open your eyes to the possibilities by showing you some mobile home images to serve as inspiration.

Featured Image for "Mobile Home Images That Will Help You Design And Buy Your Own" blog post

What to look for when buying a mobile home

Before we jump into actual examples of mobile home images, we thought it best to give you a quick run through of what you should look for in a mobile home. We won’t mention location because this is the same regardless of which kind of property you buy.


Mobile homes are typically much less expensive than real estate. You can expect to pay around $40,000 for a new single-wide and $10,000 to $25,000 for a used one. $80,000 for a new double-wide and $20,000-$50,000 for used. And, $100,000+ for a new triple-wide with older models rare and widely ranging in price. Remember that location plays a huge role. For example, the Florida double-wide on this list in a luxury park on the waterfront goes for around $200,000.


This is very important when buying a used mobile home. It’s not that common to find pre-1976 built mobile homes any longer. But still, you should avoid them at all costs. Homes built before this date do not meet HUD Code safety standards and should have already drastically depreciated in value and quality. Homes built prior to 1989 may also not meet critical updates to the HUD Code. Twenty-five years old is really the max age you should consider.

Mobile home park

Most mobile homes are located in mobile home parks. If you buy a brand new home from the manufacturer, you might also want to place it inside one. This is because they consist of lots that are pre-purposed for mobile homes. They usually also provide some level of security and the rent for these lots come at a very low cost. If you buy a home in a park, you should carefully read the terms of the lease agreement and get a feel for the park itself before you commit to it.

Creekside Manor Multi-wide Manufactured Home by Champion Homes

One thing that draws many people to mobile homes is the fact that they are usually located outside of city centers and close to nature. This mobile home appeals to those individuals further by going for an almost “log cabin” type of feel.

This home would look perfect in any country setting. For those who want to buy a home, it’s an excellent look at the type of experience you could have. A nice wide front porch, earthy colors, big windows, etc.

If you already own a home, you can see how simple it would be to achieve the same look. Depending on your current mobile home walls, you can paint them a shade of brown. Or you can replace them with paneling that looks as if it’s made from overlapping planks. You can round it off in a classy way by painting your window frames and doors white and trim with other earthy colors.

It would be a bit more challenging to add a porch like this if you don’t have one already. You could go for a roof over with an overhang on the one side and then add the porch beneath it.

Interior floor plan

When we take a look at the floor plan we can see that the country home feel extends to the interior:

Champion Homes Creekside Manor floorplan

Image credit: Champion Homes

This home features:

  • Two bedrooms (one master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet)
  • A den
  • Large dine-in kitchen
  • Walk-in closet
  • Living room facing the porch
  • A walk-in pantry

This makes it ideal for either a family or someone living on the outskirts who want an extra room for having over guests. Open plan kitchens and living areas are also all the rage now. You can see how they extended it further by placing the porch next to it.

This oceanfront home in Clearwater, Florida

Ziilow Clearwater Mobile Home

Image credit:

There are plenty of reasons to look at this particular home for either design inspiration or what to expect when buying a home. However, the main reason we wanted to highlight with this home is the prime location.

Because of the stereotypes associated with mobile homes, most people don’t believe anyone would bother placing them in prime locations like this.  Anyone who used to believe in such stereotypes should just take a look at the breathtaking photos of this park and its location.

The park features a dining hall, clubhouse, piers for privately owned boats, and hotel style pool area. Looking through the photos on the listing, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re looking at some kind of resort.

Interior design

For those who want to design a mobile home, the interior of this home should be particularly interesting. This home isn’t very large, especially compared to most stick-built homes, at only 1000 sq. ft. However, just take a look at how spacious it looks and feels inside of the main living and dining area.

This is due mainly to the design choice of an open plan kitchen/living room/dining area. Even fully and generously furnished, it feels roomy and offers plenty of breathing space. Large windows, light colors with touches of dark furniture and more than enough lighting contributes to this.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to afford to live in this type of location. Because of the prime location (pretty much as prime as you can get), this home costs more than most stick-built homes do. The silver lining is that this interior can be found or achieved for a far more modest sum.

The Greenbrier 1 from Palm Harbor Homes

Greenbrier modular home by Nationwide Homes

Image credit: Palm Harbor Homes

If the previous home had a luxury location, the next home has about as luxurious and extensive an interior as you are likely to find in a mobile home. This is a 1,968 sq. ft. home and every inch is ornate and carefully thought out.

It’s a triple-wide mobile home with dimensions of 39’4″ in width x 62′ in length. The ground floor plan consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a huge open-plan living/dining/kitchen area, a home office space, and a utility room. The master bedroom features an ensuite bathroom and two walk-in closets.

Unique features

The above-mentioned features are all well and good, but not unheard of when it comes to mid to high-end manufactured homes. What’s really exceptional about this home is that it comes with over 1000 sq. ft. of unfinished space on a second floor. With some TLC, this space can be turned into a pretty neat living space. However, it’s probably best used as an attic storage, studio or gallery.

Finding mobile homes with two floors is pretty rare. The reason being their building materials and structures usually aren’t meant for it. This alone makes this home a pretty exceptional buy.

If you already own a single-story mobile home, it’s not that easy or recommended to try to convert it to a double-story. The chances are very good that your home will lose its compliance with the HUD Code of safety standards and seriously damage its structural integrity. However, what you can do, is install a pitched roof with a large cavity as an attic area and use it for storage, etc. This type of upgrade is common enough.

A final honorable mention is the front porch that not only extends the whole length of the home but also curves slightly around the corners. From a floor plan perspective, this home pretty much offers it all.

The Alamo by Titan Factory Direct

This home is an almost flawless example of how you can make the interior of your mobile home look like that of a modern apartment from the big city. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. Designer kitchens are all the rage right now. Everyone wants one and a kitchen like that can drastically up the value of a home as well as the bragging rights of its owner.

The Alamo kitchen

Image Credit: Titan Factory Direct

There are a few features of this kitchen that are extremely popular right now. First of all, we have the dark wood cabinets and shelves with slender metallic handles. These cabinets are sleek and modern. It also helps that they don’t as easily appear visibly dirty as lighter colors.

Secondly, we have the countertops in the kitchen. Grey kitchen tops that have a stone-like appearance, such as slate or granite, are very popular right now. Not only are they usually very durable and attractive, they also perfectly offset dark cabinets (like mahogany).

To make the kitchen appear less uniform throughout, the open shelving is decorated with unique ceramics. To make it even more visually interesting, note the red accents at the back of some of these open shelves. Window frames that match the cabinets and elegant drapes that match the walls round off the room.

This just goes to show you that you can expect something special from a mobile home kitchen when you shop around. Achieving a look like this in your own mobile home is also quite easy and depending on the materials you want to use and how handy you are, should cost you less than a $1000.

Floor plan

This house has an open-plan design. The reality is that it’s actually hard to find a mobile home without this kind of floor plan. The reason being that it’s just by far the most effective way to make this compact type of housing more presentable and better to live in.

The bit of wall jutting out and the change of flooring between the kitchen and the living room does separate the spaces a little. This gives each of them more agency and purpose. However, the openness and roominess of the space remain.

This home also features a great way of making decorating mobile home walls. Note how the wall is split horizontally into two colors with a tasteful dark wooden slat running between them. The lighter top half of the wall and main part of the roof helps the room feel taller and airier. The use of multiple colors makes it more interesting while remaining in the same color palette for consistency.

The same goes for the vertical window panes and their frames. Furniture is used to introduce something a little more eclectic and colorful into the room.

Customize your own mobile home with these mobile home images!

We hope that this article and gallery of mobile home images has opened your eyes to the endless design and layout possibilities that are available for mobile homes. The time is gone where mobile homes were a generic and personality-less type of housing. Now, mobile home owners can feel connected to their homes and express themselves in their designs. Ready to buy or rent? Read our article on the top things to know about buying and renting.

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Written by Dan Paton

Dan Paton has been working full-time in this field for over a decade. Both him and his partner, Dan Leighton, formed EZ Homes back in 2006 and have seen explosive growth ever since. Dan works heavily in the administrative role within the organization. He is a jack of all trades type of guy. Dan and his wife have 4 children.

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