“Less Than One Hour” Projects To Update Your Mobile Home Interior

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In reality, taking care of your mobile home interior doesn’t have to be a long drawn out chore. By wrangling short projects, you’ll soon see your home transformed into something fresh and beautiful.

Updating your mobile home’s interior can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. Small bites of progress over time will leave your home with lasting results. Your family and friends are bound to walk in and wonder what’s different about your mobile home.

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With that in mind, we believe you’ll love the ideas we have in store for you.

To update your mobile home, you’re taking responsibility and exhibiting pride in your abode.

Under one hour projects that will update your mobile home interior

Now let’s discuss these under one hour project ideas we have in store for you. Depending on how you choose to tackle them, they can be more complicated and take up more time. And that’s OK. Do what you think best according to your own goals and personal taste.

But if you are looking for some easy ways to see quick results, the following projects will do the trick. So roll up your sleeves and let’s get to it. You’ll love reaping the rewards that come with the fresh new look in your mobile home.

Change out those light switch plates

In any home, you’ll usually find plain, white light switch plates. You can spruce up your home by switching them out with new and fashionable plates. Whether stainless steel or bronze fits your taste, there is a large selection of light switch covers on the web. Shop around and consider the vibe you want to go for in your home.

Another idea, as you shop for switch plates, is to match them up with your kitchen cabinets.

Additionally, don’t forget to get your hands on matching electrical outlet plates.

Replace your curtains

Those curtains could use an update too if it’s been a while and you’re not happy with them.

Yes, this is a pretty simple and straightforward update. In a flash, you can update your mobile home’s interior by choosing the right curtains. And don’t forget about the curtain rods while you’re at it. The right curtain rods can make or break the pizzazz added to your home.

Cozy and delicate window curtains

Plain undecorative curtain rods can go and make room for something snazzy!

Time for new light fixtures

So let’s take a look at those light fixtures. They could probably be replaced. For a quick update, replacing your light fixtures can work wonders in giving your mobile home a new look.

First, we would suggest visiting your local home improvement store. Take a walk around the light fixture department for an idea of what’s available. Sure, you can look online but we believe you would benefit by seeing them in person.

Don’t buy anything just yet. Take notes of what you like and didn’t like.

Now go home and pick out a room. Try to envision what light fixture option you would like there. Hop online and or go back to that store to pick out the right fixture for you.

You’re ready to remove the previous fixture and install the new. Week by week or month by month, you can work your way around the house and update the rest.

Paint the kitchen trim

And here’s an easy one that requires no electrical know-how. All you need is some paint, a brush, and painter’s tape. Tacking on a fresh coat of paint onto your kitchen trim will update your mobile home’s interior in a jiffy.

If your kitchen is a hub of social activity, it’s a given that it might be time to wipe down that trim and make it shine again. A fresh coat of paint will do the trick.

Hang a large mirror in your bathroom

Here’s what we love about large mirrors: they’re a game changer. How? They make a room look bigger than it really is due to its reflection. Try it out in your bathroom and maybe you’ll be inspired to do the same in another room too!

Install smart lightbulbs

Smart light technology

Have you thought about installing smart lightbulbs? This would be a cool and functional update for your mobile home. With smart lightbulbs, you’ll bring your home from the dark ages into the 21st century in a flash.

Smart lightbulbs allow homeowners to flip on their lights via remote apps on their phones. This is a handy trick for various households.

Storage space for laundry room

The laundry room is an often neglected area for updates. Your mobile home, especially if it’s in tight quarters, will do well to have storage space in the laundry room. You can create that space by thinking outside the box, even in the smallest of rooms.

For example, install hanging cabinets above the washer and dryer. That will get your strewn about belongings into an organized system.

Updating doesn’t always require drastic measures

Another way to update your mobile home interior is to decorate your mobile home. This doesn’t have to require much in the line of handyman know-how. And now that you have some projects you can whip out in less than an hour, all that’s left is to … have fun!

About EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 8, 2019