How To Think Outside The Box When It Comes To Mobile Home Layout

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Some of us have purchased mobile homes with custom floor layouts. Others have purchased them as designed by the manufacturer.

Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, you’re reading this for a reason. The time has come when you need to think outside the box in terms of your mobile home layout.

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Space is feeling tight for all the needs or wants you wish to cater to. Whatever the case may be, we trust you’ll find some helpful hints in today’s article. 

If you think you can’t have a gym room and an office room, think again. You might be surprised to see things differently by article’s end. 

How to think outside the box when it comes to mobile home layout

So let’s revamp our mindset and shake things up a bit. You don’t have to use the mobile home in the way that the manufacturer intended it to be used.

Gym room and office room

First of all, let’s look at that flex room or spare bedroom that came with your mobile home’s layout. You can turn that space into both a gym room and an office room.

Thanks to the modern office, gone are the days of bulky equipment. In reality, most people can work with little for office room.

Either way, you’ll love seeing what this blogger did to convert their office into a dual office and gym space. Take notes and see what you can do in your mobile home. 

Living room and entertainment room

Now how about that living room? You don’t have space for a man cave, but what if you could keep your living room classy for the guests and yet turn it into an entertainment room when you want to veg?

Acquire an entertainment center with cabinet doors. With this bit of furniture, you can stow away your TV and keep it out of sight. Within the storage areas, store away your video game console and remotes, DVDs and board games. See how nice it is to have a place for everything?

Living and entertainment room

You could also have another piece of furniture in the back — something like an armoire that you can fit up to keep a fridge and microwave stocked snacks and drinks. Additionally, keeping a roll cart handy could be fun for entertaining guests with drinks and snacks on a fun night.

Office and guest room

If having guests around isn’t common, consolidate your office room into a dual purpose office and guest room. This could pose a problem if you rely on the office space every single day. But if you’re up to not working on the weekends and having guests spend the night, a futon could be the perfect addition to this room.

Laundry and office space

For other households, every bedroom is home to a family member. And that’s OK. Consider turning a corner of the laundry room into a tiny office space where mom or dad can have some peace and quiet to focus on work.

You might be surprised at how well this works with the right pair of headphones. 

Library and living room

Library with old and new books

If you’re a bookworm, consider turning the living room into a cozy library and sitting room. It’s warm. It’s inviting. And who doesn’t love the smell of books?

Bunk bed for the kids room

If you’re tight on space, don’t rush to buy a new house just yet. Add a bunk bed to the kids’ room. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a room. If you don’t have another child to occupy the extra bunk, that’s alright. It’s an extra bed that doesn’t take wallspace. When your child has their friend over for a sleepover, they’re all set with a bed!

Be creative. It’s your space.

As you look for ways to think outside the box, don’t forget that there’s no need to make snap decisions. Sketch out your mobile home’s layout and give yourself a visual of how everything might look with your ideas.

Mull over it with your special other and sleep on it. Once you’ve settled on a plan, take it in stride. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you have a small footprint with your mobile home layout, you may wish to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. These five habits will take you on a journey toward more peace of mind and less stress in your home life. You’ve heard the saying, “clear workspace, clear headspace.” We believe the same applies to your home’s aesthetic.

And for another “outside the box” ideas, did you know you could use a mobile home as an office for your business?

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 28, 2019