A Few Of Our Favorite Mobile Home Makeovers Of The Last Decade

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Is there anything that can make you feel as good as hearing a successful renovation story can?

The before and after pictures are always fun to look at and give us hope that we can also turn our visions into reality.

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So what better way to kick off the new decade than by getting some inspiration? We’ll be taking a trip back in time to revisit some of our favorite mobile home makeovers of the 2010s.

My Mod, Mod Mobile Home makeover

The first of our favorites is Kim Thompson’s modern update of her mobile home. It was a top to bottom renovation of every room in the place.

To save on costs, they didn’t make any structural changes like moving walls or so on. So all of the cash went into updating the looks, which includes new furniture, fixtures, and even appliances.

Overall, one of the most significant changes Kim made was to rip out the old brown carpeting throughout the home and replace it with natural cork flooring. This is a fantastic, eco-friendly solution with a unique look and insulating properties.

One of the best complete room transformations was the kitchen. Kim and her husband bought new cabinets at Ikea and hired their contracted installation team to install them. And they topped them with Corian countertops.

The shiny and contemporary appliances like the fridge and washer and dryer add those finishing touches.

But they didn’t only make aesthetic changes. Instead, they also made practical improvements to the home. For example, they added an aluminum-and-foam-core roof, new strap-down foundation supports, and a whole-house water filter.

That’s one reason why we love this makeover. It was a true overhaul.

In total, the project cost her and her husband $80K. The project might be a bit costly, but it really was an investment in comfort and luxury.

Shabby Creek Cottage bathroom remodel

Unlike the previous renovation, this one only involved one room. But the results are no less stunning. It’s a bathroom makeover by Gina Lurker and her husband Mitch from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

For this project, they did everything themselves without going into debt – at a low, low budget of $600. But it did take several months to finish.

It’s incredible to see what they were able to achieve for that price, especially if you consider that the bathroom is 25 square feet and that it was completely gutted before they started.

First, they installed subflooring and laid down 1x6s over this. From here they moved on to the walls. The bottom half is tongue and groove beadboard while the top half is drywall.

However, it’s all the unique features that complete this project. These include farmhouse style light sconces and an Ikea mirror specifically for makeup.

Mitch built the bathroom cupboard himself from scrap wood, and he used some of the same 1x6s for the countertop. To match this, they chose a small, neat white sink. The rack faucet that was meant for a bar adds a quirky touch.

The result is an adorable and cozy bathroom in white, blue, and dark brown.

Sow the Land mobile home kitchen renovation

Now we are going to look at another single room renovation. It’s the kitchen makeover by the creators of Sow the Land. The couple left their lives in a city in southern California to start a homestead in North Carolina. They wanted to follow a minimalist and intentional lifestyle.

They decided to stick with open shelving. This not only creates a distinct look but also helps the space to feel more open and less constricted. Aside from this, it gives that extra incentive to keep the storage neat and uncluttered.

The natural wood of the shelves and countertops helps to make the room look more light and airy.

By using basic 2x4s, for the shelves, they could keep the costs down. And the natural wood texture and colors significantly add to the aesthetic.

For us, the centerpiece of this kitchen is the back of the counter. Instead of using a plain board, they created an interesting and striking pattern using dark and light-colored wooden planks.

In the end, the kitchen looks contemporary and bright. But it is also convenient and functional.

The project is inspirational for anyone who wants to become a minimalist, or even just wants to live more simply.

Rocky Hedge Farm double-wide exterior remodel

So far, we’ve mostly looked at interior makeovers. But now we are going to look at one of our favorite exterior renovations.

We love the way Timothy and Sarah from Rocky Hedge Farm updated their 2002 model Clayton double wide. They had previously updated the interior, and finally, it was the outside’s turn. For this, they were aiming for a farmhouse look, which was and still is a top decor trend.

Before, when they first bought the home, the skirting was a bit worse for wear, the stairs were unsafe, and the panes of the windows were damaged – among other issues.

One of the best parts of this makeover is that it shows what an impact some low-cost changes can make. For example, the couple installed a new back door in charcoal, which immediately makes the exterior more stylish. 

The couple replaced the siding and skirting. Aside from this, they also removed the old shingles and laid down new ones. 

Additions like the farmhouse-style potted plants help to round it all off.

On a practical note, they also installed double-hung windows, which made it easier to regulate the temperature in the home.

We think that the gray and white color palette makes the exterior look far more contemporary.

Farmhouse and industrial styled mobile home renovation

Another of our favorite mobile home makeovers of the decade is a remodel by Living Hope Renovations. Once again, the decorators were going for a farmhouse look, which is blended with industrial elements.

The goal of the project was to create a relatively affordable family home.

Take a look at how the lighting fixtures are attractive and high quality yet still budget-friendly.

Throughout the home, they added elements that make the mobile home resemble a traditional site-built property. To do this, they painted the walls with white a textured finish and also added new trim around the windows and doors.

The team kept costs lower by keeping some of the old cabinets and storage spaces and simply updating them. For example, they painted a cabinet in the living room white and removed its outdated trim and glass doors to suit the farmhouse style.

On top of this, they used Formica for the countertops in the bathrooms and the kitchen. This adds to the low-key industrial feel of the home.

Generally, flooring is one of the best ways to transform the look and feel of the home. The same is true for the wood laminate that the team installed. This is an essential part of the farmhouse theme.

Bohemian-chic mobile home makeover

Next, we are looking at a fantastic mobile home makeover in Malibu, California. The owner put the project in the capable hands of interior designer Kirsten Marie and her brother Jens Holst who is a contractor. And they worked wonders.

The goal was to turn the 600-square-foot house into a vacationing spot for the owner’s guests. However, they still wanted it to be able to work as a full-time residence.

All in all, one of the most impactful changes was the addition of new Fleetwood glass doors. Thanks to this, the home now takes full advantage of the beautiful view of the surrounding hills and cove.

To create an upmarket look, the team mostly used white for the interior. Monochromatic palettes like this are still a major trend. The furniture is mostly white, and even the wood-like laminate is bleached.

In contrast, they added bright and rich-colored rugs, pillows, and other exotic-looking decor items to balance the aesthetic. Bronze accents help to bring the bohemian-chic style together.

A similar theme is visible throughout the home from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathrooms and bedrooms.

You have to see it to believe it. In the end, the mobile home looks completely unrecognizable.

We think that this combination of laid-back touches and luxury brilliantly suits the location.

Luxury mobile home makeover in LA

Overall, this is one of the most dramatic transformations on the list.

The Los Angeles Times featured a story about designer Amy Shock’s makeover of her mobile home. The property is a metal double-wide, 1964 model, with a Midcentury feel. 

However, you would never guess that looking at the end results. She was aiming to create an upmarket house by adding a range of high-end fixtures and features.

Shock basically gutted the entire property and only kept one door and a couple of windows. She replaced everything else, changing the lighting, plumbing, and electric wiring.

The standout feature of the home is undoubtedly the new floor-to-ceiling glass panels. This invites ample sunlight into the living room and helps to create the feeling of space as it fronts the deck.

She had to special order the UV protected glass sheets. So perhaps it’s no wonder that it cost a pretty penny at $40,000.

Unlike most of the other projects, Shock extended the floorplan of the home. She added a 500-square-foot addition for a painting studio and put in another bathroom. On top of this, she extended the existing porch and built a new covered porch.

Amy Shock initially bought the 800-square-foot mobile home for as little as $5,200. And she spent $180,000 on the makeover (that dollar figure includes the $5,200 home price in the calculation).

That’s why this is such a brilliant example of the versatility and potential of this type of property. It can suit any budget or taste.

My Heart’s Song mobile home makeover

However, not all mobile home makeovers need to be so elaborate. Another of our favorite renovations is the remodel by Geneva and “Buzz” at My Heart’s Song

Once again, this was a complete redo involving every room in the house. The interior was looking outdated and worse for wear. But now the style is cozy and exudes a rustic and homely charm.

One unique feature of their mobile home is the dedicated laundry room. Before they started, the space didn’t have much personality. Afterward, that was no longer the case.

A fresh coat of paint makes the room look more modern, light, and airy, which is very valuable in such a small space.

Simple changes can really make a big difference. For example, the couple freshened up the living room with some relatively easy steps like replacing the ceiling fan and applying an orange peel texture and some paint to the walls.

Throughout the home, they installed new cabinets. However, in some cases, they only painted and resurfaced the cupboards to make them look brand-new and full of character. This is a great example of how you can recreate and make the best of the fixtures you already have.

Aside from this, they also made some much-needed changes to the exterior. The biggest change to the outside was the addition of a new Perma Roof roofing system. The new white surface was a breath of fresh air.

On top of this, the couple testifies that the home is now better insulated.  And that the roof keeps some unwanted noise out too.

So what’s next?

Our favorite mobile home makeovers of the last ten years have shown off some of the top styles of the decade – like farmhouse decor. Each of these special projects demonstrates how you can make your house your own.

But as the new decade is here, you are probably wondering what the future holds. You can expect that many of the same trends will still be popular in 2020. However, there will probably also be some surprises in store.

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