For A Calm, Mobile Home Retreat – 4 Mediterranean Decorating Ideas

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Do you love coastal, cozy, and bold decor? Mediterranean decor combines the best of all three, while still being a highly simple and minimalistic style. Ever wonder how you can get the look in your own mobile home? Today we’re taking a look at four Mediterranian decorating ideas. After this, you’ll be well on your way to creating a calm mobile home retreat!

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#1 Work soft lines into the design

Since Mediterranean design finds its roots in Southern European countries like Spain, France, Italy, and Morocco, much of modern Mediterranean design features soft lines. Arches and curves are a key element. That’s not to say geometric lines can’t be used, but keeping an emphasis on curves will help establish the look you’re going for. A few places to incorporate curves are the fireplace, exterior doorways, interior doorways, windows, and alcoves.

Mirrors and wall art and other smaller decor pieces are also good, budget-friendly ways to add in soft lines. Softened lines bring a feeling of peace and relaxation to space. Whether you’re remodeling and adding architectural elements, or simply adding a few mirrors and some round pillows, curves and soft lines are essential.

#2 Big and bold

Mediterranean mixes two elements that at first seem to contradict each other – boldness and minimalism. In fact, these two form a combo that works so well in this type of design. Though boldness can come out in a splash of unexpected color, it’s often incorporated into the shape or style of a piece of furniture. Large couches (extra points if they include soft lines!) are a hallmark of Mediterranean design, as are bold fireplaces and veilings. If you want to spend your budget on a statement fireplace, consider making it as big and bold as you can without overwhelming the room. Play with fun tile, and really make that fireplace a focal point.

Colorful Persian tiles

Let’s not forget statement ceilings. Although beams are a fantastic way to get that European flair, remember that Mediterranean has coastal elements, too. A wood-paneled ceiling like this one adds a sense of coziness and a richness of color to an otherwise light and bright room.

#3 Colors of the Mediterranean

With the exception of an occasional splash of deep blues, rich reds, or some tasteful greenery, this style is all about neutrals. White on white, possibly a little black, and wood tones are the way to go. The materials you incorporate should be natural and a little rustic. Things like cotton, rattan, and linen work well.

Curtains should either be light and airy or eliminated altogether. Jute blinds may do the trick if you desire privacy. But you don’t want to weigh down your space with heavy silk curtains. Keeping the space airy, bright, and calm requires plenty of natural light. 

Let’s not end our discussion on color without mentioning mosaic tile! Now, you may not care for the Mediterranean tile look, and that’s okay. A house can still be classified as Mediterranean without this element. But since it’s so prominent in this design, it bears mentioning. Tile can be used in so many different ways – on the kitchen floor, as a backsplash, in a fireplace, or on a bathroom floor. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you likely could find at least a small nook in your home that could be brightened with fancy tile.

#4 Think texture

Texture is the perfect way to add interest in an otherwise minimalistic home. Texture adds dimension. In a Mediterranean style house, texture often comes in the form of natural products, as we’ve mentioned. Things like wood, textured fabrics, brick, and tile are good jumping-off points. But don’t forget rugs. An elegant, vintage, Persian-style rug could be just the ticket. But if you’re not a Persian rug fan, opt for a rug that offers funky texture or interesting lines. 

Textures and ornate centerpiece

Greenery is also a great way to add texture. If you’re the outdoorsy type, consider texturing your yard (a.k.a. planting a garden). Not only will this extend the relaxing vibes to the outside of your house, but it will also create a beautiful view outside our curtains. Instead of a flat, boring lawn, you’ll see texture and dimension!

A Mediterranean oasis

We hope this has inspired you to make your mobile home into an oasis worthy of the beautiful Mediterranean. A home that is relaxing and inviting is worth its weight in gold, and Mediterranean style really nails it. Plus this gorgeous design trend is both functional and simple. A mobile home that embodies all these virtues is a win in our book. But if your style preferences run in a slightly different direction, take a look at this article for tips on how to create a cozy farmhouse feel in your mobile home.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

June 2, 2020