8 Things You Need To Know As A Smart Mobile Home Owner

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Whether you live in a stick-built mansion or a cozy mobile home, owning a home can be a big responsibility. For first-time mobile home owners and veteran home owners alike, there are many things that need your attention. We probably don’t need to remind you that this is a big task. We want to ease up the process for you so we’ve rounded up 8 things that you need to know as a mobile home owner. If you’re a newbie, consider this a crash course. If you’re a veteran mobile homeowner, it’s a refresher.

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#1 Moving in is a process

Moving into a mobile home means planning long in advance of moving day. And making that house a home doesn’t stop after moving day, either. Our first-time mobile home buyer’s guide to setting up a home gives you a step-by-step look at the process. Buying the home, transporting it to a lot (if necessary), moving in, decorating – the list is almost (but not quite) endless. It’s definitely a long process, but following a quick guide ensures that you won’t be stumbling in the dark!

#2 You can tackle your curb appeal

It’s a common complaint among mobile homeowners that these manufactured, assembly-line houses just don’t look great on the outside. Especially if they’re a couple of decades old. But that’s no reason to pass up a sturdy home that would serve your family well for years to come. It usually just needs a facelift. To make your mobile home look less “boxy,” go check out this article. Maybe your home needs a classy porch, new skirting, or simply a fresh coat of paint.

#3 Safety precautions aren’t optional

Having a happy, healthy home to ensure your own peace of mind is one of the priorities of any mobile home owner, so that’s next on our list. Things like fire hazards, mold, and carbon monoxide can endanger the lives of everyone living in your home, so keeping up to date on the status of your home’s health is a must. Read this for examples of various hazards and the many precautions you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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#4 Not all landscaping is created equal

Being a savvy landscaper is one of the aspects of being a responsible mobile home owner. If you know the common mistakes, you can avoid them. And if you live in a mobile home park, one of those mistakes would be making a big change on your lot without getting permission. Another possible mistake? Overloading your yard with little garden trinkets. Check out this article for a full list (23 tips, in fact) of the do’s and don’ts of mobile home landscaping.

#5 Mobile home walls may need TLC

Anyone who has kids knows the frustration of trying to clean permanent marker off the wall. Even if you don’t have little ones in your life, candle smoke, splatters from the stove, and dust can make your walls a bit grimy over time. Our guide to cleaning the scuffs and stains off your mobile home walls is a must-read!

#6 Tearing out problem windows is not the only way

When it comes to windows, you may be tempted to rip them out and start over. And sometimes that’s the best thing you can do. But first, take a step back and do some research. Windows are important. They should be maintained well and be energy-efficient. To fix common window problems, there’s usually a quite common solution (and it doesn’t have to dent your budget). Read this common window problems article for more info.

#7 Advance planning may increase your home’s value

A smart mobile home owner is a person who trains himself to think about the future. What’s going to happen when you want to sell your home? Are you going to make a profit, or will you break even? Or will you actually lose money (our least favorite option, obviously)? These are issues you need to take into account even when moving is nowhere in your foreseeable future. Maintenance is a huge part of this, but there are also many things you can do to deliberately add value. Here are several mobile home upgrades that can add value to your mobile home.

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#8 Sell vs. renovate is the million-dollar question

Should you sell your mobile home or renovate it? These are two of the most important decisions you will make as a mobile home owner. Making a smart decision is sometimes like trying to choose between donuts and ice cream. There just isn’t a clear choice! When it comes to mobile homes, we have you covered (even if we can’t answer the donuts vs. ice cream dilemma). Read up on how to decide whether its time to renovate or move on. Which will you choose?

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You want to be a savvy decision-maker. Keeping up on things like maintenance and current rules and regulations in your mobile home park can make or break your experience as a mobile home owner. We hope these 8 things have inspired you to be on top of your game even more. For further readaing, check out these smart hacks to get the best price when selling your mobile home.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

June 19, 2020