How To Organize Your Pantry + Tips On When To Throw Things Out

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If you’ve already started your spring cleaning for this year, chances are you’re thinking about organizing your mobile home pantry and maybe even throwing out some things. Even if you don’t have a pantry, there’s bound to be some small niche of your home that seems to accumulate your pantry supplies. So, wherever that area may be, we’d like to give you some tips on how to organize it this spring. 

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General organization tips

Of course, there are some general organization tips for most pantries/storage spaces: 

  • Use stackable plastic containers to store things like cereal, crackers, etc. 
  • Create a label for each container. 
  • Specify certain areas for certain items.
  • Take a few minutes to tidy up your pantry as often as you can – don’t let any messes accumulate.
  • Clean up crumbs that accumulate on the pantry floor, and do it as soon as you can. You don’t want to attract bugs or mice. 

When to let something go

While you’re organizing your pantry, you’re likely to come across plenty of things to throw out. However, sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s time to let something go. Expired food isn’t the only culprit you’re looking for here. Rather, there are plenty of items it could be time to throw out – and some of them you might not expect. 

  • Grains that stay in the pantry for too long are a great host for weevils. You should consider throwing out any grains that have been in the pantry for a few too many months, especially if they aren’t in an airtight container or bag.
  • The same goes for certain other foods like crackers. If you want to avoid an insect infestation, use airtight containers and keep an eye out for any bugs.
  • Seeds and nuts seem to stay good forever, but in reality, these crunchy snacks only last about two months in your pantry. 
  • The spices you enjoy seasoning your food with might be wearing out faster than you think. While expired spices and herbs usually aren’t the end of the world, they aren’t going to do anything to sharpen the taste of your food. If they’re more than two years old, it’s time to throw them out. 

Some mobile homes don’t have pantries

Unfortunately, some mobile homes don’t have pantries. However, most mobile home owners adapt to this by finding somewhere else to store their food items.


Most homes, mobile homes included, will have cupboards or cabinets. These are excellent places to store many food items. Just like a pantries, they’re dark, cool, and dry. Just make sure to use airtight containers, especially for things like flour or rice. 

A buffet or sideboard

If you don’t have room in your cabinets, you can always purchase a buffet or sideboard for your food items. So long as the furniture piece you’ve chosen has a closed-in area, it should protect food items from light and/or heat. This wooden buffet sideboard is a perfect example of what we’re talking about – it has plenty of drawers and cabinets for safe food storage.

Laundry room

Most of the time, your laundry room will be a cool, dark place that’s fairly dry. If you don’t have a pantry, the laundry room might be a good place to store your food. However, it’s a good idea to make sure food items don’t come into contact with laundry detergent, fabric softeners, or anything similar. Use airtight containers and keep your food separate from the rest of your supplies. 

Bookcase and curtains

As a last resort, you can use a tall bookcase to store your food and hang a curtain across it to keep the sun out. Use thick blackout curtains for this to get the best results.

Mobile home models that do have pantries

Some mobile home models do have pantries: 

  • This one has a large walk-in pantry that will be big enough for all your needs. 
  • This mobile home seller offers several models that feature multipurpose laundry room spaces. Some of these areas are big enough to handle laundry and food storage all at once.
  • Finally, this gorgeous mobile home model features a hidden pantry in the kitchen: 

Built-in pantry or DIY?

Maybe your home has a pantry, or maybe you’ll need to create a makeshift pantry on your own. Either way, you can enjoy a fully functional pantry in your mobile home. And if you’re into small building projects, dive into creating your own pantry, DIY-style! In fact, a DIY pantry gives you the freedom to come up with your own style for your own home, and maybe that will even fit your personal needs better than anything else. 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

February 26, 2020