What Your Mobile Home Says About Your Personality

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We’re always up for some mobile home fun. And what could be more enjoyable than noting the range of possibilities when it comes to mobile homes and the people who live in them? That’s why today we’re going to dive into some mobile home categorization. Follow along as we create a completely arbitrary (and totally entertaining) breakdown of mobile homes and mobile home dwellers. 

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The meticulous exterior

Your home’s exterior looks classic with siding and shutters, like the mobile home here. You may have a small porch of real wood, and a rosebush pokes charmingly out of the ground near your home’s corner. The grass is mowed tidily and constantly, and the house sits on a solid cement foundation. 

What does it say?

First of all, you’re here to stay. Having your home on a cement foundation lends an air of permanence to your housing choice. You’re not planning on moving this mobile home anytime soon. 

The mowed grass lets us know that you value taking responsibility and that you know what an impact seemingly small elements can have on the overall picture. The rosebush in the ground just reinforces the idea that small things have big effects. And it underlines your stability in your location. You’re planting with the intent to enjoy not just in this season but also in the future. 

It may be old, but it’s kept up well

Now imagine a mobile home that hearkens back to an earlier time—a metal exterior, no shutters, a visible hitch, and a roof that extends over the end windows. It’s certainly not the most modern version of a mobile home. But instead of being a painful and run-down reminder of a time gone by, it’s a charming retro paradise. 

Old doesn’t equal dilapidated. And new doesn’t equal best. Living in your dream home might just mean finding the perfect mobile home that’s decades-old—offering you the chance to create a vintage haven. 

Here’s what we know about you

You value the past, and you don’t care a whole lot about the newest design and decorating trends. No farmhouse style kitchen for you. And goodness knows you couldn’t care less about English country cottage style. 

Instead, you find yourself charged up by discovering retro items at flea markets and antique malls. A clock you remember from childhood? Of course, you have room for that! Curtains that could have appeared in the original advertisement for your mobile home? Why, you’ve just been needing some!

You’re completely comfortable in your own home—coming back to it after a trip or a busy day gives you a settled, calm feeling. And you’re not particularly swayed by other people’s perception of “ideal” home decor. If you love it, you happily give it a spot in your domicile. 

The palatial triple-wide

This is for those of you whose mobile home move required three flatbed trucks instead of simply one or two. Naturally, you had to move all the pieces in order to put them all together. And you had to have that many pieces because you need space to live and raise your growing family. 

When the big day finally arrived, of course the whole gang was on hand to witness the pieces being put in place. Yes, you did have to remind youngsters to stay out from underfoot. And you may even have established some ground rules or a line in the sand to keep the kids from getting too close. 

The end result of that busy and joyous day is an expansive home with sleek siding and contrasting colors sitting in the middle of your cleared lot. There’s plenty of freshly turned dirt, complete with tread marks from all the heavy equipment. But, not for long! A large grassy lawn and a long string of gravel driveway are in the immediate plans. 

What we think about you based on your home

You value space—inside and outside. Room to roam, which is why you chose a calm country setting. Plus, you need room to accommodate everyone inside that house. Why have cramped quarters when you can have some comfy spaciousness?  

You’re willing to think seriously about tradeoffs. Will a triple wide cost more than a double wide? Certainly. And you’re well aware of that fact. But will it also provide more space for your growing family to live work and play? It definitely will. 

So, you’ve schooled yourself to understand that the cheapest option isn’t always the best option given your unique circumstances. You prioritize having a great place for your kids to grow up. And to you, that means a little wiggle room. Thus, you judge that the initial investment to acquire more space will pay for itself in the long run. 

You are a long-term thinker. And you’re ready to put your money where your mind is. 

The tiny mobile home

Your 600-square foot mobile home deserves to be on a tiny home TV show—it’s in mint condition, it’s affixed to real property, and it’s impeccably decorated inside despite the space constraint. Naturally, you found a place where property was cheap and beautiful. And it happens to be near a college town where the demand for short-term and long-term rentals is sky-high. 

What this tells us about you

You are a spreadsheet guru—the personal finance mastermind. You’re not choosing a 600-square foot house because it’s all you can afford. Instead, you purchased this place as your first home because you thought it was a savvy business deal. 

You’d rather pay down a mortgage for the property and the small home than pay monthly rent for a 1,000-square foot apartment with no scenic view. Actually, your idea is to live here long enough to pay down the mortgage (or most of it). Then, after that, it’s time to move up and rent out the place for an ongoing revenue stream. Or, if the right buyer comes along, you’ll happily sell it if it pays off the mortgage and leaves you with money in the bank. 

We judge you to be: 

Wise beyond your years – For someone in the early stages of adulthood, you’re brimming with carefully planned schemes to wisely use the money you earn. Sure, you might have to squeeze into a 600-square foot house for a little while. But you think space is overrated. And since you don’t have a large family, you figure you can afford the space pinch.

Brainy and number-loving – You track data in spreadsheets because you love to do it. And finding a smart way to put a roof over your head is a fun challenge for you. Food, housing, clothing—they’re more than necessities of life to you. Actually, they’re opportunities to optimize. And opportunities to optimize call for crunching numbers. 

Not a people-pleaser – Making good long-term choices is more important to you than living in a house that impresses your friends. A house that costs almost all of your paycheck but is sure to look like you’re maintaining a high standard of living? You couldn’t care less about that kind of house. Instead, you like to keep your spreadsheet happy. 

Way to go with windows!

Like the mobile home pictured here, your ideal mobile home has windows—and lots of them. Or, at least, it has plenty of glass to let the outdoors in, whether doors or windows or skylights. In fact, you just can’t imagine living in a house where the daylight doesn’t stream in and the seasonable winds can’t breeze in. 

Your windows can’t be covered up either. So whatever window treatments you choose, you like to keep them understated, movable, or at least not covering up too much of your beloved glass. 

Here’s what it says

Since your home screams natural light, we judge you to be a cheery, upbeat person overall. You know a thing or two about how something as intangible as a room’s lighting situation can give your mood a lift. 

You’re an optimistic person—some might even call you dreamy. Your environment affects you strongly. And the interior of your mobile home reflects that. You’ve collected decor that you think promotes a tidy and refreshing atmosphere. 

Cozy cabin in the woods

Now, this is the mobile home set far back off the road in an expansive forest. It has a wide and long front porch and a monster back porch. The inside glows with warm yellow light (and plenty of dark wood, too). 

Living room in a cabin

Others might find it remote, but you find it comfortingly secluded. Calm is a common commodity here—and that’s just the way you like it. Of course, it can’t be so calm that you never invite friends in because, of course, you love to share your restful and relaxing space. Everything about the place is carefree and calming from the front porch rockers to the checkered kitchen tablecloth.  

What you’re like based on the home you chose

Since you crafted a space that’s remote and restful, we conclude you like a low-key pace of life. Chasing the newest and best and keeping up with the Joneses isn’t really your style. But a good old fashioned evening by the fireside? Now, you’ll take that any day of the week. 

Judging by the studied remoteness of your home, you’re an introvert. But don’t think that means you dislike all human company. No, you’re more than happy to share your home with friends and family. It’s just that the general tenor of your life calls for a lot of calm and quiet. 

You’re willing to put in time and effort to support the pace of life you prefer—after all, someone had to build those massive porches. Plus, you’re even willing to invest the extra time it takes to do routine things like grocery shopping. If the nearest store is a significant distance from your home, you’re still happy to shell out the extra drive time to maintain the lifestyle you love.

Dreaming up the mobile home you’ve always wanted

Maybe you see yourself in one of our examples above. Or maybe you don’t fit into any of the scenarios. On the other hand, your mobile home style could still be out there—just waiting to be discovered. 

The home you have now might be ready to be transformed into the one that exists only in your mind’s eye. Is it time to get cracking at making that imagination a reality? Let’s explore some ways that you can help your mobile home reality match your mobile home aim.

Take stock of what you’re aiming for

Of course, it doesn’t make much sense to aim to reach something unless you know what it is you’re shooting for. Outlining your goals gives you something to attain. Then, you can track progress toward it. 

So, start by getting your ideas together. Exactly what would the ideal mobile home look like? Do you want a completely organized and systematized home? Or are you wishing for a home that shows a little more carefree creativity? 

Maybe you’ve always wished for a more cohesive design and decor style. And if that’s the case, start noting your favorite styles or start a collection of photos that represent the look you love. 

Some of you may be hoping to make your house more minimalist—to bust clutter and live more simply. In that case, it could help to take stock of what it is about your home that currently feels cluttered. Perhaps the whole house feels overwhelmed with furniture. Or maybe it’s just that none of your small items really seem to have permanent locations. 

On the other hand, it could be your home’s exterior that you’re interested in changing. Maybe the house feels dated, and you’d like it to project a fresh, updated appearance instead. After all, if you’ve never been drawn to the retro look, then it makes sense that you’d like to keep things up-to-date. 

Plan and prepare

Here’s one great thing to keep in mind as you change your mobile home to be more in line with your preferences. You don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, despite the urge to knock things out immediately, you might find that your efforts are more successful if you begin with adequate planning. Give yourself time to reflect and even enjoy the change process. If it’s an older mobile home you’re up against, check out 5 Ways To Make An Older Mobile Home Look Less “Boxy”. Plus, for more ideas to get your planning going, check out The Secret To Creating Mobile Homes That Look Like Houses

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

January 10, 2020