5 Possible Pitfalls Of Selling Your Home To The Wrong Buyer

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There are several pitfalls for a seller to be aware of as they try to get to the “Sold!” stage.

As you navigate selling your home, we understand it could be an overwhelming task with many unknowns. This rings true, especially, if it’s your first rodeo as a seller. But even if this isn’t your first time, we hope you’ll find some helpful guidance here.

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Selling your home is an exciting adventure — the close of an old chapter and the start of a new one! Let us help you find your way and avoid possible pitfalls that come with selling to the wrong buyer.

Pitfalls of selling to the wrong buyer

So you want to avoid selling a mobile home to the wrong buyer. Below we’ll highlight pitfalls to steer clear of in selling your mobile home, whether you’re dealing with an individual buyer or a buying company. While it may be tempting to accept the first offer you get, remember that being cautious can help you score a sale that’s a win-win for all involved. So let these tips guide you away from chaos and toward a safer, smarter sale.

1 – The pain of a speedy closing date

When it comes to a closing date, if the potential buyer is hurried before you’re even committed to making the sale, you may want to step away from making a deal. A speedy closing date could put unnecessary pressure on yourself and your family. This rings true if you’re not even moved out yet. Do you really want to find yourself stressed and facing a time crunch when packing up your family’s belongings? 

An overly eager buyer could also be a warning sign of a scam. So keep your eyes wide open.

2 – Falling into a foreign scam

If your buyer lives overseas and makes no effort to see the mobile home in person, you may want to avoid making a deal. Numerous scams are set up in this manner — you get an email from someone overseas claiming to want to relocate to the U.S. 

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They’ll ask for things that sound right, such as enlisting an attorney. They’ll seem transparent by providing information such as full name and other contact information. But you’ll see it’s too good to be true — instead of receiving money, you’ll find yourself scammed out of yours. 

3 – Too many mistakes, too much of a hassle

If you find that your buyer is making too many mistakes right off the bat, you may want to call off the sale if you can. Mistakes are a sign not only of incompetence but also of a potential scam.

4 – Ridiculously high offers

In dealing with those potential buyers who are offering ridiculously high prices, you should walk away. Oftentimes, such buyers are looking to find a significant decrease in cost after the appraisal shows the home is worthless. Another problem to look out for is buyers who are hyper-critical, looking for every flaw they can find to chip away even further at an already steal-of-a-deal price. 

5 – Neglect of the buyer’s agent

Should you have a potential buyer who hired a buyer’s agent but is bypassing them, that could be the sign of a bad buyer-seller relationship. It could mean they’re going to be a pain to you by being hyper-controlling. You have to ask yourself: What was the point in hiring a buyer’s agent if they’re only going to bypass them?

Don’t rush it

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As a seller, there are risks involved in navigating a pool of eager buyers. Some are scammers, some are not. Follow your gut and take into account some of the points we’ve made above. 

Sellers, take heart. The right buyer is out there.

Now you’re more equipped to navigate away from the possible pitfalls of selling your mobile home to the wrong buyer. A little patience and knowledge will serve you well. In a world that can serve up a mixed bag of options, we trust you now possess a little more wisdom 

Now you know to be leery of overseas buyers, interactions littered with mistakes, and more. We trust the input we’ve provided will prepare you for a successful sale.  

Now if you’re selling a mobile home park rather than a lone mobile home, check out these three mistakes to avoid when selling a mobile home park. Selling a mobile home park is a big undertaking. Seasons come and go, and you may simply find yourself ready to move on from a particular park. Whether it’s been in the family for decades or it’s a recent venture that just wasn’t a good fit for you, we hope to make the way to a sale a little easier.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

May 18, 2021