Lovely Vintage Looks For Your Mobile Home

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Vintage decor is gaining wider popularity by the year. Bright, mid-20th-century colors are making their way back into our hearts, as is the slightly newer idea that “old is better than new.” In today’s world, no one is surprised when you decide to sand a little of the paint off your side-table. 

Featured image for "Lovely Vintage Looks For Your Mobile Home"

To some, preserving history or honoring their heritage is an important aspect of interior design. To others, it’s simply the appeal of creating something unique. Decorating with vintage decor can add character and interest to a mobile home that otherwise lacks originality. 

Decorating your home, vintage-style

Depending on your personal tastes, your home could head any number of directions within the sphere of “vintage style.” You could add small touches here and there, such as a distressed rug and a chunky farmhouse table. Or you could go all-out and create a home where everything smacks of history. Your style could offer a more masculine 80’s look or a more feminine 50’s vibe. You could be a fan of color or lean into that white farmhouse look of the 1920s. Neutral or colorful, history-heavy or eclectic, there’s something here for everyone. 

#1 – A kitchen full of color

It’s fascinating to note that these days we put such an emphasis on the kitchen. It’s one of the most important aspects of the home, and no one thinks twice about spending the bulk of their budget on it. In fact, when we think of a vintage home, we automatically think of a beautiful kitchen. 

To get a mid-century look, be liberal with color. It doesn’t have to be bright and overwhelming, but it should be at least a little whimsical, as in the photo above. Checkered or striped floors, vintage appliances (or at least period-correct pieces) will lend a lot a character and beauty to the look. Or you could bring in your color via smaller pieces such as vintage pyrex bowls displayed on open shelving. 

#2 – Neutral chic

Maybe the reason vintage kitchens are so appealing today is because they harken back to a simpler era. And nothing brings that out so much as a neutral color palette. If you’re a neutral-lover, mid-century might not be the time-period to lay claim to. Instead, you could go back to the ’20s, the turn of the century…or even further. This designer gave her 1920s kitchen an entirely neutral look with creamy white paint (distressed, of course) alongside classic tile, beadboard ceilings, and matching appliances.

#3 – Updating the 1980s in the living room

In the department stores, there’s a definite trend right now toward all things 1980s. But did you know many trending living rooms are taking cues from this decade too? You might look at a picture of one of these rooms and decide it looks mid-century modern…and you’d be right.

To get the look, layer on the texture. Distressed vintage rugs are essential (bonus points if your floor is herringbone-patterned or made of beautifully textured wood). Go mid-century with all your furniture, too – clean, low-profile, with boldly-colored upholstery. Poufs are recommended. And gallery walls.

#4 – The cottage

We love the 1930s cottage vibes over at the blog Pine and Prospect Home. This look is vintage, minimalist, and a little farmhouse-y. The best of three worlds, you might say. For a cottage look, texture counts, but it’s used in a far subtler way. There’s less contrast, but no shortage of that vintage feel. Mix elegant lines, such as arches, with geometric lines, such as board-and-batten walls, wall art, and beamed ceilings.

#5 – Vintage Victorian

There’s no better place to really go all-out with the Victorian aesthetic than in the bedroom. Four-poster beds and fancy chandeliers were meant to be paired in a stately Victorian bedroom. You could even go the whole way and put in a gorgeous fancy ceiling like this one. The point is, it needs to feel a little grand, a little elaborate. And very elegant. Consider using gold in your design scheme, as well as wood tones and plenty of white. 

The best part? There are many directions you can go just within this category. French country, anyone? Victorian farmhouse? New England style? Make it what you want. 

Vintage is always lovely, no matter the time period

We’ve reviewed many different styles in just one post! These ideas can be mix and matched, or taken and applied throughout your entire mobile home. There is no right or wrong. Mix a little of the ’50s into your predominantly 1930s cottage home and make something entirely new and unique to you! And if your haven’t seen our 9 modern mobile home do’s and don’ts, be sure to check out those tips.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

June 12, 2020