How To Get Settled In Your New Mobile Home In Just One Weekend

Photo of couple's feet standing next to welcome mat "Home Sweet Home"

Moving into your new mobile home is the culmination of plenty of work—searching, selling, purchasing, and packing. Getting to finally move into the new place could be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. But what you really want is to get settled in. No more feeling stuck in an in-between stage for you! Instead, you want to get settled in quickly—in just one weekend.

Photo of couple's feet standing next to welcome mat "Home Sweet Home"

Begin well

Start your ‘getting settled’ quest early on in your moving process. First off, clearly label high-priority boxes and set them aside so you can keep track of them. These will be the things you’ve left out until the last minute anyway—kitchen appliances you used today, maybe some cups, plates, and bowls. It could also include your landline telephone or anything else you anticipate needing as soon as you move in.

Once you’ve packed these items, you could make them the last to go into the moving truck (so they’re the first to come out when you unpack it). Or, you could simply pack them in another vehicle, like the family car, if there’s room. And labeling isn’t just for the high-priority boxes. Label all your boxes clearly so you (or your helpers) know where they go on moving day.

Make special plans for important items

As you prepare, give each family member a plastic storage crate or bin in which to pack vital items that they’ll want soon after the move, even if other items are a little slow to get unpacked. For instance, in kids’ crates, you might store a few favorite toys, books, and stuffed animals. They can even use these to keep them occupied while the adults are packing and unpacking. Older kids could pack school books, reading books, and a favorite game or entertainment item. Adults may want laptops, planners, books, etc.

Plus, each family member may want to pack a backpack or duffel bag containing a change of clothes or two and items like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc. That way, you’ll be able to get a shower and a change of clothes even if your dresser and closet aren’t fully unpacked the first night.

Unpack it

If you have a moving van that’s rented for a limited period of time, then be sure to put adequate focus on getting it unpacked first. The contents of boxes can be unpacked later after the van is returned, if necessary. But the van needs to be unpacked in time to not to incur extra charges (and extra stress).

Man carrying multiple boxes

Pull furniture and boxes off the truck and transport them into the rooms they belong in. On the other hand, if space is tight, you may want to put some items in a storage area, like a basement for a little while. Then you can bring them out and unpack them at the proper time—without having the entire house look chaotically full.

Take breaks

As you unload and unpack, remember to provide snacks, drinks, and meals for your moving crew. People working hard need fuel. While some people prefer to work almost without stopping, others may enjoy taking breaks to re-set before getting back to the job at hand.

You don’t have to do it all at once

There’s a lot to unpack and get in order. Plus, there are decisions to make about what you want where. You may want to begin by arranging the furniture and items that are most important to you to have available on your first night. For one thing, this could include beds (or at least the mattresses) so everyone can get some good rest after the busy day.

Other priorities could include the dining room table and chairs and certain elements of the kitchen. After all, you have to eat and drink. So being able to find the toaster or a water glass could be a help. Parts of the living room could also be very important. Who wants to sit on the floor in their own house when they could be sitting in a familiar chair?

This is why you kept tabs on the ‘vital’ stuff

Remember those vital boxes you kept special track of? Well, now’s the time for them. Open them up and get their contents placed in their new spots. You may not know exactly where you want everything at this point. So just put them in locations that seem reasonable and worry about getting things into their final state later. Flatten out the boxes and put them in a stack out of sight.

Relax even in the chaos

A mom sitting down with her son

Taking some time to enjoy with your family on your first night could be a great idea. See how setting up the living room furniture could in handy? After relaxing a little as a family, get a good night’s sleep on that bed or mattress you set up. Next morning, work on the areas most important to you.

Arrange special items

Pack very special mementos and similar items with your “vital” stuff. Get them out as soon as possible to lend a sense of familiarity and normalcy. It could be a special table cloth or a family portrait. Or perhaps it’s one family member’s iconic chair.

Make the space your own

Once you’ve started to get a settled, homey feeling in your new mobile home, you may have time to take your home up a notch style-wise. That’s when you might need The Ultimate Renovation Guide To Creating A Timeless Mobile Home and The Latest Trends In Mobile Home Interior Design For 2019. Plus, over time you can invest in outside areas surrounding your new home, too. So head over to 10 Types Of Gardens That Will Update Your Mobile Home Exterior.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

April 23, 2019