Monochromatic Palettes For Your Mobile Home: Sunny Day (Yellow)

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Chase away the gloom with this monochromatic palette for your mobile home. Say hello to yellow. It’s sunshine in your home, and who doesn’t love a happy dose of vitamin D? It’s good for a positive attitude and mental health.

Yellow connotes happiness, energy, joy, positivity, and optimism. It’s the color of hope and hospitality.

If you look around, you’ll see yellow in flowers, lemons, the sun, pineapples, and butterflies. 

Featured image for "Monochromatic Palettes For Your Mobile Home: Sunny Day (Yellow)"

Not sure if a yellow palette is right for your mobile home? Yellow isn’t for everyone, but before you close the door on this color, it’s smart to consider the possibilities. You may change your mind. 

Monochromatic palettes for your mobile home: sunny day (yellow)

As a continuation of our series on monochromatic palettes, we are examining yellow. You’ll see its merits and how to leverage it in a monochromatic color scheme.

Monochromatic palettes are an excellent choice, especially for the minimalist. You find your base color (in this case, yellow), and you work with various shades and hues that stem from the base color. It’s easy to decorate with as monochromatic palettes work well with neutral accents. And there’s something visually satisfying about monochromatic palettes. 

Bring in a complementary color into the mix and you have a wonderful aesthetic. 

Bring the sunshine indoors

So let’s look at what’s possible with a monochromatic palette centered around sunny day yellow. In what rooms do you think a yellow palette would shine? 

There are three rooms that come to mind: the kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom. Of course, you can make of it what you wish. But for the scope of this article, we’ll be looking at yellow in the light of those three rooms. Feel free to branch out and implement a yellow palette elsewhere. Each person comes to a home with their own unique flair, and that’s fantastic — the world doesn’t need just a series of cookie-cutter homes. 

Let’s bring the sunshine indoors and see how yellow complements your mobile home’s aesthetic. 

I’ve got sunshine in my kitchen

In this kitchen, you find the cheerful yellow monochromatic palette contrasting with metals. This exudes a modern vibe with plenty of yellow happiness on the walls and cabinets. 

If you have a DIY mentality, you can paint your own cabinets and install some metallic light fixtures. Consider painting your kitchen table and chairs with metallic paint. 

Additionally, you can bring black into the picture rather than metals to provide similar contrast.

Yellow living room for extra sunshine

Another place to incorporate monochromatic yellow is in the living room. Darker yellow on the walls with lighter yellow for the furniture and area rug will tie it all together. Bring in some rich, green, leafy plants for some contrast. 

Cheerful bedroom

For a cheerful bedroom, bring in some subdued yellows. Wall stickers can provide a whimsical nature motif. Soft, floral patterns on your bed’s comforter can tie it all together. It’s soft, dreamy, and worth considering. Don’t you think?

Yellow palette inspiration for your mobile home

Now that we’ve discussed the possibilities, let’s look at some color palette inspiration. 

Stormy yellow

Yellow sunset background in city

If you want to steer away from the brightness of yellow, this palette inspiration is for you. Notice the more serious color arrangement? You have a more subdued and grayish yellow that melds into various shades of yellow-gray. The yellows here contrast well with dark grays and black.  

Make lemonade

Sliced lemons

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. This cheerful palette features bright yellows and white for contrast. It’s perfect for that kitchen or bathroom makeover, if you ask us. 

A classy yellow palette

Yellow flower upclose

Here are strength and dignity in this yellow palette. The more serious and warm yellow tones come together for an austere color arrangement that pairs well with dark blues and black. 

We could even see this in a master bedroom or living room setting. What do you think? Do you have a favorite palette inspiration picture?

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun — Please shine down on me!

As you can see, a yellow monochromatic palette is nothing to run from. It can be tasteful and fit within whatever aesthetic you prefer. Want a modern vibe? Yellow can be incorporated. Shabby Chic? Yes, that too. 

Have fun exploring what yellow can do for your mobile home. It’s sunshine in a paint can, that’s for certain. 

While you’re at it, check out our other monochromatic palette recommendations. Have you see our take on monochromatic white?

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

February 4, 2020