Moving Into Your Mobile Home: Tips To Get The Kids Settled In Quickly

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So you’re looking to move into your mobile home. That’s exciting! If you have kids in the picture, they’re always on your mind and as a parent, you’re often thinking of ways to make smooth sailing a thing in your life.

We get it. And while life isn’t perfect, there are indeed many ways to help make the turbulent seas of moving a bit smoother for the kiddos (and yourself.)

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But as you strive to make life simple, don’t miss out on the educational opportunities for your kids. If you can teach them responsibility in a safe environment, why not? It’s a winning thought in our book!

Moving into your mobile home: Tips to get the kids settled in quickly

We have a few tips to help you get the kids settled in quickly. Moving into your mobile home is not an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be the most stressful task, thanks to a little foresight. 

To help you, we’ve divided our tips into two sections — tips to implement before you move and tips to to implement after all your belongings are shuffled into the new place. 

Sure, it won’t be easy as one, two, three, but it will be helpful to mitigate the stress monster and make your kids feel more at home in their new surroundings. Moving can be a little scary for little ones. It depends on their personalities, of course. But if you can make your kids feel more at home sooner than later, then you’ll feel better as a parent.

Besides, after moving, who doesn’t want the kids to settle down for a nap? It’s time to recharge those batteries. (Are we talking about the kids’ or the parents’ batteries? We’ll let you figure that out … )

Before you move

Now let’s look at the “before you move” tips. There are things you can implement prior to moving that will make it easier to get the kids quickly settled into the new place. You can’t go wrong with being a step ahead of the game where you can!

Label your moving boxes

If you want to mitigate stress, then organize. This will help you, this will help the kids. And if you have older kids in the mix, this will help them help you help the littles! Rather than playing guessing games on what’s in each box or which box belongs to who or what room, it’ll be spelled out for you and your helpers.

Various colors of markers

This will lead to having quick access to the necessities for settling down quickly. And who doesn’t love that idea?

Box for special toys and must-have things

As you pack, have a designated special box for each child. In this box, you’ll have their special toys and must-have things. Think of their favorite bedtime plush toy or doll, their favorite comfort blanket, etc. These are the things that make or break how quickly your child is comforted. 

Talk about the possibilities

In addition to packing the right things in the right boxes, discuss the possibilities. Have you talked to your child about moving? Even if they are little, they may understand more than you think they do. Chat with them and make it an exciting change for them!

Give them something to look forward to

Before you get the packing in motion, maybe you can plan a relaxing family outing after everyone’s moved in. It doesn’t have to be the same evening. Maybe you can plan it for the afternoon after. Give your kids something fun to look forward to post-move chaos.

After relocating …

Once you’ve found yourself in your mobile home surrounded by boxes, there are some things you can do to help get those kids settle down in a flash. 

Set up their bed

There’s no place more comforting to sleep in than one’s own bed. Before you do anything else in their room, set up their bed.

Kid with toys

Set up the mattresses, dress the bed with blankets, and there you have an integral part of the night set up. It’ll beat sleeping on the floor or on the couch. 

Give them some guidance

Use the unpacking process as a way to teach your kids how to organize. Help them set up their dressers and shelving. Once that is done, you can give them some guidance or work with them to set up their room. 

Don’t forget their special box

And don’t forget their special box which carries their favorite items of comfort and must-haves. Even if their room isn’t all set up by the end of the day, the items in this special box will help them feel more at home in their new surroundings. 

Make time for family time

As you move into a new place, don’t let the stress of it all get you down. Make an effort to enjoy the journey and make time for family as you try to settle down and make this mobile home your own.

Don’t forget to cultivate a healthy mobile home lifestyle as you and your family embark on your new mobile home journey. 

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

August 12, 2019