7 Projects Using Reclaimed Wood Around Your Mobile Home

Reclaimed wood used to make shelf for plants

There’s something great about using an old item and turning it into something new. Repurposing isn’t just about going for a unique look — although that’s a key winning point too. But it’s also about saving money and recycling.

And today we’ll go over how to repurpose reclaimed wood around your mobile home. Wood provides a nice texture to contrast with your home decor. Minimalist? Modern? Outdoorsy? Wood texture is in and we’ll show you how it’s done on a budget.

Reclaimed wood used to make shelf for plants

Using reclaimed wood can bring a nice touch to your mobile home.

7 projects using reclaimed wood around your mobile home

Now let’s see what we have here: seven different projects that use reclaimed wood around that mobile home of yours. We believe you’ll love what we have to share. As you’ll soon see, a myriad of options is at your fingertips in what can be done with reclaimed wood.

Are you ready to get to it? We are!

1 – Reclaimed wood tray

So how about taking that reclaimed wood and making a tray out of it? You know, a serving tray you can set on your coffee table as a centerpiece. You can place some potted succulents on it or use it to bus coffee and extras from your kitchen to the living room.

Whether it’s for looks only or both that and practical uses, a tray made out of reclaimed wood is a nice addition to your mobile home.

Feel free to try your hand at wood burning a message onto the surface and adding a nice stain to it.

2 – Planter box made out of reclaimed wood

For those who boast of a green thumb, a do it yourself planter box may be what the doctor ordered. This is a great addition to any yard with proper placement. Make your back patio a bit more cheerful with the addition of this planter box and some bright flowers.

A planter box can spruce up any area with the right flowers!

And if you’re feeling extra whimsy, you can follow suit and create a fairy world as the blogger did with her planter box! It could be a fun project with the kids and a fun conversation piece.

3 – Build shelves out of reclaimed wood

Now here’s a practical do it yourself project for the house. There’s never enough shelves in most homes. Give your home some extra shelving for decorative or practical purposes with reclaimed wood. The texture from the reclaimed wood is a nice touch to any set of shelves.

4 – Reclaimed wood lamp with geometric shade

For another unique idea, check out this lamp with geometric shade. This do-it-yourself used reclaimed wood for the lamp’s based. You know those thick cubed chunks of wood that are used in wood pallets? They’re the often neglected part, but you can use them in this project.

5 – Make a sign out of reclaimed wood

Dream it and personalize it — make it your own. With reclaimed wood, you can create your own sign as this blogger did. What a fun way to repurpose wood into something fun and cute. This project can hang in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen — anywhere! You could even hang it on your porch.

6 – Reclaimed wood branch shelf

Another project but this one can be used for various purposes while bringing a nice rustic look to the house. It’s called a wood branch shelf and is tiered with a dowel rod or small tree branch going across the bottom and shelf space within. Use it to hang your coffee mugs and keep a note pad handy by the phone. Or put it in the bathroom and use it as a toilet paper dispenser and place to set decor atop.

There’s no end to the possibilities for this project. Have fun running with it.  

7 – Tilt out trash can cabinet

If you don’t know what to do about that ugly or boring trash can sitting by your kitchen cabinet, think no more. We have the solution for you. With some reclaimed wood, you can create a tilt out trash can cabinet.

This cabinet provides a decorative storage space for your trash can.

Get your saw out, there’s wood to be repurposed

So now you have ideas. Choose your favorite and make it your own. It’ll feel good to get outside and get that project started and finished.

Repurposing old wood can help make the world a greener place as you use what would otherwise be thrown away. But it’s not the only way to help the planet.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

April 29, 2019