6 Ways To Reinvent Pillows & Cushions Without Spending A Lot Of $$$

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Redecorating can be a way of life for some. They are constantly changing their color schemes and accents, and every time you see their home it looks totally different than the last time. For others, redecorating is a once in a long while undertaking, only to be done when the current decor is no longer bearable. Whether it’s something that’s put off as long as possible, or a way of having fun and flexing your creative muscles, there’s usually a budget involved. 

Having a budget for your redecorating schemes can definitely come in handy. At first glance it may seem stifling, but it shouldn’t really be viewed that way. A budget gives boundaries to our lofty dreams, and keeps us solidly in the realm of reality. It can also be a great exercise for the brain, since it requires extra thoughtfulness and creativity to make your ideas come true while working with limited resources.

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One of the easiest ways to change up a look in any room is to work with the pillows and cushions. A neutral palette with neutral pillows is a completely different statement than a neutral palette with hot pink pillows.

 So today let’s look at six fun ways to change up your pillows and cushions on a budget.

#1 Make no-sew folded covers

Of all of the ideas we’ll be discussing today, DIY folded pillow covers are probably the fastest. You might even already have what you need on hand. These covers are great since there are millions of fabrics to choose from to fit your own unique vision. We also love that you can be extra creative by using vintage tablecloths, a blanket your grandma made decades ago, that skirt your mom brought back from Africa, or anything else you can cut or fold to the right size.

#2 Sew new pillow covers

It doesn’t take much sewing experience to sew new covers for your pillows. Even simple cushion covers are possible, with a little determination, and some YouTube videos to guide you. Sewing new covers can be a very cost effective way to update your space. When picking a fabric, check for store coupons ahead of time. Try to commit to only picking something in the sale or clearance sections. And be patient! Sticking to a budget when you have a really specific vision is possible. However, it often requires some waiting until the perfect thing comes along, with a price tag your wallet can get behind. 

#3 Buy new pillow covers

Of course, if you need new pillow or cushion covers and aren’t prepared to make them yourself, you could always buy them. Pillow covers don’t have to be expensive. Again, be patient and wait for sales. Shop the clearance sections and look for coupons. You could even try checking your local second hand stores or online yardsale groups. You never know who might be selling exactly what your space needs.

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#4 Paint your pillows

Painting the pillows you already have would be a great way to freshen them up without spending a lot of money. It is definitely a fun and unique undertaking, and there are so many ways you could personalize them and make them really special. 

We love the idea of using paint to imitate your favorite designer prints! You could also use stencils or stamps to create an overall pattern or block print. And of course lettering would be something even the least crafty among us could manage. What says home more than your favorite statement in your very own handwriting? 

#5 Add embellishments

Maybe you never thought of simply spicing up the pillows you already had? Adding embellishments to pillows that already suit your style can be a great way to make them your own. Adding some beading could be a perfect way to add a little glamour to your space. We love the idea of just adding beads on one color of a multicolored striped pillow. Or use beads to add some textured lettering that expresses who you are. 

Don’t be shy with your embellishments! Really try to think outside the box. Maybe your style is shabby chic, and adding some ruffles gives the perfect feminine touch. Or maybe you’re a little bit of a 90’s kid at heart. Add some neon puff paint splatters to those white pillows and really make a statement people will remember.  

#6 Make them tufted

And lastly, try turning your plain pillows and cushions into tufted ones. While tufting could probably be classified as an embellishment, we really think it deserves its own category.

A set of pillows, tuft pillow

Taking plain pillows or cushions and tacking them isn’t hard. You just need to know a few things about tufting to get started. And of course, some aesthetics call for some of those great buttons, too. Pretty soon you’ll realize how fun it is and you might be surprised by just how many things around your home instantly look better with some tufting and buttons. It’s definitely a great way to add a timeless classic feel to any room.

This works for couch cushions, as well. It’s a great way to freshen up your sofa and give it a makeover, even if the cushions are starting to sag from use. It looks good on so many styles, from stiff formal sofas, to bunchy, lumpy, cushy-cozy ones, and almost everything in between. Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean.  

Enjoy your fresh space

These ideas can help you freshen any space, whether you like to change things up seasonally, or more or less frequently. But don’t forget, if there’s shopping involved, that patience is key! It’s always a bummer to blow the budget and wind up with buyer’s remorse. And if you’re looking for other ways to stay in budget while redecorating, check out this article about budget-friendly nightstands. We’re sure it won’t disappoint, and you’ll be back to enjoying that space in no time.

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The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

Written by EZ Homes Design Team

The team behind the scenes at EZ Homes. Bringing you fresh ideas about mobile home lifestyle and design.

July 23, 2019